Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Winners do what losers fail to do, that is to persevere by God's grace at all moments of their lives by choosing to never quit even when the going gets tough. When trials, tribulation and hardship are faced, there is always a promotion in spiritual life which awaits for those who do not deny its positive reward. For those who do not want to face trials will keep learning the same lessons to persevere in trials with faith and not give up until lessons are learned. The sooner we face trials, better the spiritual prospect for us." — Abraham Israel

"True independence is to be in dependence on God for anything and everything." — Abraham Israel

"Character of Christ-likeness is wrought by God in us only as we willingly face the storm face to face, and positively look forward to weather it by receiving the grace to face it through saying a sincere prayer of commitment to God. Facing the storm in faith will always bring with it the benefit of improvement in all areas of our spiritual lives on earth and reward for it in eternal proportions, so always face the trails because if you do not, you will waste the trials." — Abraham Israel

"To see things which are above in heaven, you need the revelation of God through His Word which the Spirit reveals to all those who have chosen to seek the heavenly Kingdom of God first and have dared to trust God for all their earthy needs. By seeking God above all things, you are actually setting your mind on things that are above and not on earthly things. Be a heavenly man on earth by letting heaven rule your mind and hence do great exploits for God!" — Abraham Israel

"God knows even the most insignificant details of how much hair you have in your head because God does care for you and has a wonderful plan for your life within the purpose of His blue-print. You are so valuable to Him that He never loses even the minute details of what is happening in your life even for a minute, in spite of knowing all such details, He wants you to have faith in His plans for you and keep trusting Him to fulfill it. Have faith in the plans of God for you and be a willing vessel to be used by Him, then soon in your life you will come to realize that His purpose for your life is being fulfilled day by day and that you are rewarded for it in eternal proportions." — Abraham Israel

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