Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"The world, the devils and even the fleshly self cannot keep a child of God from progressing in lives journey of destiny that has been designed by God before anything or anyone ever came in to existence. No one can stop a child of God from progressing positively in life because the One who works within them is greater than all the powerful forces combined coming against them from without." — Abraham Israel

"God gives a beautiful shape individually to all those who are devoted to Him. He makes this shape to be in the image of Himself which is the image of purity and blessing. It is the healthy flourishing tree that gives fruit continually and makes itself a blessing to many who feed it by taking care of it and also those who throw stones at it, the same way when we become shaped by God in our life by a day to day walk with God, then we will be a blessing to not only our friends and people around us, but also to our enemies who will be touched by God through our God-shaped life, and will be blessed within by the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. What a privilege to walk with God and work with Him till we see people blessed around us with the blessing of heaven through us! Don't ask God for things, instead ask God to shape you like Himself, then you will not only have all things as a blessing, but also you will let God make all things become blessed to be a blessing through you! The power of God's blessing never stops flowing until there is someone who want to store it for himself and therefore becomes of no use to any one. Never forget, we are blessed by God to be a blessing. So learn to let God bless people through you by your sacrificial heart!" — Abraham Israel

"Some people on earth are so satisfied with themselves and what they have, they have forgotten that they have been put on this earth to know God. These people are in danger of fooling themselves not knowing the real purpose of human existence on earth is to know God intimately and be known by Him personally, they are on the verge of missing eternity without the gala life of God that awaits them. This category in which people are living can be termed as earth dwellers who live an animal existence of earthly survival. Still others who have been pursuing material things to satisfy their God shaped hole within their soul, will become so disillusioned within them that they cannot stay still and therefore will begin to ask themselves, 'What on earth am I here for?' These people are in a better position to reach for God in their desperation than the former ones who are satisfied with earthly thing. This category of people can be called as desperate seekers, who need to receive Jesus and establish a relationship with God to live purposefully. Still others who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and have come in to a eternal relationship with God are those who can be categorized as heaven seekers who will inherit all the riches of God because they have become God's children. May God help you to check yourself to know what category you are in, and make you desperate enough to become a heaven seeker and a collector of riches in heaven. Remember, the most important relationship in this side of eternity is to have relationship with God and establish it thereby to grow in intimacy as a friend with Him for the rest of our eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Some people ask, how can you overcome evil with good? God says see my Son Jesus, when all the religious people around Him wanted to kill Him to death, He chose to let my unconditional love burn in His heart as a flame towards them in return, thus overcoming the evil false fire of Satanic hate that wanted to overcome and destroy my good purpose and plans for humanity. The evil fire of hatred cannot withstand without being quenched against the roaring river of heaven's stream of rivers that my Spirit brings as a Tsunami flood against lawlessness of all kind. My Son proved that love is as strong as death, though the body loses its life, the emotion of love within that soul of that body lives for eternity. Therefore the flames of love are the flames of fire and the most vehement flame that the evil waters of this world that brings death cannot quench and even the flood of it cannot stop. No temporal things can ever buy love, because as it is displayed in My Son who chose to despise the shame of death and embrace the sacrifice of My Love for all of you." — Abraham Israel

"The very reason God told all humans to keep Sabbath Holy and separate from other days is for them to know the Lord of Sabbath who is Jesus Christ intimately and rest internally in one's spirit knowing the finished work of redemption and salvation that has already been prepared for them by Divine providence from the foundation of the world for all humans to enjoy their walk with God for eternity ahead. If you know the Son within your heart, you will experience the Sun shine of heaven upon you on earth. Blessed Sabbath rest in the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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