Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"When God sees us, He sees us as perfect in Christ Jesus. There is nothing we need to do in order to fragrantly smell any more than what we are already in Christ Jesus. If ever we begin to think that by our own effort, we can add some more fragrance to what we already are, we begin to stink by our filthy rags before God. To understand this truth and be satisfied in this understanding of the New Covenant wisdom is what brings great pleasure to God!" — Abraham Israel

"The attitude of Jesus was ruled by true humility, though He was the Creator of the whole universe, yet He humbled Himself not only to become a man, but also became a slave of God to serve all humans like us and to die to redeem us from our sins. Jesus never ever thought less of Himself because He knew that He was the Son of God, but He always thought of Himself less to stay humble before God and men. May our attitude be also the same as that of Jesus Christ, to know that we are the sons and daughters of God and be grounded enough in this identity, yet think of ourselves less to stay humble and receive more and more grace from our Daddy God!." — Abraham Israel

"The way God wants to make you rich is in the way of having His joy given to you first, and then getting the things you need given to you from above at the point of your need. Everything that God provides needs no striving, just like a flower blooms without effort and the birds get their food at the right time from our Heavenly Father without neither sowing nor reaping, this is the way of prosperity that God has promised us. God gives our need first to make us live purposefully, then when our desires become His desires, He provides and satisfies all our desires because that will make us be blessed enough to be a eternal blessing to all who come our way. Anything and everything that God gives will bring no sorrow or striving with it, but it will give us deep satisfaction and thankfulness towards Him for eternity. What more prosperity we need?" — Abraham Israel

"There are mainly two categories of people who seek God intensely, one is the face seeker and the other is the hand seeker. While both will get what they want, the former will be satisfied with His countenance shining upon them and making them to be transformed in to His image, the latter will get what they want from God with out either the spiritual benefit nor the satisfaction of any contentment that usually comes to a child of God. While the face seeker will be used by God, the hand seeker will try to use God for their own benefit. While the face seeker collects his treasures for eternity with God, the hand seeker will collect his treasures on this temporal earth to become hopeless as time passes on for him to leave this earth, because at that time sanity will return to his head to make him realize that he cannot take anything away with him when he dies and will therefore regret all his eternity for having just sought the hand of God for earthly survival by neglecting the eternal reality. Are you God's face seeker or his hand seeker? Change your priorities before it is too late!" — Abraham Israel

"While God's voice brings heavenly peace in to our hearts, the devils voice always bring hellish confusion in to our hearts. While God's voice assures us in the midst of confusion, Satanic voices confuses us in the midst of assurance. While God's voice brings faith in to our heart, Satanic voice bring fear in to it. Faith and fear cannot go together, if you allow one to stay within your heart, the other has to leave based on your choice that you have taken. Have faith and resist fear, because God can legally move on behalf of you only when you hold on to the good choice of identifying His voice and stick on to it by faith." — Abraham Israel

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