Saturday, September 6, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Your positive faith attitude will always determine your spiritual altitude in God." — Abraham Israel

"Every racer who wins always takes the good choice to take the first few steps with faith, then those small steps taken leads them to the great triumphs of their lives. Though the vision that you have might seem insignificant before others and even in your own eyes, believing it and taking the few first steps in faith might one day become the biggest steps of your life that took you in the right direction of God's plan for you in your life. You don't need to see the full picture before you start, taking the first few steps in faith will give better clarity to run the whole race bit by bit and more and more till the end. When God is in it, every race that you run will have without fail the reward for your hard work and determination that you have put in faith. The taste of victory in the end will make it all worthwhile, so keep taking those first steps in the right direction that God shows without fail!" — Abraham Israel

"God thoughts are always bigger, better, higher and greater than your greatest because He knows the end from the beginning. God's plans and thoughts for you are not based on what you are now, but rather based on who you will become and achieve in the end. Though you may not be able to realize the awesomeness of God's great plan right now, take a step of faith and submit your will to God's will unconditionally knowing that your thoughts are based on what you are now and what you think you can become without any guarantee behind it. As you start moving forward in faith without knowing what is ahead of you, God will start to establish His thoughts in you. As you give more in to God's thoughts and start to constantly think and dream of achieving it, your life will be filled with peace that passes all your natural understanding and your heart will be filled with heaven's inexpressible joy. So that at the end of your life you will be a satisfied human full of praise and thanksgiving, because at that time you will come to realize that you could have never been where you are if you had gone your own way without God. God's might make you wait, but to fulfill His plan doesn't take much time for Him. In a moment He will show you great favor and raise you up high over all because you believed His plan for your life when there was every possibility for you to go your own way. Let God and let go of yourself to live in His Glory and experience heaven on earth!" — Abraham Israel

"Suffering is necessary to learn patience, once we are in to heaven there are no more opportunity to ever suffer and learn patience that only comes to perfection through faith which operates in the now realm. There shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying and no more pain in heaven as we will be in the very immediate Presence of God. So God will now use every opportunity He has temporarily to place a crown of thorns in some way or the other to us so that we could become seasoned and qualified to receive the prize of the crown of gold and diamonds, that will be given only for those who have learned patience on earth by faith to be rulers in heaven for eternity ahead. So no matter what weakness, pain and suffering you face now, receive and depend upon the unfailing grace of God to overcome it all by faith. Very sooner than you could realize all your sufferings that God allowed in your life will be over as it is only earthly temporal, and you will be ready to receive the great prizes of crown from the Lord to live in bliss of eternal honor and joy in the permanent Presence of the Lord forever in the new heaven and new earth with God! Keep your head in heaven, your feet on earth and let your hand work for the Lord. Keep moving on in faith and you will for sure inherit your destiny in God!" — Abraham Israel

"Satan wants us to make us believe that we are a product of our behavior, but God reminds us that we are a product of our belief. If we can believe, we can overcome sinful indulgences, lack of health, financial disasters, marriage problems and all kinds of evil that tries to intimidate us to make us fearful and keep us in its bondage. If we can believe all things are possible with God. As we keep our self in faith, the law of faith lifts us up above the law of sin and death. The law of sin and death always tries to pull all believers down to make them believe the lie that they can never be able to fly spiritually and be a overcomer. Many who get struck in this sin-confess-sin cycle get very discouraged in their spiritual life as all they see is that when they try to become airborne spiritually, they fall on the ground and get up to try again not to sin. But the spirit of faith speaks in faith the promises of God and believes that it can. Suddenly the believer who struggles with sin and all evil get airborne by the law of faith spiritually. It is like the law of aerodynamics lifting up a plane to higher altitude to make it fly in spite of the law of gravity acting upon it which naturally will make everything fall on the ground the moment it is thrown up in the air. You are what God has said you to be, believe and live the abundant life. God has said, 'Let the weak say I am strong.' Just believe and keep saying it until you believe what you say and say what you believe. Say, 'I believe, help my unbelief if you can't believe you can be a overcomer.' God who sees your sincerity will help you believe and make you understand that you are a product of what you believe. In Jesus name...Amen." — Abraham Israel

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