Thursday, January 8, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God wants our heart to be firmly established in faith about our future and doesn't want us to stay in the shallow waters of a double heart which goes up and down, to and fro in oscillation like a pendulum of a clock by being in faith and going in to unbelief by seeing the circumstances and get troubled by it. God has already prepared a future that cannot be even conceived without finite mind, so great and wondrous is our future, God wants us to lose our worthless past by throwing it in to God's hand for Him to use it for our future diary to stay thankful of how He has used it for our good, and now He wants us to focus on the future to stay joyful in these present end time of stressful life that tries to drown all of God's children's in its mire. Nearly everything is ready for the Bride of Christ which is the Church to be united in power, honor and glory with the Bride-Groom who is standing at the door in heaven with excitement to take us all away to the Father's House, but make yourself stay excited as much to not miss the excitement of the most precious extravaganza of all eternity that has been planned for us by our God to those of us who believe in Him through the glorious Rapture!!! O Come Lord Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"The Words we speak through our mouth are like an accelerator to our entire life. We cannot speak bad and negative things, and expect good things to always happens to us. In the same way, we cannot stay without being blessed as we speak good and positive things, and train our soul to stay focused on the good things of God's ways in our lives. Before we were saved, our soul controlled our lives and the devil played the sadist by creating lust in our souls to take control of our soul, and thus make us speak negative for himself and his own purpose to be fulfilled through our lives. But first of all we were born again when we obeyed God to confess through our mouth that Jesus is Lord, the moment we did that God took ownership of our lives and then reignited the spirit-man within us with His very own Spirit to speak good things of heaven in to our soul, so now we train our soul by receiving God's thoughts and then re-train our soul to stay in God's goodness by speaking the good and positive things of heaven through our mouth. Now with God and His word by our side, we speak God's promises and all the good and positive things out of our mouth to train our soul always by our will to stay like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and to always receive the fresh dew of heaven over us to make our lives very prosperous and abundant on earth as God wants us to be according to His will in heaven. By speaking good things and training our souls to stay in God's goodness, actually we fulfill God's purpose for our lives and families. Praise the Lord! Now speak out more and more the blessings of God through your mouth and receive God's blessing unhindered in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"No person on earth or in heaven who are outside of the unity within the Trinity are ever let by the Lord God Almighty to handle His Glory individually, except the children of God who are with in Him. What a awesome privilege we have as God's sons and daughters to embody God's glory and also handle the very Glory of God through our lives on earth to bring Glory to our Heavenly Father who loves to receive it from all of us who are His Children. Through Jesus God shared His Glory with us, in Jesus we show God's Glory to others and by His Spirit we demonstrate the Glory of God to others around us to draw them towards the Lord! No idols can ever stand in our lives because we are God's children, and He jealously watches over the desires of our heart and want it to be only towards Him who deserves all our worship, adoration and praise!!! It is better for us to throw away all our idols before God does it with us to make us do it through His chastisement. It is never late to turn away from all our idols in our lives which makes us idle spiritually, and make our work for God to become totally worthless before Him. God wants us to turn to Him because of our love towards Him, or else He will make us turn towards Him because of His Love towards us. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Every storm that God intentionally allows in our life have been allowed by Him to make us strong internally more and more, then externally receive a promotion in our lives to bring Glory to God! God calms us when the work for which He sent the storm has got fulfilled for us and in us. When the storm rages and all seems to be lost in your life, just remember one thing, the God who has allowed such storm in your life is in control of your life. You cannot go to a point where you cannot handle the storm because God has promised that He will only allow the intensity of storm as much as you can handle it with God's grace. So if you are facing a storm in your life or will face it in your future, all you need to do is to stay in faith that God is going to work something good for you through the storm, and that He is in control of your life when everything might seem to say otherwise. Storms will make you a man of God when you already know that God is in the process of making you a complete man of greatness in His sight. You are under God's favor if you face the storm believing God's goodness that is going to come through it, who knows, without you realizing it you might start to walk on the water supernaturally for the Glory of God soon! Face the storm for promotion from God or else you will waste the storm without realizing the intention of the purpose for which it was sent in to your life." — Abraham Israel

"We as Christians to have the best posture to let God have His own way is to ask Him to give us only what ever it is in His will, and then learn to rejoice for both achieving some and missing some because of the joy that all those things together have worked out for our own good to keep us in the perfect will of God. Those who live in the consciousness of living in the perfect will of God will have no regrets at all in life no matter what, because they know both the good and the bad have been worked together by God to keep them in that place of spiritual highness where God feels so happy about every part of their lives. God waits for those who wait for Him to act on behalf of them, once they have waited till God starts to work, there is no end to the favor of God where He will continually make streams in the desert to sustain you and will make a way where there seems to be none to make you reach His destiny which He will continually work through your life to make you reach on time with His timetable." — Abraham Israel

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