Sunday, April 16, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

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"It is easy to believe that Jesus rose again when God has saved you, but do you realize that you rose up with Jesus Christ and emptied the tomb of death to make it powerless by taking the sting of death out of it. Our resurrection is Christ's greatest gift of hope to us, and our overcoming life of faith over sin is our greatest gift of love to Christ, together we have become God's greatest testimony of His miracle power over Satan and all evil to the world in need! Your life matters to God and to people all around! Never underestimate what God can do through your life!" — Abraham Israel

"A Faith that fails to finish to the end is not a genuine one, but a facade. Be strong to the end, Jesus cannot fail Himself as He is the one who starts and finishes it. You accompany Jesus and He carries you through your journey of faith! Give Him all the praise when you receive the reward for it." — Abraham Israel

"God can turn every trial we face to become a triumph for us, if only we can look on to God to hold on to His promises and stay faithful to His call with which He has called us. God can never ever fail you, unless you fail Him without your faith without which God cannot move on with His pre-planned or agreed upon purpose of God for your life. Let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"While God is full of peace towards you, Satan wants you to become pieces. While God convicts you, Satan condemns you. While God gives permanent joy in His Presence where you can run and hide yourself again, Satan substitutes it with happiness giving activity and no more of it. While God knows your sin and calls you by your name, Satan knows you by name and but calls you by your sin so that you will rise no more than your spiritual thinking about yourself. While God strengthens your mind with heavenly thoughts, Satan wants to fill your mind with earthly thoughts and no more further. Whom do you want to believe, God or Satan in your life, you want happily every after or no more ever after! Happiness is an inside job, do not give anybody else so much power over you except our sweet Jesus who loves you to bits and pieces just the way you are. He is the only purest of the pure, to come after you not to receive what you have, but to love you just the way you are!" — Abraham Israel

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