Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Those who have caste, locality, nationality, race etched in their mind to think as racists have not properly understood or tasted fully the love of God, nor were they thankful for what God has freely provided through His Son Jesus Christ to actually transform them and cleanse them from such things. Though these people think that they are something in the flesh because of pride, they are actually nothing but abomination to God within the Body of Christ which is the Church of the living God. They are stench in His nostrils because they have neither repented of their wrong thinking nor do they find a need to do so because their foolish mind have become darkened to think in a earthly divisive way, while God wants them to think in a heavenly way beyond the skin color, race, nationality, language, color, social and economical status, to have a mind that sees every-body-part within His Body as equally important and precious to Him without which it will not work as complete as it ought to be. If God has a near to paralyzed body on earth, when it ought to have been a glorious heavenly body that glitters the glory of heaven on earth, it is not because God has failed but we as members of His body have failed God in this regard. According to God, He has no boundary for the people of God except that which they make out of their own evil soulish heart. Think heavenly and Live earthly as a heaven's pilgrim under the constant Holy Spirit's empowered guidance which comes through the inner born again spirit-man to live radically as long as God gives you breath to live and behave as God's child, then God will always be pleased with your life and will joyfully wait for you to reward you in heaven for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"God's spiritual education for any man or a woman is to progressively make them understand that apart from Him how nothing but only bad things of the flesh remain in all of us humans. No matter how good we try to become, it is just a good desire but apart from it there is no substance in us to do it or become one. When we identify with God who is the only one who is good in Himself through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, all the good that God is becomes one in us as we become one in Him. This is why the great psalmist David who was called by God as the man after His own heart understood this secret in his life greatly and told to his own soul to stay humble because in the past the same soul confessed about its inability to be good apart from God. David said, "O my soul , thou hast said unto Jehovah [God], Thou art my Lord: I have no good beyond thee." (Psa 16:2, ASV). In other words, because David understood God by faith and lived within God's heart to know who he was in himself and also knew how great he has become in his character and gentleness to show a wonderful David outside to the world that sees him and praises him, he humbled himself before God to tell Him that all the goodness that people see on the outside of me is because I live within your heart and that going beyond the boundary and thoughts of you O God in heaven I have no goodness to boast within me. May God help us realize our inability to be good without Him and also help us live within God's heart by faith and glorify God to make the world see a amazing life of God displayed through us. If you are humble before God, you will never stumble before people." — Abraham Israel

"To know the truth you have to read the Bible, but to speak the truth you have to live it. The power behind the proclamation of the truth is based on how we are able to embody the truth in ourselves and in our day to day lives successfully. Every believer who preaches and teaches the word of God must have power to witness, and to convict people of their sins to see change that God wants to see in them, so that those who hear them could not just hear the truth but become the truth to testify about it all over the place where ever they are.Truth and Life always go together, so don't miss one wheel over the other to get derailed in your life's journey. Truth matters most in life because life matters most with truth!" — Abraham Israel

"We can acquire as much knowledge as we can by our hard work, but to convert that in to wisdom only God can do it through us. Work hard to acquire knowledge for the work God has called you to do in this life, seek God for understanding to apply what you have learned and use what you can do to make a difference in the lives of people. Then ask God to give you the wisdom to say a word in season to the need of the situation which will cause you to stand before kings and not mean men. For the LORD gives wisdom: out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding (Prov 2:6). You can choose to be fools to everyone around you and still be the wisest towards yourself if you have chosen to be wise towards God. So choose wisely and reap greatness in life!" — Abraham Israel

"Sinners are but a mist in the morning, once the Son shines through, they are no more. So never envy sinners but rather learn to wait upon the Lord who always gives the best things to those who have waited the most upon Him. Waiting time is never a wasted time, when you are waiting for God to act on your behalf even if it is for a lifetime. God can do in matter of time in and through your life what you cannot do and achieve even if you have worked hard for a million years. God has great purpose and future for you, do not throw away your faith which has a great reward!" — Abraham Israel

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