Thursday, October 11, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"As a Christian, rejoicing in the Lord is a calling and a command, that we need to develop this habit in our life irrespective of the circumstances we face or go through. If a Christian can only be happy and joyful when everything goes right and only when they get what they want to live without the need for the Lord, then they are poor replica of a true mature Christian, but the very fact that they are like that shows that they have not grown up from babyhood. To rejoice as a Christian is to rejoice in the Lord, meaning, because we enjoy the conscious Presence of God within us who has humbled himself to dwell with His children in the earthly dust house of our body and move among us in our faith family, that should be the very reason for our happiness and joy for existing in this temporal earth. In other words, when we have not learned to enjoy this life for the very reason that we have God now with us, we have not at all tasted the glory of Immanuel the very God of very God who is now with us. It is like saying to the Lord who is in our house, 'You have not satisfied me, so I am not happy, joyful and satisfied even though you are with me.' O what a insult! May the Lord help us to rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice." — Abraham Israel

"Christianity now a days runs like a consumer market, where people always focus on what they can get from God and not on what has already been given by God to us as believers, and are instructed to be thankful and praising for it. The sign of praising and thanksgiving is a attitude of the apostolic where they live a grateful life for what the Lord has already done for them, and want to do more for others with what they have rather than looking for what they need, because of the Love and gratitude they have towards God. Even if God gives not a dime physically, the apostolic will still rejoice, praise and give thanks to the extent of boasting and taking pleasure in their infirmities, reproaches, needs, persecutions, distresses for Christ's sake, because they know for sure when they are weak and vulnerable, that is when God works through them powerfully to make them strong supernaturally. As the apostolic knows for sure, it not about us, like who we are, what we do, where we are from or what we want, but rather it is all about God and His Glory! Once praising and thanksgiving becomes the sole objective of a child of God, there comes a eternal contentment in the soul because of the conscious Presence of God. This is the true glory of the apostolic!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith throws away the mountain of sins and sin nature that stands between you and God that blocks your view of Him, but unbelief creates the mountains to make you stop seeing Him." — Abraham Israel

"Two things that makes us excel in our spiritual life are to take care of our thoughts when we are alone, because that will decide who we are towards God, (i.e.) either we love Him or reject Him by rejecting His Spirit guided thoughts. Next we should take care of our words when we are with others, because that will decide what we become to them, (i.e.) either we become a neighbor who loves all those whom God brings our way or reject them to make even some of them an enemy to hate them because of our wrong attitudes. The great thing about the first thing is, if we take care of our thoughts, then God takes care of our words to love people through us always. Two things we hit with one stone, in other words, what we think constantly is who we will become soon to others and even to ourselves, and the reward for thinking according to the Word of God and will of God is that we become a blessed Presence of God carrying tabernacle among humans always whom God will use us to be a blessing to all people around us. Be blessed and be a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"Our Heavenly Father holds us in hands through this free gift of salvation which keeps us from sin, sickness and death, and no one including ourselves can ever be able to slip away from this eternal love which He has shown towards us freely in Christ Jesus. Though we were the one who chose to believe Jesus Christ first as our Lord and Savior, yet before we had a choice to choose Him, He has chosen us and that is why we were able to choose Him freely. In other words, to receive the free gift, we need to have a free choice, to be given a free choice, someone has to decide before hand to give freedom of choice, and that freedom of choice is that which the Heavenly Father has foreordained for us to be saved even from eternity past, so that we by learning to hold on to His hands and fingers day by day we can rest assured that He already holds us in His arms which are the safest pair of hands in the entire universe. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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