Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you have renounced one hundred percentage of what you have to be not yours but belongs to God, you have the rights to claim that one hundred percentage of what belongs to God as yours. Jesus said to the Heavenly Father simply and profoundly, 'All that I have is yours and all that is yours is mine.' Jesus sold Himself out to do the Father's will, so all that the Father owned automatically belonged to Him. As we know that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof the world. A life of absolute surrender and intimacy with the Lord is the richest life on earth you can live as God lives in heaven! When all that is God's becomes yours, you will not try to own things in this world as it already belongs to you. Only those religious people who play in the name of God will try reinventing the same wheel again and again as they do not realize that the whole earth belong to them and the will for it is already done in Jesus name to belong to them forever, and that they need not do it again by claiming more property to extend God's kingdom but rather extend God's kingdom by wisely saving souls. When God is all you have, you have all you need!" — Abraham Israel

"Those who are born earthly are actually made for the earthly living, Satan as the pseudo god of this world deceives them to make them continue to live in darkness and to be destroyed forever along with him. Those who are reborn from above are actually made to live in the light of the Kingdom of God that rules the whole universe from above. Therefore God wants us to be transformed by renewing our mind with the Word of God which is the heaven sent self help manual for training ourselves in the righteous way of heavenly living, so that we could fit in with the transformation that He is doing in us to become conformed to the image of the heavenly man Jesus Christ whom we follow. If you feel that you are a misfit in this world, you are right because you are being prepared for the world to come and so rather than trying to fit yourself in this present world and fail again and again, just let yourself be refitted by the Lord God of heaven who is preparing His children on earth for a eternity in the new heaven and new earth by now establishing a deep spiritual relationship with Himself. You are a heavenly man who lives on earth for a little while and then will go on to live the rest of your life with God forever, so as long as you live on earth under the training of God, live a life that pleases God all the time as much as possible." — Abraham Israel

"Motivational speaking cannot save people, it can at best can only entertain them and make them feel good for sometime. Do we need the law of God for today? Once the law condemns men to get convicted with their sin, only then grace can build them up through empowerment from above. Once the cross slays men, a new life of resurrection can be experienced. Once confidence in the flesh ceases, a new heaven sent confidence in the power of the Spirit to accomplish the impossible begins to rise in us. Cross makes us realize the littleness of time that need to be redeemed in order to do great things for God, and achieve the purpose of God to walk in the greatness of eternity in our future with God. Carry your cross daily and become a follower of Jesus to experience and walk in salvation power to overcome sin, sickness and death, rather than to be a fan of Jesus and let the cross amuse you to get entertained for nothing but to continue in sin and death or to live in spiritual ill health. Cross carrying is not an option for all believers, but a mandatory command of Jesus to fulfill God's purpose for our lives on earth." — Abraham Israel

"The man who searches just his soul cannot move beyond it in to his spirit to find God, but the man who humbles himself enough before God will move in to the depth of his own spiritual heart to know God face to face. In finding God, your will find yourself because He is the one who makes you understand what He has created you to be, when you truly find yourself in God, then you will enjoy life more abundantly." — Abraham Israel

"Only in Museum all the age old things are kept and dusted off and kept just like that until it exists. But the saints are the new creation who are empowered by Jesus to fight against the activity of sin and overcome it when it tries to influence them from their old physical creation that had died officially but illegally attacks them till death. Every saint of God is being perfected by Jesus Christ and is sanctified spirit, soul and body through the Holy Spirit until they one day will reach heaven's shore to be with the Him forever. We are all a work of God in process of progress and are not finished yet, so Jesus recognized that truth and said that His mission to earth is to call every human being who is a sinner to repentance. According to Jesus the Church is a hospital for sinners through which He Himself will be able to heal them consistently of the disease of sin and get them ready for a glorious sin-free life in heaven and in the New Earth in which we are going to live forever. But those who are righteous in themselves to think that they do not need any treatment to get healed cannot avail this offer of Jesus to get diagnosed by Him and be treated for healing and health of their spirit,soul and body for eternity ahead. It is better to surrender to Jesus Christ who is the great doctor of our soul now than to delay ourselves and get caught in the dreaded disease of sin which will destroy our life one earth with its poison. Always open up your deepest secret of your soul life to Jesus and ask help from this great doctor of all doctors to help you get out of all leprosy of your soul, He has promised to help and heal you no matter how many times you keep telling that you are failing in your spiritual health. The most intimate conversation of your life should be with Jesus Christ, who died for you, rose again on the third day and lives forever to intercede for you to the Father God who rules the whole Universe by His power. When you have committed your life in to His safe hands, He will keep your spirit, soul and body safe until one day He will come to take you to the prepared place in heaven where it is sin free and safe for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

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