Monday, December 16, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The idea of God hearing our voice in heaven from on earth is one of the loftiest idea ever thought of by any human, implicitly conveying that God is present only in heaven. But we see that God Himself says in His Word that the heavens and the earth together cannot contain Him, therefore we should clearly understand that He is present everywhere we call Him at all times. Friendship with God can be developed only when we know that God is present with us always in our thoughts for us to speak to Him with our thoughts as like to a friend who is beside us to approach and share anything anytime." — Abraham Israel

"Humans as we, many a times, helplessness descends upon us only to make us find the God who is a ever present help in all the times of our need. God's purpose for our lives is not self-sufficiency but to find God who is all sufficient to meet all our needs. Who are you trusting for you needs today, is it God or your limited resources? Learn to believe the dreams that are impossible to fulfill, then you will be able to find the possibility through God in all the seemingly impossible situations to become testimony for God's glory." — Abraham Israel

"The purpose of our lives is not just to be happy, but to live effectively and purposefully in the life which was planned by our Creator God who created us. You can find happiness and thrill for a short while by living without a purpose, but you can only find continuous joy and satisfaction when you live purposefully in God's purpose for your life. Check your self and find what motivates you to live this life? If God is the reason for your preseason, you have got the right reason to be joyful in all seasons of your life. God's purpose for this life of yours is to find His purpose for you individually and enjoy with Him His friendship and pomp for the rest of your eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"There is a place of training for a true disciple of Jesus, where they have to leave behind their comfort zone and by faith start to trust God to provide all their needs and carry on in their day to day life for the bigger purpose of God to be fulfilled through their lives. God can impart faith only through taking people out of comfort zone, if you have lately been challenged by God in His way, leave your comfort zone and start to follow Jesus passionately. Because what you leave is nothing compared to how much of spiritual wealth and friendship on earth and in heaven you are going to acquire through learning to fish for men and stay rich forever eternally. God sees the bigger perspective for your life while you may be trying to settle for the limited reward with your ability. Let God work through you and you will be amazed by how rich your life can become supernaturally!" — Abraham Israel

"God answers not our prayers according to the number of words or the style we pray, but when He sees our heart and finds that it is burning hot with His Spirit steaming out the prayer through us, immediately God starts to move on our behalf. When we thirst for righteousness, our heart starts to boil up and starts to reverberate with the sound of heaven which is the will of God in the Spirit for each situations we face and the need that arises out of it. Our righteous lifestyle of faith matters with God to answer our prayer request, so live a righteous life for praying fervent and effectual prayers that gets answered at the exact time of one's need for the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Most of the time you need no change in circumstances, but rather a change in perspective of the way you see things that will make you wisely position yourself with a change with what you have rather than to cringe with what you do not have within your ability. God never gives a test in life without ever giving an opportunity to do the right thing and receive a reward and a promotion in one's life. Nothing is impossible as long as you see life with God's perspective that all things are possible with Him in partnership and that no circumstances is beyond His control." — Abraham Israel

"According to God your past is a waste paper, you cannot change it but you gain something when you dispose it after learning the necessary lessons to avoid mistakes you made. Your present is a news paper, you need to take a quality choice to understand it and let God lead you by faith without any fear. Your future is a question paper, only when you learn to walk with God in His way, you will be able to hope for a glorious future that God has planned for your life. Properly handle your past, present and future with God as your partner in progress to avoid your life from becoming a tissue paper of no much use to anyone." — Abraham Israel

"Salvation is not a fruit bearing event, rather a fruit producing prize that each one receives by their one time choice of accepting themselves as sinner before God and receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, as a free gift it is given unconditionally by God's choice to us irrespective of what we have done or even what we will do with the ability He has given to us through salvation. Salvation gives us the ability to bear fruit but fruit bearing does not either sustain or produce salvation. Fruit gives us power with God and therefore it gives a standing with God to make Him move on our behalf, but it no way betters our salvation rather it makes us experience the benefit of it to our personal lives and assures us that we are indeed saved. Are you saved, if you are, learn to abide in Jesus and bear fruit by the sap that flows from Him to you and glorify God for saving you! Receive the sap of Jesus before you become sapped of your spiritual vitality. You do not lose salvation if you do not bear fruit, rather you become useless to God's purpose and therefore you will lose your reward of God that has been kept for you now and for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"Broken people of the earth are made blessed people of heaven if they let God do the mending. God can work only in the broken lives of people because they can only be the garment with which He can fit Himself as the thread that keeps the clothe together, as like the glue that can keep the broken vessel together and the foundation stone upon which a house can safely stand intact. You can hardly ever find a man or a woman blessed before God had broken them. His grace becomes sufficient only for those who are weak enough to let God keep them strong by His sustaining power. Breaking's are good as long as we leave God do it in His way. When we get broken by God, it is a time to rejoice because the time to be blessed by God is shortly at hand to be revealed! Be broken before you expect to be blessed or else ask God to break you before He can really build you up and position you in His zone of blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"God gave the Old Covenant to make you understand that you can never ever earn the favor of God or please Him by your doings no matter how much you do or how sincerely you try to do, the New Covenant was given so that you can easily receive all the Divine favor of God and spiritual blessings by being who you are in Christ Jesus which was actually achieved by Him for you. In the Old Covenant, you can try and keep trying without any positive result which might frustrate you, in the New Covenant, you need not try or strive, but the moment you believe, in the same moment you can receive the faith for what you have asked for because all the promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. Then faith added with patience takes you to the promises that you have believed and received. Old Agreement of God says, "Do", New Agreement of God says, "Done," only believe and all things are possible! Old Promise of God was faulty because it only said do, but it did not give the power or help or reward for fulfilling it. New Promise of God invites you to believe and rewards you directly if you receive. So check yourself to know where you are living right now? No matter what, live in the New Covenant because that is the only one that can reward you without fail!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is never surprised by the twists and turns of your life's journey because He has mapped out all of it before you ever started it. Just keep trusting His wisdom and keep walking by faith!" — Abraham Israel

"Ever appointment now might someday become a disappointment when it is outside of the will of God, but what might seem like a disappointment today will become God's appointment in your understanding one fine day when the destiny of your life reaches the destination within the will of God. There are no disappointments in the will of God, only lack of understanding before time that it is a appointment of God." — Abraham Israel

"To fail with God is an impossibility as much as it is to truly succeed and find victory without God. God's way for you never fails because He sees your good end even before it ever begins. So keep doing what you are doing and victory will come in its way to meet you and uplift you in God's timing which He has pre-appointed for you!" — Abraham Israel

"Devotion towards God is the key to have favor with God and men. When God's favor abounds over your life, favor with men will follow. God says that only He has the ability to make even your enemies to be at peace with you. Be lost in God and you will lose nothing at all!" — Abraham Israel

"Teachers of the Word will be tested by God before He will use them to write it in the table of the hearts of all men who will hear it to be transformed by it for eternity. God will punish a leader for a small error before he will ever touch a believer for a major one because the spiritual blessing and privilege they enjoy is much greater than a person who is not really serious about knowing and living the Word of God. God judges strictly a leader than a believer in their day to day lives now because if he falls many people will be misled by their bad example than a individual who has influence over a few people. Leaders, be ready to tested before you can be trusted by God!" — Abraham Israel

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