Thursday, November 29, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Divine Healing is the legal right of every child of God who lives in the righteousness of faith, but to understand the timing of God to get healed and the purpose in our race of faith for which God allows certain trials of sicknesses can only come by our close relationship with God on day to day basis. God never makes us sick when He is the one who heals us, but He allows us to face trials of sicknesses in our life so that we may trust in the all sufficiency of the healing power of His hand that is available always to carry us until the end of our lives on earth. Whether the healing comes with a medical doctor or without him involved who are used by God as servants of his wisdom has nothing to do with our healing because doctors can only prescribe medicine and do surgery hoping for us to get healed, but ultimately only God can heal us of our infirmities and sicknesses in our body. Faith to get healed comes by hearing, and hearing to receive from God is developed over time through the voice of God being heard perpetually within us by the working of the Word of God in us, by us making way for it in our mind and lives to do its duty to release the heaven's power and potential within us. So that once we find ourselves saturated in it, all healing comes naturally to us in the rest of faith and bring glory to God always without fail. Meditate the Word of God, until the Word of God in you cannot sit in your mind without exploding with its power to heal, deliver and bring health and prosperity in all areas of your life and living!" — Abraham Israel

"The tunnels of life's journey are made by God for us to trust Him in spite of the factor of unknown mystery that surrounds it. One thing we must rest our faith on during those times, that is the truth that Jesus is the driver of the train we are traveling in who takes us through it all, and we can trust Him to bring us out of it in His time and in His will as he is the one who rightfully takes us through it to make us become what He wants wants us to be. The tunnels of life makes us and therefore is not supposed to break us in fear, but rather build our faith through trusting the our Lord and Savior through out the journey, thanking, praising and rejoicing for being present in His train, so that when we come out of the caves and tunnels of our lives, we can run like a stall fed calves jumping hither and thither and rejoicing in the sunshine of God for the rest of our lives continually as we have already learned to rejoice in the dark days of our lives itself, thus living in His Favor and Wisdom to cherish Him and be cherished by Him." — Abraham Israel

"Thick darkness is not where Satan resides, but rather where God resides because He is the greatest mystery to understand in the whole of Universe. Darkness and light are alike to God because of the greatness of His Glory. So to know God intimately now in our lives on earth we have to move and drawn closer to God through the mysterious obstacles that stand in our way between us and God. It might be a sin that we love more than God, it might be a family member whom we love more than God, or it might even be ourselves that we love more than Him, anything that we love more than God is an idol that should be thrown out of view to come in to view of the Lord's Glory. Moses loved God with all his heart and was humble enough to always acknowledge Him in all His ways, this was no coincidence, he began to draw near to God who was residing in the midst of deep darkness in the top of the mount Sinai. Darkness and black color is a royal robe that God wears, Satan and his demons have taken it and have fancied themselves to make people curious enough to draw them by their curiosity towards themselves instead of God. Satan supplies all things cheap but cannot make you content for now itself leave alone for eternity, except give you a momentary excitement. But drawing near to God cost you everything, because when you know Him and come to understand His mysteries, you will become satisfied eternally and perpetually. The Israelites who looked God from afar became satisfied with the fountain measure of God, but Moses had a holy unrest within Him that made him to draw towards God in to thick darkness of unknown mystery that made him drink in the river of God and even swim in the Glory of God. Are you ready to pay the price to experience the mystery of the Glory of God? Have you consistently sought to know God by reading His Word and prayed seeking more of Him in your daily personal prayer? Draw near to God and He has promised to draw near to you to unfold Himself and reveal His mysteries more and more to satisfy your heart desire. Remember, when storms of life comes threatening you with dark, tumultuous, scary clouds with thunder and lightning, do not be scared and run away from sorrow and suffering, instead walk towards it to embrace it boldly by the grace of God and His strength, because in it the greatest mysteries of God's ways will be revealed to you which is hidden from the whole of humanity that stays aloof in fear of it because of being filled with themselves. There can be no high in life than knowing the Most High God intimately, to live in Him and have Him live in us to reveal Himself to us and through us to others is the greatest privilege a person can have in this earth and in the time to come! GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"God has no special favorites when it comes to blessing and having special favor over any of His children, all those who learn to love him and obey His word will be blessed beyond imaginations in their lives. God is in the business of blessing individuals as well as families, and spread his blessing throughout the whole globe! Are you one among them? I promise you will be greatly blessed if you are. Though there are umpteen number of denominations, God has only One Universal Church Body which is present both in heaven where saints have gone on to be with the Lord to receive their reward and on earth the saints who are working for a eternal reward, and his chosen saints who are born again by His initiation from heaven through His Word and the Spirit are added day by day to be the child of God in His One big Family! All His obedient children who care God enough to obey even the least of the words of His without breaking because of their love and gratefulness toward the Lord, will be blessed enough to be a blessing and will be called as greatly blessed even by the blessed in all the world!" — Abraham Israel

"Dying to self according to God in not asceticism, but rather it is us choosing not to do the things we wish, and instead walk in the perpetual guidance of the Spirit as well as His strength which mortifies the lust of the flesh and fulfills the will of God for our lives. This process of pleasing God by denying our flesh is what it really means to carry our own Cross that God has given for us to carry personally in our Christian lives. It is not in us or our strength to die to the flesh, but it is the supernatural strength of God which flows through us, when we willingly submit our will and lift up God's will as our banner to keep our march flag high and powerful, and thus honor of the wonderful and beautiful name of Jesus Christ intact in and through our lives wherever we are living. The territory of this world in which the opposing forces of the Satanic enemy of our soul are rebelling against the authority of God and are acting against His will to induce humans in like manner under them, we by choosing to die to our self, we are keeping all those evil forces at bay and under control for the Glory of God. God is never more pleased than to see a man fully be lost in Him by losing His self for His Glory in exchange!" — Abraham Israel

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