Thursday, August 4, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God placed you in Christ, and Christ was placed in you by the Holy Spirit, and finally Christ placed you in the Holy Spirit and has put Him as your personal guide so that you can excel spiritually and eternally as Christ Himself did when He was on earth. You in Christ and Christ in you is the hope of all your glory now and forever!" — Abraham Israel

"The one thing that we need to do to prosper in Christ is to keep our mind focused on what Christ has done for us, by renewing our mind and refreshing it with the truth of God's finished work on the Cross. Once we do what we can by doing it, the flow of God's fresh life of His Spirit flows freely to keep us rejuvenated and keep growing in Him spiritually." — Abraham Israel

"All our disappointments in life can later be re-understood as a life turning appointments of God if we choose to trust God and live positively all the time knowing that there is something in life that only God can unravel in His time which will make us rejoice and live in His Divine Satisfaction for eternity ahead! Take the load of one day at a time or sufficient is the trouble that you face on a particular day of yours, as you face it keep your eyes on the love and goodness of God that sustains you and gives grace on that day in spite trouble that has come your way, the rest will come in to place as God will take care of the other things of your life which is very important to Him. Troubles of this life are God's way of saying to you, look on to me for I have answer for all your troubles!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith is when we trust God that all will work together for our good even when all things seem to say otherwise around us. Indeed God is good all the time, but for us who face troubles in our life, it is a chance to trust God or whine about it in unbelief to test God. When we pass the test of faith in our lives, there is no one more pleased than God our Father in heaven who loves to see us soar spiritually all the time. Our belief doesn't change God, but it changes the way we look at God as our unfailing friend who has only His best always for us within His favor, rather than a tester who gives reward when we pass our test. So learn to be happy all the time because God is good all the time and He is working constantly all things together for your good. Faith not only gives God the space to work on behalf of you in His pleasure, but it does keep you constantly in the favorable Presence of God that satisfies you and live the best life now!" — Abraham Israel

"Dreams or visions that God gives to us will stay fresh in our spirit to keep our faith active and victorious to the end. Dreams or what we call as nightmare which brings fear comes from the devil, and it will stay only for a time [day or a couple of days and will be no more] as our soul forgets, but if we allow the spirit of fear which has invaded us through the dream or nightmare to control us, devil and his cohorts will keep bringing the same old stuff again and again to refresh it in our soul and thus keep us in fear. Satan has no place in us or he cannot influence us consistently if we do not fear anything or anyone but only God to walk in faith. Satan or his minions cannot deceive us by dreams or nightmares unless we let our-self be deceived by fear or give them place in us through fear. Remember, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and of a sound brilliant mind to love God with all our heart and fear only Him." — Abraham Israel

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