Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"No matter what kind of deep darkness tries to threaten you in these end times before the rapture happens, if only you could trust the Word of God and ask God to speak to you and your needs from it, no matter what place or time you may be in, you will immediately get a quickened Word of light that will lit the light of God within you and make you think out of the box and experience freedom and victory over all demonic bondage's and sins. Victory always succeeds after we get revelation from God through His Word! " — Abraham Israel

"Pain and suffering brings the best out of a person or worst out of a person, the result of it completely depends on whether we patiently believe that God works through it all to bring the best out of us or impatiently become filled with unbelief and fear to think that God cannot allow such a thing to happen to us in spite of being good and become worse than before in despair and hopelessness. Faith brings the best out of you, unbelief brings the worst out of you! God expects the righteous man who has been justified by Jesus Christ to live by faith and see victories in this life and its rewards in the after life." — Abraham Israel

"Humility is mysterious and strangely enigmatic because the moment we come to think that we have it, at that moment of our self consciousness we will lose it. True humility is to lose our self in God and find Him in us instead of our self." — Abraham Israel

"Those who are born earthly are actually made for the earthly living, Satan as the pseudo god of this world deceives them to make them continue to live in darkness and to be destroyed forever along with him. Those who are reborn from above are actually made to live in the light of the Kingdom of God that rules the whole universe from above. Therefore God wants us to be transformed by renewing our mind with the Word of God which is the heaven sent self help manual for training ourselves in the righteous way of heavenly living, so that we could fit in with the transformation that He is doing in us to become conformed to the image of the heavenly man Jesus Christ whom we follow. If you feel that you are a misfit in this world, you are right because you are being prepared for the world to come and so rather than trying to fit yourself in this present world and fail again and again, just let yourself be refitted by the Lord God of heaven who is preparing His children on earth for a eternity in the new heaven and new earth by now establishing a deep spiritual relationship with Himself. You are a heavenly man who lives on earth for a little while and then will go on to live the rest of your life with God forever, so as long as you live on earth under the training of God, live a life that pleases God all the time as much as possible." — Abraham Israel

"What you believe is who you will become over a period of time, that is why to change your behavior stick on to believe what Jesus Christ has promised you to have become in Him. When you keep believing what God says about you, soon you will behave what you believe, because you are a product of your belief and not your behavior. If Behavior is said to be the wheel that carries the load of goodness and godly character to the destination of God's purpose in our lives on earth, our belief is the steering wheel that controls its direction! That is why God has said in His word, the righteous man will live by what He believes and not how he behaves. If our belief is right on spot in the what the Word of God says, our behavior will follow it. If we believe when we hear the Word of God, we will automatically do what we rightly hear!" — Abraham Israel

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