Saturday, May 25, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The name of a person represents His power, authority and status. When we call on the name of Jesus, we are covering ourselves with the authority, power and status of the Most High God over all in the spiritual world. The moment we are covered by invoking or calling on that name above all names which is the name of Jesus, all the demonic spiritual enemies that comes against us will have to submit to us and flee in all directions by our command towards it, because in the spiritual world, authority and power is the most respected thing that will terrify those who break it because of severe chastening that might come for law-breakers. Thank God for the name of Jesus and praise His name perpetually for delegating His power to us in it, and all hordes of demonic oppression's will flee away. No one can break the fortress of God, especially when that tower and fortress is God Himself who fights and makes all our enemies that come against us to flee. So rejoice in the name of Jesus again and again." — Abraham Israel

"When we have come to the place where we have found that in all our need we need nobody more than God, we will depend on God to not only provide all our need but more than that we will expect Him to work in such a way that we will blossom and bloom prosperously till we become a beauty of a continual blessing and fragrance to all others who are surrounding our lives. When we hope in God, we can never go nope!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't need talented men to extend His kingdom because most talented people are prideful of their own talent even when it is God who has gifted them when they were actually planned by Him. God needs broken men who have no confidence in their own abilities, because when these men are supernaturally used by God, they always remember to be grateful and thankful toward God for using them mightily even when they have no talent to exhibit and will give glory to God for what happens through their lives and ministries. The moment God calls a foolish person who is a fool in his own eyes, God exhibits great wisdom through them. When a depressive person is called by God, he will be empowered to disperse the oil of gladness to others. When a sickly person is called, he will be healed enough to be used to heal others. When a suffering person is called, he will be used by God to comfort others. Only those who know what it is to suffer can only be able to understand and empathize to pray for those who go through similar situations in their lives. What does this convey to us? God doesn't call the qualified people, but qualifies all those whom He calls so that no flesh shall glory in His Presence. The next time you feel that you are not talented enough and fit enough to serve God, remember it is you that God has been searching for to extend His royal kingdom. Submit yourself in to God's will for your life, and you will not even have a single dull moment in your lifetime!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't want a single Christian to be sullen, discouraged, hopeless and sorrowful even for a single moment of their life because He is working constantly behind the scene to change both the good and the bad that are happening in their lives to only work for their good progressively as each thing gets in to fruition in its time. We do not know our end and that is why we become easily discouraged if we think that something is not working for us on a particular day or over a period of time, but God knows the expected end that He has planned for our lives. So God wants us to rejoice all the time because He is working out the expected pre-planned end that He has custom designed for our lives. Nothing can go amiss as God is in full control of our lives, and if we choose to rejoice irrespective of the circumstances we face each day, soon we will start to live by faith with expectation of what God is going to do through our lives moment by moment. Rejoice and again I say rejoice to remind you that you should not forget releasing that joy of heaven that God has kept within your heart, as God expects you to live in joy on earth itself as it is in heaven so that you might enjoy every moment of your earthly life for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"The very mark of a man or a woman of faith is the courage to be different even when the people around them misunderstand, hate and make a butt of a joke about them for reaching for the invisible which they themselves could not fathom with their natural mind. But as time passes by and you become blessed enough to reach the dream that you dreamt about, those very people who have mocked behind your back start to wish deep down within their heart of how they could have had the courage to do the same and be blessed like you are. Never see others and want them to be in your boat when you feel that their faith is not the same like you, or else if you take them in your boat, you will never reach the destination that God has for you ahead. Sail where the wind blows and not where you want to go, soon you will be blessed enough to be a blessing to many. The lonely path of suffering to fulfill the vision is worth every ounce when you reach the perfect end that God has for you to fulfill the vision of God for your life. Keep on and keep in on moving by faith and you will have no regret in your life at all!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"All our bodily sensors which sees, speaks and hears to finally process and conceive in the mind is not enough to understand the glorious future God has for us ahead. God's preparation to give us a new supernatural metaphysical body which bypasses both space and time, a place of residence in heaven which will be better than the best architectural beauty made by any human ever, the responsibility of designation and the power to exhibit His authority through serving Him in our future life is greater than we can understand with out puny little human brain. But God has given us His Spirit who gives a foretaste of our future greatness here on earth itself when we walk in the perfect will of God. When we love Jesus with all our heart, actually we are embracing the mighty plan of God which He has prepared for us to excel and enjoy for eternity along with Him who loves us infinitely. Walk with God and you will never have a dull moment, but you will be filled with kingdom joy, peace and righteousness on earth now as it is in heaven then!" — Abraham Israel

"God has created you to be beautiful just the way you are. The world's system of thinking makes you think that you are inferior to others because of its strong influence through media advertisement, road side bill boards and people around you who think that way. But the truth is, if you were not beautiful in God's eyes, He would not have created you to suffer being inferior to others. God shows no partiality and therefore all humans are created in God's image which is His ability to connect spiritually back to Him and reflect His character to all people around us, as we are all beautifully equal in His sight. To think otherwise is to tell God that He has made a mistake in creating us the way we are, then to put ourselves down the way we are is to insult God's handiwork which He has custom designed to excel and find fullness in Himself. Never forget that if you try to find your identity outside of God, you will never find it because God has designed you to find fulfillment and satisfaction in the way you are in Himself only. The more you grow closer to God, the more you will come to like yourself just the way you are. The more you are conscious of God, the less you will be conscious of yourself, and therefore will come to accept God's image in which you are created as the ultimate joy and the purpose for your existence by being consumed in Him. Reject the world's way of thinking and be renewed in your mind by God's way of kingdom thinking that comes when we do think the way God has revealed about us in His Word. There is no greater joy in knowing that we are beautiful just the way we are created by God and that it needs no improvement except to keep ourselves fit for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Either the Word of God will keep Satan's lies out of our mind or the lies of Satan will keep the Word of God out of our mind. Our mind is the the spiritual battle field in which we either win the greatest victories of our lives by God's strength when we fight the battle with the sword of the Word of God which the Spirit of God will use to give us victory when we have stored it within our mind or else the biggest defeat happen in our lives because of being deceived in to thinking contrary to the Word of God. The Word of God is the seed in which the power to cultivate prosperity in our spiritual lives lies within, but if we do not take strenuous effort to continually sow it in the field of our heart, then we cannot expect to prosper at the harvest time of our life later. Satan's as a sadist doesn't want any human to proper in life because of the Word of God which will make him powerless and ineffective in his work which is to steal, kill and destroy all humanity spiritually and in every area of their lives. What are you going to do against the strategies of the devil? The answer is, if you learn to eat, breathe, play, sleep and live in the Word of God, soon you will experience a beautiful mind that will have heaven contained within it. More the Word of God within, less the lies of the devil will stay within your mind." — Abraham Israel

"There can be no greater joy to God than to receive back the gift of children given in to His hands willingly by parents, for God to use them for His Glory and the extension of His Kingdom. God has great plans like an arrow in the hands of a warrior for all those children who are brought up in His way by godly parents who have sold themselves as bond servants to do the will of God. The anointing over your life will double over your children if they are completely surrendered in to His hands and belong to God as His own property, who has called them to do greater things for Him in their generation. It is the will of God for every Elijah to raise up sons and daughters who will crave for a double portion and do double the miracles of what God has done in the previous generation. Raise your children under the mighty hands of God and God will grace them supernaturally and will lift them up to be a blessing to a entire generation in their lifetime! There can be no greater satisfaction at the end of our life to see the Elisha's rise up and do greater works for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"There is a spiritual goal that God has set for all believers who run in their spiritual journey towards heaven, it is not to be just a church-goers, law-keepers, tongue speaking warriors, spiritual helpers, disciple makers, fisher of men and miracle doers, but it is to be conformed to the image of Jesus spiritually. If this is not our spiritual goal, then all our activities are useless at the end of our earthly lives when we enter in to eternity to be with God. God considers character to be more precious in His sight than to be just a user of His gifts and be His servant. When we enter in to eternity God will honor us with His glory and power according to the likeness of Christ which we have attained on our earthly journey. So in our spiritual lives, it is no use to compare ourselves with anybody except with Christ who is the ultimate person whom God has set for all of us to follow in our spiritual lives. The glorious light of Christ will radiate and increase in our lives as we walk closer and closer to the way Jesus walked on earth. Many times if we just walk hand in hand with all people who seems spiritual to our eyes, we will miss Jesus who will walk in the eternal timings of God. Instead if we press on and keep pressing on in to the likeness of Christ through a perpetual walk with Christ by living in Him, soon we will be blessed enough to be a source of blessing to multitudes around us. Be blessed and be a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Faith is not seen because it can only be felt in our heart as it comes from God, all the things that are seen needs no faith to feel. God operates by faith because He is a God who hides Himself and seeks to touch the hearts of people and makes them follow His heart by their heart." — Abraham Israel

"Only when we are peaceful on the inside of us, we can really be peaceful on the outside. To be peaceful on the inside we need to give all our burdens to our Lord Jesus who has promised to solve all our problems in His time. Once we give our doubts and worries to Him, He fills us with His heavenly supernatural peace that will calm our nerves down and will make us wonder how we can be so calm in spite of having so much of unsolved problems around us. But this peace that passes all our natural understanding and destroys all our inner confusion indicates that all our problems are no more ours, but have become the problems for Jesus to solve. Once we give those burdens to Jesus, the devil and his minions may try again to bring negative thoughts of doubts and worries for us to lose our faith so that the peace of God might not stay intact in our mind. But in those times, when we hold the peace that Jesus has given to us personally, the peace of God will guard our minds and hearts from unbelief, doubts or worries continually. As we continue to hold the peace of Jesus by rejecting and casting out the negative thoughts continually out of our mind, the peace of God will begin to rule our hearts. There can no greater prosperity of soul in this earth than for our soul to stay peaceful by the supernatural blessedness of the protection that God gives within us. There can be no greater peaceful rule than to be ruled by the peace of God. Once we have this inner peace and prosperity of soul, then automatically we can choose to rule over our outer circumstances by expressing our inner serenity to the the outside world which knows nothing about it except our tranquil expression of peace in our face that gets reflected from our heart without out any effort on our side. Above all when you enjoy the life of peace that God gives, always learn to be thankful to God at all times for his hand of favor that keeps us prosperous in our soul! True peace is not an absence of conflict, but the Presence of God within that gives serenity in our hearts and minds in spite of all confusions around us." — Abraham Israel

"When you know you belong to God because you have believed Jesus Christ and have been adopted in to God's family, you need no greater sense of belonging for the rest of your life because you belong to the royal family in which your Father owns the whole heavens and the earth. Do not partake in the rat race of buying properties and amassing wealth because it is only for those who belong to the world's way of system which is ruled by Satan and his demonic cohorts of darkness who have blinded their spiritual eyes to destroy their souls forever, but those of us who are God's children we must live with contentment with what we have because God is with us and that if we need anything to fulfill God's purpose, no matter how valuable and costly it is, God will give it to us. Our Father in heaven is never short of money at anytime in the past, present or in the future, so trust His purpose for your life and fulfill it for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"We have been freed from the penalty of sin when Jesus paid the price for us personally through shedding his sinless blood because of our transgressions, iniquity and sins. Although we fight against the presence and power of sin by the grace of God when God tests us again and again to refine us in to His likeness, purity and nature to be mature in our spiritual walk, yet the truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ has freed us from us from the power and presence of sin forever when we believed Him and confessed Him as our Lord and Savior from sin. Because Jesus has once and for all time paid for our past, present and future sins, though we might fight against sin till we die, it cannot have dominion over our lives perpetually because the Son of God Jesus Christ has set us free from it. Sin thrives in darkness, we make sin flee because we have become sons of light in God. As we have been freed from the slavery of sin, let us give our bodies willingly in gratefulness and thankfulness as a instrument of righteousness for the purpose of God to be fulfilled for our lives! The good news of the technique of fighting the presence and power of sin is by resisting it and confessing it to the Lord when we have fallen in to it. The Blood of Jesus washes and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter who we are, where we have come from, what we have done, it doesn't matter one bit to God, all that matters to God now is whether we have received His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent to this earth to be as our Lord and have believed Him to be our Savior from our sins. If we have done that, God has entitled us with the rights to be His sons, and have promised us that He will make His face to shine upon us all the days of our life. Even when sunshine fails, the Son-shine upon our life will never fail because of God's promise. O what a privilege! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God's grace is not a licence to sin but it is a lethal spiritual weapon given to us by God to kill sin in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"The sign of Christ Coming has been continually displaying itself more than ever in the past couple of decade like never before accurately according to what Jesus Christ had prophesied two thousand year ago itself. Violence has been increasing day by day because of lovelessness among humans, the great world wars finished and the final world war is approaching soon as each nation is looking towards a global solution and a one world government, famines all over the world are happening in different pockets of nations perpetually which is causing much deaths, earth quakes has become so common that even people don't find the news as something to be taken in to notice, disasters are happening in mammoth proportions due to human covetousness and profit making desire at the cost of nature and its wild inhabitants that are affecting even the eco-system and deteriorating it drastically, pollution is at an all time high due to developing economies that are trying to drive wealth in to their nations, increase in knowledge has happened to such an extent that all information are at the finger tip of a normal citizen of nearly all nations around the world, nuclear-threat is looming over the head of all nations which are very concerned and suspicious over the motive of other nations around them and above all the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached through television, internet, radio and every other mediums throughout all the world. Because all the signs that Jesus said are coming to pass, what does it teach us? The coming of the Lord is very near and that He is in fact standing at the door of heaven to open it anytime to come and take the Church out of the Great Tribulation that is coming over all the world to cleanse it of sin and open a new world of Jesus the Messiah's kingdom over the whole world from Jerusalem. What are we ought to do in such a time? Pray at all times and watch for the coming of the Lord anytime to take you off the planet to the Father's place in which He has prepared a place for you to stay until we inhabit the new earth and new heavens after the Millennium rule with Jesus Christ. Let your feet be on earth and head be in heaven, so that you will be worthy to escape the judgment that is coming upon the whole world in which God has promised to shake it completely and get rid of sin and sinners upon it." — Abraham Israel

"The first person you must thank after you wake up must be the Lord God who has given you one more day to see and have sustained your breath to continue to fulfill His purpose for your life. So talk to God the moment you wake up in the morning before you ever start you day, and the rest of the day will have purpose and meaning in your life." — Abraham Israel

"Waiting for God to open doors for us in His time is a sign of spiritual maturity. God only opens the doors which He has pre-planned in His blue print for our life. When we walk in the perfect will of God, the doors that are open before us cannot be shut at all by any human agencies because God's hand is stronger than all of human strength present and put together in the whole world. All the waiting time spent before God in the wilderness alone with God are never waste in any way, as God considers the time spent with Him in prayer and meditation upon His Holy Word as the currency we have supplied to Him to build our destiny in His will and way. God can never move ahead without us paying what is required by Him to unfold our destiny or else there will only be partiality and chaos about spirituality. In God's way, what could take a lifetime of strength and consistent effort could be achieved by God in the least amount of time because time runs for God's purpose to be fulfilled and therefore God will use time as He wishes. Time is not a factor with God, because He is present outside of it. Never try to help God fulfill His plan for your life, for He doesn't need your puny help. Once God finds that we are not ready to wait, God's door will remain shut until we let go of our urge to open the doors ourselves. Once we walk by faith and get trained to wait until God's command comes for us to proceed towards His open door, an earnest expectation of what God is going to do in and through our lives will come bubbling up from on the inside. Once the joy becomes full even before we have seen the open door, this will make us realize that we have passed God's test and have been made fit enough to walk through the open doors that God in His perfect plan has planned before us in His time. Expect to enjoy God's open doors if you know that you have been made ready to experience it supernaturally for the glory of God! Rejoice if you have waited and know it is God's time for you, your sorrow will be turned in a moment in to joy everlasting." — Abraham Israel

"Either a human will walk by faith or by unbelief in their lives journey. To walk in unbelief one has to do nothing, and because all our human hearts are deceptive above all else, it will deceive the person who does nothing to make them become hardened towards God's voice within. Faith takes the effort of our will to become inline with the will of God through saying yes to the word of God which we hear. Every thought within us can build our faith or break it. When ever a thought of unbelief enters our mind, there is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God that will be available within us to nullify it. We need to destroy the unbelief by saying amen to the Word of God that comes to our heart from within our spirit-man. Spirit of God will always operate a scanner in our mind that will help us find the deceptive subtle thoughts of unbelief, once we want to overcome it with His strength willingly, we can immediately come to find the suitable "it is written" Word of the Lord for it. The moment we believe the living Word of God that we hear in our inner ear and see in our inner eyes, we will instantly feel a overcoming power that is greater than all the evil of the unbelief that gets generated within. Once these thoughts of unbelief are dislodged, then will the blessedness of God's hand of favor and rest will be felt within and without tangibly to make us continue to grow in our spiritual walk of faith for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is so good all the time and so I believe He will never leave us nor forsake us as He has promised us, even though we feel forsaken in our soul many times. Be happy always, God is with you in and through the storms of life. When you felt yourself alone and broken without meaning in life, it is only a test, and so learn to enjoy the journey with God. The test of God comes only to promote you more in to a deeper life with God and for a lifetime of favor with God. Why miss the blessings of God by being concerned with the momentary time of burdens? Learn to consistently walk in the journey of a lifetime by faith within the lifetime of the journey which has been appointed by God to you individually, and as a result of it begin to experience God's hand of favor increase over you more and more in this life and in the life to come that is even for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"There can be no greater sense of belonging than to belong to the God who created the whole universe for Himself. When we accepted ourselves as sinners and have received Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, from that moment of time we have become a registered citizen of heaven, God has become our Father. We have become legal co-heirs of God along with Jesus Christ as the first born over all the new creation of God. When the world questions you about your identity, never ever even for a single minute think about your natural identity again to answer them, but instantly tell them that you are the son of God and that you belong to the God who created all heavens and the earth. Also when you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember that the world's way of thinking is making you feel that way, instantly renew your mind with the fact that you belong to God and have become His beloved child in Christ Jesus. God has great big plans for you and will never leave you nor forsake you until you reach the end of your destiny for His glory. Fill you mind with all the inheritance of God that belongs to you in Christ Jesus, the manifestation of the supernatural inheritance of God can be seen and felt supernaturally only when all the promises of God are believed personally and meditated to defeat the spirit of the world that brings all the garbage of unbelief and lies of the evil one to make us ineffective in this life and in the life to come. Open your eyes to the everlasting promises of God which will be fulfilled by God very soon as you keep believing it and above all remember that you belong to God. You are in the world and not of the world, never be disappointed by how people see you because they do not belong to the class of heavenly royalty that you belong, instead see yourself as God sees you as you belong to Him. God is the happiest when you consider belonging to Him as the highest privilege and honor that you are given as God's beloved child. Enjoy yourself in God and be enjoyed by Him greatly!" — Abraham Israel

"Overcomers according to God are not those who try their best to live a sin-free spiritual life by their own strength, but those weak saints who believe that Jesus is the Son of God who had come from heaven to free them from the depravity of their sinful human heart, then expect God to free them from all their sins and weaknesses through the grace that comes freely through the Lord Jesus Christ. Rise up believers, your faith is more powerful to make you stay holy over the lure of the world in to its sinfulness! Only believe and all things are possible with God. Faith plus nothing always brings victory." — Abraham Israel

"Intimacy in marriage is more than getting physically intimate, it is ultimately having Jesus as the focus of our family life. When our spirit man is united with Jesus Christ in intimacy, it is easier for us to be intimate with our spouse as the same mind of Christ will work in both the partners in marriage and will make them united in their spirit, soul and body. In other words, intimacy is a equilateral love triangle where God is on the top corner and the other two bottom corner sides at the base below it are the husband and wife. When the husband and wife move higher up towards God in their lives from their regular way of living, they will equally move nearer to each other in intimacy. There can be no greater closeness and intimacy within marriage than for both the husband and wife to be close to Jesus and find themselves closer than ever with their spouse in their mind, purpose and desires." — Abraham Israel

"Our belief matters in our Christian life because God has set His covenant in place to work on behalf of all those who believe His promises. Trying to change our behavior with out believing God's promise is a waste of time because what we believe will be what we will become, and not the other way around! Don't put the cart of your behavior before the horse of your faith in your spiritual life, if in case you reverse the right order, you will never progress at all." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"To understand the Scripture we do not need a big fat brain and and a doctorate in theology to back us up, all we need is a humble heart with the inner eyes of our understanding enlightened and filled with supernatural spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God in Christ. To the humble God will give much grace to understand the Scripture which will be quickened and made alive as spiritual bread by the Holy Spirit to sustain and strengthen our spiritual life more and more. Remember Jesus chose humble fisher men and unlearned people to expound His word and not the proud rabbi's with the whole Bible at their finger tip. If you are hungry for God and want to know more about Him through learning the truth of His Word and want to tightly hold to its truth for His glory, expect to understand the deep nuances of the Word of God." — Abraham Israel

"Be kind to people because you never knows what kind of fight and turmoil they are going through in their private lives. Learn to love the unloving, because they are craving for love behind the different masked face they show to you. Many who act rude are those who are so affected by it when they unknowingly exposed themselves to someone who have betrayed their trust and have taken them for a ride in the wrong way. Such people by hidden fear act rude so that no one will take them for a ride again. Show mercy to these weak people who act re-actively rather than being actively spiritual, as they waver not knowing how to deal with those who act with the unconditional love of God, be kind enough to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through your life and then if necessary by words. Because actions will always speak better than your words and still better it will be if both action and words are present at the same time. God's love will amuse people who are insecure and weak because the only motive behind the instrument who shows them God's love will be love itself. Love should be unconditional in it outlook to make sure that it is the God kind of Love in its in-look. Love never fails as we act kind to those who have weak faith and waver, because God is love who never fails anytime, someone someday will remember your Love of God that you have shown towards them and will be blessed for eternity by drawing near to the Lord." — Abraham Israel

You can inherit the anointing of the fear of God which brings the favor of God over your life only through storing up the word of God in your heart. Storing the Word of God needs effort, passion and devotion to God completely. But every time you spend in this worthy eternal endeavor, you are keeping yourself away from sinful ways which will please God and bring more and more of His favor perpetually over your life. Spend your time in the Bible and be spent for God, it is never a wasted time as God will pay you back with thousand different ways because the faith that has been come in to your heart by the stored word of God within you will immensely please God and make Him work for you to be blessed more than all of His other children. Love the Word of God and live the best life now within His rest!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God's character is in itself is full of compassion, He is always ready to forgive because of being full of unfailing unconditional Love all the time. God is always good to those who understand His wonderful character of compassion and then ask Him to help through their ups and downs in their lives. God never helps those who help themselves but those who are helpless enough to humbly ask Him for help in each and everything they do and say in their lives. The most powerful prayer towards God are not learned in reading volumes and volumes of so called spiritual books about how to pray towards God to get an answer every time we pray, but in a simple phrased prayer that says, 'O help me Lord God!'" — Abraham Israel

"There is no such a thing as safe sex as the world portrays, God says that all things related to illegal sex is a sin against one's own body and therefore will destroy the soul of the one who commits it. When the good emotions that God has given in our soul for a lifetime of joyous marriage is destroyed by sexual sin, what else will be left in our real life except a momentary happiness at the time of illegal indulgence and a lifetime of guilt. Never exchange God's blessed and continual joy for Satan's momentary and temporal happiness. Giving in to sexual sin is like a fish that runs after fishing bait kept in a hook that is well hidden and therefore will hook it in such a way that it will never be able to come out of it until the fisher man consumes it or commercializes it. The only safe sex that God blesses is within the marriage covenant that is done before God as marriage is in itself is the institution of God that He has set up at the beginning to make it a great blessing to all humankind. Adultery is a sin which defiles the marriage bed, so it is God Himself who has promised to judge such sinners in His time. There is no greater joy in life than to get married to one wife for life and stay faithful for a lifetime. When you are faithful in marriage, God will bless you and make you a blessing to all the families of the earth in your lifetime!" — Abraham Israel

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