Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God cannot makes us understand His faithfulness in making us experience the joy of living, without first making us realize the pain of giving our self to Him unconditionally and receiving the holy desire to do His will which then gets fulfilled by God working in us and through us. God doesn't want you to stay focused on your failures when you fail because God is reminding you to thank Him for the past victories that have been given to you and the good days that you have experienced in God who has given you joy unspeakable within and heavenly joy of a bright smile on our face without. Thank God for your past victories in your failures, then joy will break forth again in the midst of nothing but darkness all around you in its zenith. God has set morning to noon time and evening to night time that repeats itself for our spiritual promotion even as like in our physical world, so understand that alternatively we will experience more pain in trials and joy in victories, trial of doubt and victory of faith, fear of failure and bright hope of tomorrow, confusion of mind and victory over it by the return of sound mind, etc...Just take you failure as a stepping stone of success every time you fail, before you will realize you will be on the mountain top of faith that will keep you pleasing the Lord God all the time and stay constantly and continually under the umbrella of His heavenly supernatural blessings. You can never fail with God because there are no failures to Him but only test for promotion!" — Abraham Israel

"Your growing in faith works out in your life through you love for God that is actually shown to Him by sharing His love unconditionally between one another. When we see God's unconditional love shared freely between brethren, we have the evidence of growing faith, and we are bound to thank God for what He is doing to the people by transforming them in to His spiritual image, and also gives us all a reason to thank God always for what He is doing through His people to know Him deeply through fellowshipping with one another." — Abraham Israel

"Our lives are filled with all types and kinds of uncertainty in these times of uncertainty we live, but one thing is very certain to us because we have become a child of God through believing Jesus the Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, there is a concrete assurance within us that no matter what happens to us naturally yet through it all we shall fear nothing because God is in the process of strengthening us to consciously take the right choices to fulfill His purpose through giving us His personal Presence to us no matter how hard the path we take is. If you have one confidence in this earthly life let it be the confidence that God is with you always no matter what!" — Abraham Israel

"To see all situations of our lives through the eyes of God is a privilege that is given by God to all the children of God in Christ Jesus. God's word which is the written will that He has given to all of us to claim by faith all that He has promised says that we have the mind of Christ already and only we need those thoughts of Christ to be let in to our soul willingly to see a heavenly transformation in it and to make it see as God sees our situation and overcome all struggles of life with ease and rest. In other words, we don't just see the activities of God as His child on earth, we actually see with the eyes of God all the activities on earth so that like God rests, we as His children can rest in Him and see victories after victories in our life on earth till we die and go to heaven to be with the Lord one day. O what a privilege! Remember, we don't work out the mind of Christ but we actually have it already. Praise the Lord! Now through the mind of Christ, we can choose positively to see in our soul the best in people, forgive the worst, forget the bad and always have faith in God that He is always in control no matter what happens to us, then finally walk with understanding in our daily lives that God allows all things only for our future good. No matter what our present is, our future is really big and awesome because God is working on it and in His right time He will reveal it and reward us who believe and live by His promises." — Abraham Israel

"All our disappointments are reappointment to walk in the way to God's right appointment again. All the evil curses of the demonic world that oppresses us, our own depraved nature that deceptively deceives us to haunt us again and again and the ugly world that depresses us, God is in the processes of turning it all for our good blessing, so let go of all disappointments of life in to the hands of God because without it used as stepping stones to climbing higher by faith we would have never moved ahead in to God's appointments that He has prepared for us to walk in, and also we would have never pleased God. Your past is waste so throw it away, your present is faith so cherish it until it rewards you, but your future is full of promises that God has given, so embrace it all to find yourself in God's destiny. Whatever has happened to you on the way, it is God's job to turn those curses in to a blessing for your future, so don't break your head but rather walk by faith to look in to the great and precious promises of God, and thus receive God's great reward and blessings in your future without fail. When you look too much of your past, your present will be fully weighed down by it. When you look too much in to your present, you future might become weighed down by the present burden. But when you look in to your glorious future and draw the strength of heaven to walk in your present time, you will never be disappointed at any moment of your life because you will understand that God has given you a temporal test in life as big as your future, so that with His strength you might be able to inherit all His blessings now and for evermore. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"God is a eternal rewarder of all those who believe that He exists, and continue seeking to know who He is and what He has said about Himself. There can be thousands of books and religious revelations of who God can be, but there is only one Book of God that says who He is, that is the Bible upon which God has put His seal of the Spirit to honor it more than His great and powerful name. So if you want to master any book in life thoroughly, let it be the Book which is the Bible that has been given to all humans as a Book from God to master them under God as His beloved children, and make them responsible sons of His to rule over the entire universe in the coming days just like Him." — Abraham Israel

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