Friday, April 19, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"All Books informs, but only the Bible transforms, so it is good to visit many books but even better it is always the best choice to live in the Bible and see the supernatural transformation from heaven take place in every area of our lives where we lack the wonderful heavenly character of the Lord. The more we become like God in our character, the more effective blessing we will become to others which is the greatest blessing we can receive from God." — Abraham Israel

"God has not called all of us to do the same thing, but He has called us to do things differently and unique. We might not have been called to part the dead sea by our faith like Moses did, but definitely we are called to part away the sea of worries and live in the blessed zone of faith filled miraculous life. God has called us all to stay close to His heart always and be pleasing to Him. So you might have been called to do a job in the kingdom of God that might not look great before men, but are you sad about it or are you happy that God has given you the privilege to serve Him and also stay close to His heart to hear his voice and stay satisfied in it through the process? God has a million workers who do his work for their own thrill and glory, but very few work for the reason they love Him so much. Serve because you love God and do not serve God to earn His love. We cannot earn His love because it is so much invaluable, but we receive it so freely all the time because He loves us unconditionally and deeply from His heart." — Abraham Israel

"There is no saintliness in poverty, persecution and prison life in itself, as God has never encouraged any ascetic life to be a God glorifying one, but being ready to go through any of the above situations that God might allow to fulfill His purpose for our lives and generation is the attitude God expects us to have within our heart always. In fact, any form of asceticism driven by religiosity that promotes it, has been prophetically described as that which will come in the latter times and will make the true believers to depart from the faith, such deception will be orchestrated by deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. When we are absolutely surrendered to fulfill God's purpose at any cost, that is when God will be fully pleased through our faith. When Satan and his demonic cohorts cannot make the saints to become deceived by prosperity, personality and popularity, they will go to the other extreme to make them ascetic and religious to make them distracted and thus stop them from doing God's perfect will for their lives. To find a balance between worldliness and asceticism of religiosity and live in the blessed zone of faith is surely the work of the Spirit that will make us fulfill all of God's purpose for our lives. So if ever you need something important, it is now for you to get the right balance by the Spirit empowered spiritual life. Satanic deception through living ascetic self life without God's strength and also lascivious living without God can both be avoided only by finding the balanced Holy Spirit empowered life." — Abraham Israel

"God sends His comfort to our distressed, worried and depressed souls in ways and through people we least expect. The sorrow of yesterday is soothed and refreshed with the joy of God when we give our sorrows in exchange, which makes our internal batteries to be recharged with the heavenly power that shines like as a bright morning sunshine on our way all day long. The worries about tomorrow are removed and we get filled with the peace of God when we give all our problems for God to solve and enjoy our time with a pet, family and friends that makes our lives meaningful and joyful. The depression of today is denied its place when we meet people who are joyful in spite of the depressive circumstances all around their lives. A contagious joy is received in us when people who live in God's Presence are brought to us by God through His sovereign appointment, which He makes for us each time we are hungry for God's word. God shows up with a smile each day through sunshine, pet, people, nature and even silence, so make a way away from the distractions of the world to notice and hear what God is saying to you and be comforted in the knowledge that God's eyes are always upon you." — Abraham Israel

"God has not called us all to be successful, but He has called us all to be obedient even at the cost of success. Success is a byproduct and not the ultimate thing as the world wrongly believes. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God [i.e peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit] and all these things shall be added unto you is the promise God has given to all believers. If God wanted all believers to be successful He would have said, 'Seek to improve you status in life and be rich to add and extend the kingdom of God,' but He hasn't said that because God wants to make out of us a man and woman of character rather than just success. God's ways are to tune us in to heavenly life style on earth through our earthly circumstances and collects eternal riches in heaven which neither moth eat nor do thieves steal. So we must seek God and success will follow us for eternity! God calls success as all that is of eternal value and not temporary pleasures on earth." — Abraham Israel

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