Thursday, May 24, 2012

Apostolic Inspiration

Å℘◎ṧт◎ℓḯḉ ℑηṧ℘ḯґ@т☤☺ᾔ :

"Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah" (Psa 62:8).

Trusting in people will end in failure because the hidden nature of every man is to run away at difficult times, God nature is just the opposite of it. David the Psalmist who was very close to the heart of God, understanding the wonderful character of God who stands faithful in crisis of desertion by men, had a great companion in God who became his friend with whom he could pour out his heart time and time again when his heart was overwhelmed with much sorrows and difficult circumstantial pressures. When ever he poured out all his fears and sorrows to him, God gave a hearing ear and have always spoken comfort at those times. This encouraged David greatly and he carried on with life difficulties in a positive frame of mind to face the trials and not waste it by sulking in to fear. Once David knew that God was on his side, he found a place of hiding from troubles in his day to day life. After experiencing the awesome companionship of the Lord, finally David says to all the people of the earth to trust in this loving God who cares for even the little troubles we face everyday. Pouring out our heart troubles will not only unburden our hearts but will also make the Lord to become our hiding place from the trouble that comes against us. When God takes our troubles, it becomes his responsibility to solve it. So God is asking you today, "Is there anything too hard for me to solve in your life?" Trust Him Saints both at good and bad times. When you are happy, sing song and praise Him. When you feel sad and weighed up in your heart by troubles all around you, just pray believing that your trial will be no more be yours but God's as you transfer your burden to Him to get His joy, and walk with gladness of the Lord's oil upon you. Think about it, you don't ever have to be sad or worried even for a moment when God is ready for an undertaking of all your life's day to day problems and has guaranteed to work through all your troubles to fulfill all His good plans for your life. The good thing about your trials are that God is working behind it and is guaranteeing your successful end through it. Why miss it by worrying when you know that there is only a good ending coming for you!

Much Blessings.....

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Apostolic FAITH Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ FAITH ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"This too will pass on...but you will be victorious if you keep on standing on your faith." — Abraham Israel

"Faith fears nothing but only the God who gives it. Fear fears everything except God who hates it. Faith builds and fear destroys lives. Live by faith and not by fear!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith opens our eyes to possibilites in God while fear blinds it." — Abraham Israel

"Faith filled life never says no until God says it, fear filled life says no to all possibilities in God except the one big yes it says to all the impossibilities of life." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is like a magnet that always attracts all the supernatural divine favor and blessings of God, and makes it personally private to the one who holds it patiently." — Abraham Israel

"Fear cripples our spiritual ability while faith reconditions it." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is always the positive force of God acting for our welfare and growth of our spiritual life, while fear is a negative force of the devil that always works to destroy and devastate our spiritual life. Reaffirm your faith but resist fear." — Abraham Israel

"Faith glorifies God and pleases Him, fear glorifies Satan which displeases God." — Abraham Israel

"When faith works we are naturally working in God's strength, when fear works we are unnaturally working in the abnormality of Satan's resolve." — Abraham Israel

"Faith and fear don't go together, when one comes in, the other has to go out." — Abraham Israel

"Faith speaks out while fear keeps you mum." — Abraham Israel

"Faith saves you while fear destroys you." — Abraham Israel

"Faith works out in the light and shines its goodness to people, while fear always works in the dark and scurry for cover." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is the alphabets of life that gives you understanding about God's destiny for you, fear is the fingerprint of death that brings an end to the divine plan of God's excellence for your life." — Abraham Israel

"Faith fuels supernatural divine imprint of the image of God's goodness over your soul when all that fear does is to quench it to leave you ripped in the cocoon of your self and leave you dry in a lonely arid place of false spirituality of religious fanaticism." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is divine ability that brings supernatural power of God's heavenly order in to force, fear is the earthly natural ability of weakness put forth in to action by the exerting the force of ourself." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is a creative thought that brings great reward while fear is a profitless time consuming work of imagination which gives no returns ." — Abraham Israel

"We can never glory in our faith because it is not a destination but only a means to glorify God." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is what fear is not." — Abraham Israel

"Faith gladdens but fear saddens as time goes forward." — Abraham Israel

"We can never go spiritually beyond our boundary of faith because presumption waits eagerly to crawl upon us and discourage us from enjoying further in our journey of faith." — Abraham Israel

"Faith walkers are not concerened about earthly comfort because they are purposeful pilgrims who are heaven bound towards the city of eternal comfort." — Abraham Israel

"Never say never, you might never find faith for ever." — Abraham Israel

"When you are in a positive faith filled frame of heavenly serenity of mind, even impossible will seem to say I'm possible!" — Abraham Israel

"Never give up your faith, cause you have failed in it only when you give up." — Abraham Israel

"God gives, gives and forgives, man gets, gets and forgets. A thankful and grateful attitude of heart for what God has already given you, sets your spiritual altitude higher and higher to reach great heights of faith." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is fears dispelled." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is believing in God's ability, fear is believing in our inability." — Abraham Israel

"Faith can do all that God can do because when you are in faith, God does the working and all you do is rest in Him." — Abraham Israel

"Faith never fears, fear never believes." — Abraham Israel

"Choose faith and live, do nothing and you will fear." — Abraham Israel

"Fear of death causes unbelief, faith causes death of fear." — Abraham Israel

"Faith and freedom always goes together hand in hand, fear and foolishness are twins who never mind shaking each other's hand." — Abraham Israel

"Fear of man destroys faith, while fear of God bring it back." — Abraham Israel

"Fear thrives on entertaining feelings that are unreal, the antidote for fear is faith in God's word." — Abraham Israel

"Fear of God is the fountain of faith, the righteous enters in to it and will receive a well spring of life." — Abraham Israel

"Faith freeds while fear binds." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is a gift from God, fear is a gift of Satan." — Abraham Israel

"Freely receive and freely give, especially it fits to fear and faith. Cause both are supplied freely. When you sow faith to others, it comes back to you in a greater way each time you reap and the same happens with fear. Those who live by faith will please God and those who live by fear will please Satan. Receive faith from God and His word, then scatters it. Shun fear from Satan, then live in freedom. It is not how much trial that you have faced that matters at the end, but how much faith you have exercised through it and have grown mature to be a blessing to others that matters." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is to believe the word of God as truth, fear is to believe the reel word of Satan as the real fact when it comes in disguise to us as soulish thoughts and feelings." — Abraham Israel

"Faith gives us a heavenly glimpse of our destiny even before we start for our destination, so that we may say with gladness..yes, yes.. the promised land of God's blessing is in sight so that with all our might we might fight for our rights and inherit it with His might!" — Abraham Israel

"May we who have the mind of Christ already, speak it and see the victory over all our difficult situations and inherit the inheritance that is waiting for us in the heavenlies. POSITIVE GODLY CONFESSION DISPELS FEAR AND BRING A SPIRIT OF FAITH WHICH TAKES US TO THE PROMISED LAND WITHOUT FAIL." — Abraham Israel

"Faith sees God and his heavenly possibilites to sustain itself, while fear sees its self and its limited earthly ability to sustain itself." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is seeing our situations through God's point of view, fear is seeing our situations through Satan's point of view. When we see through God's eyes, we will believe the right thing which will please God. When we see through Satan's eyes, we will believe lies which will destroy our faith and will please Satan. Our eyes of faith will make us believe, the reward for it is to see what we believed at the end of each appointed time of God's trial which is the fulfillment of our faith. The reward for seeing through Satan's point of view brings nothing but more emptiness. Why not believe and see through God's eyes today!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith in God gives us the faith of a known good God, Fear of Satan gives us the fear an unknown evil god." — Abraham Israel

"When you have faith in God, you don't have to fear anybody." — Abraham Israel

"Faith makes you mingle, fear makes you single." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is God's view point magnified, fear is His view point diminished." — Abraham Israel

"When we think like God it is faith, when we think like Satan it is fear." — Abraham Israel

"Faith makes you stand on the solid ground of truth, while fear makes you stand on the shaky ground of lies." — Abraham Israel

"Faith makes fear diminished and vice-versa." — Abraham Israel

"When faith shouts, fear flees away because the moment faith step in a place, fear becomes illegal poaching occupier." — Abraham Israel

"Success is faith glorified, failure is fear magnified." — Abraham Israel

"Nothing stays as faithful as faith to make us succeed, nothing fails as often as fear to make us a failure." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is fear thrown inside out." — Abraham Israel

"Nothing succeeds like success of faith, nothing stings like the fear of failure." — Abraham Israel

"Faith guides while fear drives." — Abraham Israel

"Fear of failure dies when faith makes failure of fear to dominate you." — Abraham Israel

"Steps climbed up by faith makes your knee strengthened in God, staying without any movement because of fear causes one to die even when they are alive." — Abraham Israel

"Fear holds you in its lies until you search for truth by faith." — Abraham Israel

"Faith in itself doesn't make things possible, but rather it makes things pleasing to God who makes all things possible for us who hold it in our hearts." — Abraham Israel

"Faith looks beyond one's reason in to the very reason for one's existence on earth which is none other than the God who created us all for His unique purpose to be fulfilled through us. This Creator God has given promises that are invaluably great and exceedingly powerful to keep us believing for the impossible, then it helps us not only look forward to His reward at the end because God has empowered us to hold on to His promises by our faith all the way, but also all through the way God has promised to get pleased with us as we keep believing His promises until we receive the reward at the end for holding our faith intact in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"When it comes to the race of faith, the one who holds the baton of faith the longest will win in the end." — Abraham Israel

"When you see through faith you will see fear fleeing you, but when you see through your fear you will not find faith because fear only thrives where faith is not present." — Abraham Israel

"Face all your fears with faith in God and His unfailing promises, God who sees your faith will be pleased to deliver you from all your fears instantly most of the times, or He may deliver you from fear progressively at other times if He wants to build more faith in you to make you live in the blessedness of the resources of heaven on earth." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"I would rather die a thousand deaths and expect God to raise me everytime back by His grace, than to miss the opportunity to see the victory of the Lord which brings death to my trials each time I persevere." — Abraham Israel

"Whether we like it or not we will face tribulations in the world as Jesus has already told us, but how we respond and position ourselves to the trials we face in our lives will either make us or break us. The same high waves that causes trouble to a person who fears it, causes tranquility to the surfer who knows how to position Himself rightly to the wave correctly. What threathens one thrives the other, so position yourself in God rightly to experience the joy of going through the God ordained trails that He sends your way." — Abraham Israel

"We need to desire and do something tangibly before God shows up seeing our sincerity to experience Him." — Abraham Israel

"Believing that nothing is too hard for God is good. It is still better if we believe that nothing is too hard for us to do in partnership with God and keep walking with Him hand in hand." — Abraham Israel

"God will make a way when there seems to be no way because though it might just seems as though there is no way, actually all the ways that we will ever walk until the end of our lives has already been preplanned and laid before us by God Himself. The way is not just a physical space in time but it is a personality who has the power to speak and open our way, in Him we walk, breathe and have our being, it is none other than our Lord Jesus who opens the way and no one can close it, and when he closes the way no one can open it to us. Focus on JESUS because it is not about you but it is all about Him, your life well lived on earth is not in your reliability to die to yourself, but it is God's ability to exhibit the life of Jesus through you." — Abraham Israel

"God has not only promised a victorious life for a believer but a continious hundred percent victory for all believer in all areas of life who walk in Jesus Christ, so that humbly at the end of all our victory we can be able to say, 'Praise be to God who always gives us victory in our Lord Jesus Christ!' God wants us to glorify His Son Jesus so that we might be glorified in Him and not apart from Him." — Abraham Israel

"Self glory leads us to shame, living for God's glory leads us to life and happiness." — Abraham Israel

"First we need to know God not just know about Him, then we need to taste God and not just taste His blessings, finally we are to trust God and not test Him after which we can tell about His glory and goodness to others who will eagerly want to experience Him just as we are experiencing Him personally." — Abraham Israel

"Prayer doesn't change God, instead it changes us and positions us to receive God's answer in His way, in His will and in His time." — Abraham Israel

"When God is all you have, that is when you will realize that He is all your will ever need and want." — Abraham Israel

"Our greatest fears and troubles can become the greatest opportunity to intimately draw near to God, if we will correctly position ourselves in love and gratefulness towards Him." — Abraham Israel

"Choosing to be happy is the fastest way to take a vacation without paying for it. So be happy in God, and you will do good to all." — Abraham Israel

"We know and learn by experience, God knows all things by omniscience. For God all our actions are secondary only to the motives that drives it. Actions can always be a good one without the right motive behind it, which is as sinful as a bad action because the person who does the good has put a mask of good outward show to cover his bad or wrong intentions." — Abraham Israel

"Because God's Love is unconditional in nature, you must understand that you can never be able to pay back to God by any means of your work that you do for Him. In fact if you try, it shows that you have not yet realized that no matter how righteous you are, neither you can never stop sinning by your own strength nor can ever pay the constant debt which you acquire by your daily sinning motives, thoughts and actions but for His Grace." — Abraham Israel

"If God is the only person on your side standing for you, you are already on the winning side because God has never failed even once till today." — Abraham Israel

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