Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When people call someone names, it is to mock and destroy the identity they have already before others, but when God calls a person's name, He only calls him or her to trust Him so that He could restore the broken name of theirs that has no reputation before anybody. God lifts us up when we are at the bottom so that we can realize that without His help we are helpless and useless. God chooses broken vessels and makes beautiful vessels of honor out of it for His glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Because it is the love of God that saved us from sin and death, it is our love for God expressed day after day through our attitude and actions towards God and others that can make us a useful vessel to fulfill God's purpose for our lives. Love started with God towards us freely in Christ Jesus, the same love ends in perfection in us only when we respond positively toward God by obeying the command of the Holy Spirit that actually is relayed from Jesus Christ on our day to day lives. If you love God freely, without fail you will achieve in God greatly!" — Abraham Israel

"Memories are one of the greatest eternal gift God has given to each one of us individually. We know that all we will have within us to cherish at the end of our lives are not how much we have acquired materially, but how much people we have loved unconditionally with the love of God, how much mercy we have shown to someone who have not deserved it, how much hope we have given to the hopeless, how much joy we have given to those who were depressed, how much truth we have spoken with the salt of grace sprayed over it each time, how much of grace filled actions we have worked out without our self effort, how many people we have forgiven their debts of hurts against us even as God has forgiven us, how much peace we have in the midst of crisis that gave other's with us strength to trust God and how deep we love those who cross our path through prayers towards them for their soul's well-being. Think about it, if memories are the only things that you take from this side of the universe to the other side of it where God resides, then what are you trying to gather in this life to take with you? Memories will be memorable only when we collect it all God's way, with Him working in and we working it out gloriously with eternal joy! Spend your life God's way, you will never have any regret for the way you walked on earth at the end of it which will continue like that for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"No other creation of God that He had created has the ability to lift up its eyes unto heaven except humans, because we are made for heaven's eternal life with God but pre-trained on earth for the placement of hierarchy in the heavenlies, for the ultimate glory of God to be revealed through each one of us individually. When we lift up our eyes unto the hills of heaven where God resides, we are actually positioning ourselves for the mighty help of all of heaven with all its hosts to work for us. The maker of both the heaven and earth is the connector between it and the purpose of creating both apart is for us to call Him and connect it both through Him so that we could reveal His glory on earth as it is in heaven! When we see God as the connector between heaven and earth, we will look in to heavens and praise God for it, and heaven will look on us who are on earth to praise God, which will both meet in God who will love to dwell in the praises of His people and reveal Himself in a deeper way to both the sides. If God in Christ Jesus doesn't connect heaven and earth as the maker of it, no one could ever imagine to experience the other side of it!" — Abraham Israel

"When we trust the Lord irrespective of our circumstances, we declare in our life experience that the God whom we trust is a good God and that we honor Him for who He is and what He is to us as a loving Father in heaven, who never allows anything in our lives without a reason except for our eternal good which is at the prime priority of His will towards us. When we do not respond in this attitude of trust towards our Father in heaven, we tend to stay in our doubt, fear, unbelief and shame that saps our spiritual energy which could have been instead used for further growth in our spiritual life. To trust is better than to stay in the land of unbelief because trusting in the Lord brings us to the rich satisfied land of Canaan which is nothing but the place where the Presence of the Lord dwells and stays with us. To experience the tangible Presence of God is to experience heaven on earth! What more we need, than to trust our Lord God at all circumstances!" — Abraham Israel

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