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Apostolic Quotes

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"The true essence of Christianity is not in practicing a religion, but in initiating a personal and intimate relationship with God." — Abraham Israel

"When we reflect the Lord's glory on our faces, the sternness of our natural soulish reflection goes away. The way this happens is when we allow the Lord who is the Spirit to transform us by renewing our mind by Holy Scriptures to become more and more in to the likeness of Jesus day by day, in whom we are called to imitate Him in a intimate way. When we are helped by the Holy Spirit, the glory of God increases upon our lives each day continually from one level of it to another higher level of it. When we live for the glory of God, surely without fail we will live in the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"The victorious spiritual walk in our Christian life may seem to be a impossible one until we realize that strenuous walking in itself doesn't give victory, but inviting the Holy Spirit to walk through us makes us crucify the flesh of fulfilling our will and get superseded by the overcoming power of God which the Holy Spirit will release through our inner spirit-man to glorify God through our lives. All true spiritual victory can be achieved only through the help and power of the Holy Spirit flowing out from within our spirit-man. So plug yourself in to the spiritual power line of the Holy Spirit by praying to God for a victorious walk of power and start to walk in His power of victory!" — Abraham Israel

"When God forgives, we cannot find a trace of our sins left behind. Thanks God for His cleansing power. The blood of Jesus cleanses even the scarlet stains of our sins and iniquity, and easily makes it snow white with not even the slightest trace of it to remain and condemn our heart. Thank the Lord Jesus and ask the help of the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has personally given to each of us as a personal spiritual helper and guide to break sinful habits and overcome sin in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"The biggest miracle that every human can experience with God is to go to Him just as he is with his sinful weight in rags of uncleanness and suddenly return back as a purified, clean and righteous saint being justified because of what Jesus has done for him personally. To become a saint you need to acknowledge that you are a sinner who cannot save yourself by righteousness before God, the moment you have done it God justifies you, which actually means that He declares you spiritually righteous just as if you have never sinned at all. God making us alive with Christ instantly to Himself and His righteousness when we were dead in our sins is the biggest miracle of our life, it all happened when we acknowledged ourselves as sinners in need of a Savior, still might be a paradox to many who have not understood it fully well." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly and in the same way there is nothing is us that shows the slightest evidence of a change in life until we meet our God who is Master of Life, He gives us and infuses His very own life within to make us look like Himself that makes us to better-fly than stay within ourselves. Our best expressions in life comes out when we are in God which makes all earthly limitation around unbound!" — Abraham Israel

"God our Savior and Almighty is such a gentle person, that He hides himself and sees whether individually any human being who has the potential to connect to God because of being made in the image of God will on their own search for their Creator God to find Him or will be lethargic enough to stay content with all earthly things and survival. Though God is closer than the air we breathe, He can be a infinite billions of miles away to the mind of those who do not want to think or talk about Him. To those who seek Him sincerely, to them He will become very close enough to stay connected with them in their heart. God through Jesus Christ has opened a living way to connect heart to heart with human beings from heaven. While religion speaks about God, true Christianity speaks not just about the true God who loves all human beings, but about developing a living and a loving relationship with God apart from works of any kind from our side. In other words, religion says, 'do, do, do.....', God says through Jesus, "'done, done, done....,' and just know that you have become my child if you have believed Jesus who has taken all your sins and have redeemed you from it, so that we could continue in familial Father-son relationship." O what a privilege! If we do not find our Creator who created us individually with a purpose, then we have no purpose at all in this life. To find the God of purpose is the purpose of God for all humans!" — Abraham Israel

"God never asks us to give account for that which we never knew at all, but He will make us accountable for all the omissions in the commissions He has clearly set before us. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you keep all His commissions without fail for His Glory and I promise you, all things will be possible because when we carry out something with Jesus' strength supernaturally, we know that He is carrying for us and that we are just yoked with Him along! Truly the yoke of Jesus is easy and His burden is light because it is He who carries it and He expects us to do nothing but trust Him while He carries it all along with us. Jesus loves us individually in such a way that He wants us to enjoy walking with Him supernaturally and not become burdened keeping all commissions." — Abraham Israel

"God's mercy has reached us all unconditionally through Jesus Christ because when God demanded His justice to be fulfilled, no humans were perfect enough to appease Him fully, the whole of heaven with bated breath stood still for a moment in despair of the fate of humanity, then Jesus came forward in heaven and said, "I give thee myself for them willingly if you will get them back to yourself in peace and promise them eternal life with us." Father God opened His arms and said, "My kindness shall not depart from them who believe thee because I see in them no blemish at all when I see them through you." God's promise of kindness towards us is not a temporary one but a eternal one to enjoy because Jesus made it possible for us, so praise God for Jesus and learn to enjoy this privilege. You may lose your life temporarily for God or even by your own foolishness, but because God's kindness never ceases, you come back to enjoy more of God's life eternally in a better way in the life to come. But when you lose your life in God now by rejecting soulish life and embracing spiritual life, because of God's kindness, you come back to enjoy life more abundantly now itself. So whether by life or death, you enjoy what you cannot lose because you cannot stop His kindness towards you. Say, 'Amen in Jesus name'" — Abraham Israel

"Our heart has become irreparably wicked because of sin that God decided that it cannot be used at all by making it better through some readjustments, for this reason God decided to transform our life by putting a new heart within us to empower us from on the inside and help us to bring it out to control the old one and guide it properly in to true spirituality. When you want your life to be changed, don't try for a place change or circumstance change because you might forget that you need a heart change. So for a change of life, ask God for a change of heart!" — Abraham Israel

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