Friday, May 4, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"When people ask why should all the evil in the world be allowed by God if he is a good God, they do not realize that, because He is a good God, He has allowed the evil for us to choose the good and reject the evil as His dearly beloved children. God wants to prove to the world that His children are those who speak like Him, act like Him, think like Him and help like Him, to be a shadow of his goodness and agents of change in this world of darkness that promotes evil and are not even bothered about it. When we have surrendered our life in submission to His will, God has set the whole world before us as a spiritual playground to train ourselves and others to the obedience of faith, so that we could be favored and rewarded for now and for eternity among all the peoples of the earth. God is very good to His children because of giving His very nature and character to them, and is good to all the people of the earth in general because He provides and sustains their life on earth, God's goodness is the very reason why He has given us all a choice and a opportunity to make a difference in this life and through this life for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel



"Because increase in the peace of God and deliverance from the complete attack of the evil one happens progressively and culminates at a particular point of time, never become discouraged by the number of times you are attacked by the Satanic enemy forces of your soul. One thing to keep in mind always and know deep within our heart is that, no matter what, victory and eradication of the evil attack is on the way and when our faith is established, then we get in to the zone of fullness, where the Lord will step in to our life as sure as the sun rises in the east every morning and will crush Satan under our feet to give us our spiritual degree of authentication that we have fought and have overcome Satan. Satan the tempter is God's instrument that He uses to sharpen us in our faith, but at the end of it all he and his cohorts becomes the victim for their own evil mindedness in being sadistic towards us who are God's children. We can never see great victories in our spiritual lives, until we experience great defeats before it." — Abraham Israel

"While what Christ did for us on earth determines our eternal destination which is heaven within God, what we do for Christ now on earth will determine our eternal reward which is given in heaven by God. We cannot do for God what He has already done for us, but we have a choice to suffer voluntarily for Christ to earn the reward that are imperishable for eternity! While God supplies the resource to earn more eternal reward, he doesn't pay it all on earth for the believers because He wants them to be rewarded for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Worries weigh you to uselessness, until you choose to put a full stop to it by faith through prayer, which makes Jesus Christ receive your weight of worries and in exchange gives His own peace to you as a sign that He will take care of your worry as you hold His peace. The peace within you becomes the authentic sign of your worship which proves your faith as genuine and puts angels as security around you to keep your mind and life in sound condition in spite of all the evil that rages around you to try to touch you with its power. Faith cannot be proved until you embrace it and throw away the worry which weakens it. You can have faith and not worry, or you can worry and not have faith. Both cannot stay at the same place at the same time, today choose to embrace faith and reject worry, until faith becomes mature enough to fill your life with the reward of faith, which is to see what you have believed." — Abraham Israel

"When God leads us to desert experiences, He wants us to stop working for Him and start to notice how He is working already for us in advance." — Abraham Israel

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