Sunday, November 25, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Law came through Moses, while Grace came through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Law demands, while Grace supplies. Law restricts, while Grace liberates. Law puts you in a room without breathing space for fresh air which might suffocate you to death soon, while the Grace Key helps you open the doors of heavens atmosphere and bring it down to that place of need and want to be met supernaturally. Law never brings victory over sin, self and Satan, but Grace not only gives victory over sin, self and Satan but keeps you victorious as more than a conqueror. Law never satisfies, but Grace satisfies our soul eternally. Law is only good to the lawless, but Grace is good to the lawful! Law declares you to be a sinner, but Grace declares you to be as righteous as God is. Law convicts your soul, but Grace converts your soul. Look to God's law for perfection, but embrace Grace for solution. When Law and Grace comes close, mercy of God keeps both intact from colliding by overlooking over both self and sin due to lack of coherence!" — Abraham Israel

"All the improbabilities of human limitations are given to him to seek for the divine possibilities of God's revelation in all of it who can only help him solve it, and thus know Him to become saved in order that he might become His friend for eternity ahead which presents a view of unlimited possibilities in the life to come, this is true heaven. Heaven is nothing without God, that is why where God chooses to reveal Himself, that is where heaven will be present always. To know the goodness of God whether in the land of the living or in the place where God resides is a continual heaven for those who know Him outside of their circumstances. Jesus walked on the water which is a improbability humanly but possibility with him as He was God in the flesh, Moses was showed a green burning bush which was a improbability humanly but a divine possibility, Gideon understood this improbability and God's possibility when the fleece was wet on one night with dew when the place around was dry...and dry on the other day without dew when the place around it was wet, Samson and David who were limited with their improbability became a possibility with God when they killed the lion with bare hands, so what is your improbability today that is standing as an impasse? Trust the Lord God Almighty through Jesus Christ at all times outside of your natural circumstances, and not only continue to pray for the revelation but also stand in faith till you experience the possibility with God in your life, so that your eyes could be opened to unlimited heaven's possibility and live as its brand ambassador on earth for the Glory of God! Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"Do not worry when people get disturbed for no know reason, by you and your presence among them. You must understand that it is not about you that matters in such a situation, the truth is all about the God whom you carry that matters to the evil or unclean spirits that works in them. When they are disturbed as they see you, it is because the spirits in them are deeply fearful and tremble of the father of all spirits, who is the Holy Spirit who is working in and through and upon you. All you need to do know what to do in such situations is to let the love of God fill your heart towards those people by the Holy Spirit, as Love is the greatest enemy of the devil who cannot defeat it now and forever because God is full of love and 'God is love', and his children's are a living reflection of Him who begot them in His will through His Word and the Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"Considering and living every moment of our lives as though it is the last moment of our lives makes us to be more thankful and praising for every moment of our lives to enjoy it fully, as we won't get it back any time again in the future. That is why God says in His Word to rejoice in Him again and again no matter what circumstances we go through. We are like beautiful flowers bloomed by the river side bending ourselves and touching the flowing water of the most beautiful river named as life, where we are given the time to enjoy it to the full or waste our time thinking any way we are going to fall down sometime after, sure we do not know when we will stop touching the flowing river now and then in ecstasy moved by the breeze of God who gives us breathe and fall on to the water that flows down to be no more in our own world but go where every one goes, i.e to the dust we have come from, but the time between the time of our bloom and the time we fade is so important to God and us that we have been given the ability to rejoice in the Lord always outside of our circumstances. So rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Some come in like a honey bee to take our blessing to others around them, still some come to sting us with its evil poison they have within, but we should rejoice as the blooming flower so that God will keep us immune from outside influence as we keep our head to the sunshine of God's light for the Glory of God. So think and consider, to use the time that God has given today, tomorrow and everyday left alive to rejoice in Him to the full and live an abundant life! Live full and die empty. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The Ministers of God are not just those who have knowledge to heal the broken hearted people like as a medical doctor does with the sick, they are hurt people, back stabbed severely enough and left to die, who have been resurrected back with the new life of Jesus Christ. And thus with a new supernatural strength in their heart have chosen to forgive those who have hurt them mortally by the grace of God, to make heaven open and allow that same grace to flow through their lives to the hurting and the broken hearted in need to be a brand ambassador for Jesus! Hurt people hurt others in the world, in the Kingdom of God, hurt people heal others. Praise the Lord! Always pray for pastors and all the rest of the five-fold ministry of Jesus Christ, they need your prayers as much as you need theirs." — Abraham Israel

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