Monday, September 30, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Have you ever thought what it is to rejoice in the Lord? It means you do not derive your joy based on who you are , what you have or even who you know, but you solely trust the Lord to gladden you heart by taking a positive choice to step in to the very joy of the Lord by faith through your spirit-man, and let yourself get in to the sweet stream of heaven's pleasure within, irrespective of what situation you go through or have gone through in your life. The easiest way to take a vacation for your soul is to rejoice in the Lord. You choose to take a positive choice, God will let Himself loose to make you enjoy His joy. Choose to positively rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!" — Abraham Israel

"Each day is a gift from God and that is why it is called as a present, to use each day on earth to serve God who has given it to us is the greatest privilege we have as a human. The most profitable way we can use the God given time on earth is by loving God through serving others with that love of God which He has given to us, and thus make use of it towards others whom He brings our way. When we love God, we will serve others. When we serve others, we show that we really love God. Love profits and satisfies us immensely in every area of our lives even when it takes so much sacrifice on our part to use it to profit! The true sign of a spiritual person is not how much charisma they have, but how much they are able to love others without expecting anything from others in return." — Abraham Israel

"The Lord has warned through His apostles to test the spirit and not just naively trust Charisma to be deceived by false appearances especially in the end of end times we are living in, we can know a person whether they are really of God or not only when we test their character and find it whether they are able to exhibit the Character of God as His child. Charisma deceives, Character defines! True sheep followers of Jesus will not seek entertainment in their religious life as the goats, but rather will be devoted to God's message of faith sacrificially. Our eyes are the mirror of our soul, so have your inner eyes open enough to separate the clowns who entertain the goats by trickling their fleshly appetite, from the true shepherds who feed the sheep by helping them to take up their cross and follow Jesus as they will be leading by example. Charisma can takes us to great people and places, but only character can make us stand there consistently. Learn to always choose character over charisma to find who is a real deal and who is phony doll. Embrace people of character to grow spiritually and avoid being entertained by phonies to keep yourself from being deceived!" — Abraham Israel

"Search for truth is not a optional choice for all humans, we are put in this earth to know the God of all truth. He is the person of truth and not a doctrine which just gives you a understanding of right and wrong. His name is Jesus and in that name you find the very meaning of existence. The love of God has been revealed in Jesus, so that the moment you embrace that Love in Jesus, God becomes your Father in heaven and you His child. So a truth seeker will always end up finding himself, love, meaning, God and everything that one's life longs to know on earth. Are you a truth seeker and a child of God? If you are, you have a great future! Destiny unfolds for those who seek for truth and find God's purpose for themselves in it." — Abraham Israel

"If there is one friendship that we need to concentrate to develop, it is relationship with God because that is the one relationship that will last without any change in this life and in the life to come. Be intimately connected with God as a friend, and you will not lack any satisfaction in your life for eternity." — Abraham Israel

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