Sunday, September 2, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When your heart belongs to Jesus, it will automatically beat eternally for Him alone. So when you are excited by the world and its temporal lusts which will soon pass away, just remember that your heart is functioning wrongly and improperly apart from the way it is designed to work. Most people who are empty and are living a meaningless Christian life are those who are functioning improperly, and therefore must change their heart affection and allegiance completely towards Jesus in order to really get back to work in the proper way. There is nothing more exciting in this world than to have a heart that beats twenty four seven three sixty five for Jesus alone." — Abraham Israel

"What God has called you to become, no one can stop you. Satan knows that he cannot touch your calling, so he will distract you and will always try to make you disillusioned using your besetting sins and will make you feel unworthy of your calling. During those hard times when you are troubled, remember one thing, God has not called you because you are worthy. But actually He has made you worthy because you are called in Christ Jesus to be His sons and daughters. You have a very high calling which is to be conformed to the very image of His first born Son Jesus Christ, so relax always and believe that He has made you worthy so that you can walk in it by getting back in to His image even when you occasionally fail to perpetually continue in the perfect state of His high calling. Never become discouraged because of Satan's tactics of hitting you in your weak spots, God is faithful and will never fail to fulfill His purpose for your life even with your ups and downs of having distorted fellowship with Him. The only thing needed on your side is to confess your sins to God as soon as possible and get back in to fellowship with God through the blood of Jesus which will repeatedly cleanse you from all your sins. When you are hit by trials and temptations of the worst kind, instead of running away from God mistakenly, run to God where you find true rest and refuge from all your storms of life." — Abraham Israel

"It is absolutely astonishing to know that the great God who considers all the nation of the world as nothing before Him, has stooped himself so low to come to earth to love and care about our life individually and call us His very own children in Christ Jesus. What an amazing embodiment of Love God is! Before God can be anything to anyone, He is absolutely Love." — Abraham Israel

"Singing about the Love of God is one thing, but it is a totally different thing to sing about His Love back to Him. Only a person who is in love with God can sing from his heart about His Love in the morning towards God. To give our morning time to God is so precious and pleasing to Him, because our mind will dwell for the rest of the day on what we first think after we wake up. All the birds in the woods take a good choice to chirp and sing in the morning to freely express its love towards its Creator, how much more we who are freed from sin and death by the Love of God should sing in liberty to express by our own choice the Love of God back to Him? May our Love for God be sung back to Him from our heart! God doesn't require great and sweet voice to hear our song but He does see whether there is a loving heart behind the song that is sung towards Him. We can sing songs and even make melodies in our heart to God when we sincerely love God with all our heart." — Abraham Israel

"It is good for us to understand the Bible in its right context and live it out loud, because the blessings that follow it will not only stay with us here and now, but most importantly for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we want victory over sin, we should not fight against it because we can never win, but the secret of victory is in letting Christ live through us to victory." — Abraham Israel

"There is only one thing that God has honored even above His most holy exalted name, that is nothing other than His living and life giving word. The promises in His word that He has made to all of us using His very name to guarantee the fulfillment of it all in His time has got the highest honor even above His most exalted name, so that we who believe it might come to understand the unfailing promises of God and thus trust in it to live for the purpose of God in service to Him by the power and glory of His name. To honor the word of God is to honor the God of the word!" — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to forget our yesterday and stop worrying about our tomorrow and live today in the new beginning He gives each day so that we who understand that today is a gift from God might be thankful and praising Him for the present than fret with the memories of our past or worry thinking about our future. The best gift of life is enjoyed by those who enjoy each day as a new beginning and not as a continuation of yesterday's history or as a continuation to tomorrow's mystery. " — Abraham Israel

"No matter what may, never ever let yourself be discouraged, instead encourage yourself in the Lord always. We can never fail when we continue to fight back in God's strength, but only when we give up we actually fail." — Abraham Israel

"The purpose of God for creating us and all things is to make us know and understand the God of purpose, who ultimately wants us to enjoy Him as much as we can and in the process give ourselves for Him to enjoy. God gave himself unconditionally to us in Christ Jesus, so that we could follow His example and give ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice which is the only reasonable thing we can do for Him. In Him we live, move and have our being, yet unless we tell Him to occupy and use our spirit, soul and body fully and willingly, we cannot enjoy God as much as He enjoys us." — Abraham Israel

"Waiting and praying with patience for God's timing to arrive is the very foundation of faith. We do not have to run like a horse or wait like a mule when we walk by faith, faith will keep us in perfect stillness and will reveal the magnificence of our God who is always ready to do great things for those who wait for Him. " — Abraham Israel

"A word spoken to someone with a testimony of life behind it is worth more than ten thousand words spoken without it." — Abraham Israel

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