Friday, July 13, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"The Bible never asks us whether we will serve God or Satan, when it comes to life service, as a created being Satan doesn't come in to picture at all. Either we are serving God in our life or money, it is impossible to serve both at the same time because both have the ability to be the master of our lives. Even though you work to receive money and live in this world, do not live for money. Whatever your type of work may be, do it as though you are serving God through it and give to God the first fruit of your income to acknowledge to Him that He is your Master who has provided the money to happily live and share it with others." — Abraham Israel

"The real prayer of faith is us praying to God and yet not us but God through the utterance of the Spirit of God, prays to Himself through us which He wants to hear and answer." — Abraham Israel

"You are one special among the billions that God has created till now because He has planned, designed and finally created uniquely to be you. So don't try to talk like others, walk like others, look like others, live like others, be like others when God wants you to be you! When you know that you are special in God's sight, you will not want to be like others but will enjoy being yourself." — Abraham Israel

"God is not concerned whether you strive to please Him by your strength or not, but He is concerned whether you believe His promises and thereby walk in His power." — Abraham Israel

"God always uses natural means to do his supernatural work, but what makes Him work is our willingness to use the ordinary by our simple faith, which He infact uses to bring extraordinary results." — Abraham Israel

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