Friday, October 11, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Fear is a spirit and therefore is a spiritual influence. Once we give in to fear, it leads us all to more fear and unbelief. Fear makes people spiritually timid and keeps them in its clutches of bondage. To break free from the spirit of fear and experience liberty, we need to come to realize that God has already given us all the spiritual lethal equipment of power, love and self-discipline to destroy its evil presence. The greatest revelation for a child of God is the self-realization that we have all we think we need to overcome spiritual struggles and ordeals in Christ Jesus. The more truth controls our mind, the less fear can stay within us. When fear strikes you, ask God to control your mind with His power and calmly choose to love those who try to intimidate you by speaking words of blessing towards the evil instrument that try to intimidate you, speak positively in to the spiritual atmosphere around you and thus control yourself from further exploding or reacting to the evil that wants to take control of you. What you react against will control you, what you choose to love unconditionally by godly positive choice will free you from the control of fear in to the glorious liberty of the child of God! Love casts out fear, or fear quenches love. Overcome fear by love, or else fear will overcome you. You take the positive choice, God gives the love. You take the negative choice, fear will overpower you." — Abraham Israel

"Repentance is not trying to do thing rightly with our own strength as these are dead works before God. It is turning to God and agreeing with God to say what He says as sin to be a sin even when we have found ourselves in it. Once we say a sin to be a sin as God has pronounced it, we judge ourselves as a sinner, but the good thing is that we have also turned to God for a refuge to justify us and help us come out of such sinful things in our lives. God justifies all the humble in heart who acknowledge their weaknesses and sinfulness honestly before Him. Repentance is an attitude of mind that we acquire when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, this attitude makes us hate sin and makes us uncomfortable to continue in it as it will be seen in the light of God as a spiritual condition of sickness in our heart. God hates sin but loves all the sinners, the reason God hates sin because it destroys human and makes them turn away from getting His help. So God wants you make a one eighty degree turn towards Him and thus repent, as repentance is the radical transformation of mind where a complete turn around is wrought by God in one's thinking towards sin and self, till it affects the lifestyle and total behavior of someone to change. Repentance in itself doesn't change any one's behavior, but the fruit of repentance will be change in one's behavior wrought by God who has the power to make people overcome sin in one's life sometimes instantly and at other times progressively!" — Abraham Israel

"Some Christians live a wearied life of great sacrifice saying that only in heaven they will find the joy to rest, but those who are spiritually active come to work by faith to bring heaven and its rest to be experienced within their heart. To experience heaven and its rest, we need to take a quality choice to rejoice in the Lord at all times, by choosing to be thankful and praising for what God has already done for us in Christ Jesus. Are you thankful and praising in your attitude today?" — Abraham Israel

"It is the evil nature of the flesh that overburdens us to makes us weak in our mind, but the nature of God within us empowers us to overcome all weakness and difficulties of our mind through directing us to meditate and find joy in the commandments of God. You can be at your strongest in God when you are actually weakest in yourself, but the strongest in God have not stood in God's strength except through meditating in the Word of God to find the joy of heaven within their heart. There is no greater comfort in our affliction than to find joy in God's commandments!" — Abraham Israel

"God is the most wonderful efficient thermostat who had promised to maintain the right optimal temperature in our lives before it ever came in to existence, you cannot be tempted by the fire of God's testing beyond your ability to handle it because God is the sun who is also our shield, not only the heat comes from God but also the shade to handle the heat also comes along with it. God gives us grace to handle the test that comes to our life, if we trust God's grace to use it the way He wants us to use, He gives glory to exalt us at the time of our reward. Just keep doing the right thing by faith, soon you will receive the just reward of God's glory which will stay with you for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

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