Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God has given us individually a choice to speak. Every word that we speak either brings life or else death to our lives. God wants us to first confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior of our life, after which He wants us to speak out the positive words of life that Jesus Christ teaches daily through His living Word which is the Bible, through which also He makes us experience abundant life of heaven on earth. But words which come out of negative attitude that gets settled in our life because of foolishly walking in our own will and way which is totally apart from God's will and way is like a flat tyre that will take us nowhere but will only bring death and more destruction. Be careful with what you speak, life and blessing will follow you all the ways of your life!" — Abraham Israel

"When you know what is happening in your life is not inline with what you believe it should be, hold on, be thankful because God is making your faith grown and at the same time He is working behind the scene to show Himself strong on your behalf in His appointed time. Those who miss most of the miracles are those who have made it get aborted because of giving in to unbelief being unthankful for the promises of God that has been given to them through His Word. If you are patient and bold enough to hold on, God will be having time and opportunity enough to bless you on and on." — Abraham Israel

"God has already revealed His unchanging and unconditional love towards us in Christ Jesus once and for all time, it is up to us not to trust in our feelings but believe what God has already revealed in His word and keep His commandments to keep ourselves in the love of God. God could not love any more than what He has already shown by revealing that He loves us all just as much as He loves His only begotten Son Jesus. Remember not to trust you changing feelings but in the unchanging promises of God which will keep you safe in His love for you! You can let yourself feel your worst by letting yourself be overcome by unbelief, but God cannot change His everlasting love for you because His love for you is not based on your response to His goodness but because of His unchanging goodness. Keep yourself in the Love of God because it is your responsibility that only you can fulfill by faith!" — Abraham Israel

"You cannot go spiritually up with God beyond what you constantly think within your heart, so to keep your heart from bad, negative, depressive and distressing thoughts, you need to replace it with good thoughts of the Word of God through dwelling on it and brooding over it intentionally. Overcome evil thoughts by replacing it with good thoughts of God and His word, by doing it you will always end up having a smile on your face with a ever swelling heart full of joy unspeakable." — Abraham Israel

"Only as long as you have breath in your nostrils on this planet earth you will have a choice to freely praise the Lord voluntarily, things after that is in God's control. If you are not ready to reject your feelings now and by faith trust the goodness of God to praise Him now, your reward in the afterlife will not have a weighty glory of liberty to freely express your rulership before all of what the Lord has done for you. When you confess Christ in all your situation on earth, you will be confessed before the whole heaven and its angels of what the Lord has done for you. Praise as a lifestyle not only open doors and brings God's power in to manifestation in all areas of your life, but also it gives you a eternal honor and power to rule in the days to come. Praise God now and see God work now, and get your bonus to reap eternal dividends in your afterlife forever. There is no better eternal investment than to praise God now by our lifestyle and collect our riches to enjoy it for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

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