Thursday, September 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God has always been working from the fall of first humans who are our forefathers to this present day to take care of our needs everyday, but are we noticing the awesome wonders of His work to praise and thank Him to align ourselves in the right position to spiritually experience more and more of Him? If you don't see God it is not God's fault but it is yours, open the door of your heart and re position yourself rightly in awe, respect and wonder of His awesomeness to see Him as He is always there working for you and watching over you." — Abraham Israel

"A Person without patience soon becomes a patient because of worry. As we come to understand by our life of faith in which we stand patiently, that the whole whole is doubling in corruption and violence in a week that took centuries in the past because of the soon coming of the Lord. So learn to be patient in the present time bearing those severe trials and continue to stand firm in faith so that we might not miss the great reward God has in store for us at His Coming!" — Abraham Israel

""When we are trusting God with all our heart and hope only in Him for a positive outcome, God has clearly told that such person He chooses to know them personally, and will defend them with all His Heart. When God is for us who can be against us?" — Abraham Israel" — Abraham Israel

"The real secret of praying is to pray secretly under our breath from deep within our spirit by the Spirit of God all the time." — Abraham Israel

"Reaching out to God with a child like faith in His ability to take care of us all the time is what pleases the Lord immensely." — Abraham Israel

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