Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Forget the yesterday's and live in the today's, look forward with awe to the tomorrow's, because the God whom you believe is working with you today and has promised a beautiful and a amazing tomorrow. Let God fill your hearts in awe to realize that each moment is the best moment you can spend with God!" — Abraham Israel

"True spirituality starts with God and ends with God. Even if we do not impress a single soul in our entire life about our spirituality, if God is impressed with what we have done by Him and for Him at the end of our lives, we have done our job perfectly!" — Abraham Israel

"Satan cannot move beyond the blood of Jesus to open our heart by force and disturb us and our family with evil, if we have confessed all our conscious sins and unconscious sins to the Lord regularly day by day. The Lord has promised to provide 24/7/365 round the clock security, but it is up to us to avail the power of it through our confession to Him done faithfully! Even after this if you see the enemy moving towards you or your family, you can stay assured in faith and patience that God has allowed a temporary trial for your good and the good of your whole family." — Abraham Israel

"God is good all the time, what the devil and his evil company will do against you or your family, God is able to turn the tables on Satan and change that in to good for your and your family for eternity. Never believe Satan's lie that God is not good all the time, but sometimes he may be. God is good all the time though we may not feel how He is good all the time based on our own experience and circumstances. But if we hold on to the truth that He is good all the time in our hearts and minds in spite of the circumstances we go through, then that becomes our faith and testimony for Jesus the rest of our eternity ahead which will qualify us for a abundant life now and a mighty reward and favor of God in the times to come that no one can take away from us or from the succeeding generations that will comes through us." — Abraham Israel

"God is not surprised by your failures because he was the one who allowed it all to build you up in to His own image by you growing in humility, but he is very much concerned when guilt make you flee away from him instead of you running to Him to be free from it, and it marvels God when fear makes you continue to stay away from Him instead of having audacious faith which will make you run to Him. God know you much more than you know about yourself as He was the one who carried you from life's first cry and He will carry you until your final breath by the power of Christ working in you, so stay secure in faith and be free from guilt as there is no condemnation anymore for His children. Make God marvel by holding on to such faith and not by fear, and know for sure that Jesus is the one who commands your destiny day by day under His mighty power and authority for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

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