Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we know Jesus the Christ is our Shepherd and we choose to live in the continuous consciousness presence of God which is God dwelling place of His temple within us in glory, then we do not have to chase the blessings of God, but goodness and mercy which is the essence of all God's blessings will chase and follow us until the end of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"As we keep cleansing our impurities by allowing ourselves, worldliness and demonic influences that keep us from further growth by our besetting sins to get broken, melted, molded and refilled again and again in humility by facing the God sent trials by faith to reach out to higher ground constantly in our spiritual life on earth, there comes a deep thirst within us for God and His supernatural life of heaven to be experienced now on earth as it is in heaven. God always responds without fail to all such vessels who thirst for the heavenly life on earth by paying a price to walk in the will of God by denying themselves of their will and carrying their cross daily. Are you thirsting for God today more than anything you hold dear in your earthly temporary life on earth? Let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"To honor God while we are young and energetic is the only great sacrifice a saved at young age person or some one whose faith has come from their godly parents or grand parents upbringing can do in grateful response to such privilege that God has given them uniquely in this world." — Abraham Israel

"All of us who love God have a God sized future prepared by God that cannot be even fathomed by human's puny sized brain who are all around us in the natural. But for those of us who are His children in love with Him, He reveals it within our new born-again spirit man through the Holy Spirit quickening His Word and bringing the reality of the future in to the reality of our present existence. A man with an argument is at the mercy of the one with an experience because reality is not a theory but an existence in itself. So let us learn to see the reality of our future life and begin to live in God sized existence in the present time through walking by His Supernatural Spirit's empowerment." — Abraham Israel

"The easiest way to overcome darkness is not to curse it, but instead lighten up a candle and darkness will automatically flee. God wants you to keep yourself up brightened by the Holy Ghost fire of praying in tongues always, so that no darkness of the world can be able to overcome your lives for the Glory of God! We can train our self spiritually to breathe in the prayer of the tongues of the Spirit as naturally as our natural breathing we do through our nose because both are initiated by the same Spirit who sustains it, such breathe prayers once mastered by us to pray continually over a period of time or for all the time we are awake in our attitude, it will lighten up our life to glow like a sun even to the noon time." — Abraham Israel

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