Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"God sows a small seed size dream in to our heart and then creates a destiny by our faith to hold the dream, then He helps us to hold on to hope which gets sustained by the Love which He pours to keep hope aflame, by the time the flame of hope starts to flicker on to its last try of its lost hope, the Love of God cares for us enough to reveal Himself in the person of His goodness in reality and reward. Though dreams of faith drive us, flame of hope sustains us, only the red hot love of God will satisfy us for eternity ahead. Only God can satisfy and make our life beautiful at the end of our lives journey! If we have God as our friend, we already have all that we will ever need." — Abraham Israel

"God has placed opportunity in disguise in every difficulty that we face, God is the master strategist who sets the race of faith to be exciting one in the lives of each and every one differently and uniquely. Never compare your struggles with other people who never face it like you, God gives us trials according to the size of our future. In fact, you should be happy to face tougher struggles and depend on the grace of God to come out of it in flying colors positively and joyfully because of the kind of reward that you will get that others will not. The one main thing we should maintain through out the journey of difficult times is to keep thanking God for His sovereign hand over our lives and be joyful that God has given us the opportunity to receive a special grace of God according to the size and severity of our problem which actually carries us through our difficult times. Never quit being grateful to God for all the things you have received until now, be ready to say to God, "Even if there is not even a single good thing that I will receive anymore more from you, still I will choose to die gratefully for whatever I have already received from you." This is the kind of heart that will be empowered by God to reach great spiritual heights for His Glory. All the spiritual optimists will see an opportunity in each struggles that God allows and will choose to persevere until God will bless them to reign over sin, sickness and death. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Be a winner by choosing to never be a quitter." — Abraham Israel

"Every struggle we face is allowed by God to make us spiritually strong, though God might break us to make us. The biggest oxymoron is how God by breaking us makes us spiritually strong? The breaking is in our soul for our self life, but the making of a better and a stronger inner man is in our spirit-man for our spiritual life. The self life is broken because of its independency which is sin, the spirit life is quickened because of its dependency upon God the Spirit which is righteousness. So though it might look like a contradiction put together, it is a fact that has to be understood instead. The spiritual strength we need for tomorrow is being developed by the struggles we face today. The more we willingly face our struggles today with God's grace, the easier it will be for us in our tomorrows. The harder we struggle today, the more satisfied and prosperous spiritually we will become tomorrow. Why waste our struggles today and be spiritually poor and dissatisfied in all our tomorrows? We must rather choose to face all our toughest struggles with God's grace today and then we will never realize that we have actually struggled, instead we will only remember to thank the Lord for the spiritual growth at the end of our all our struggles in our tomorrows. When God's grace is asked and received from God humbly during our struggles, though we are the one who face the struggles, yet it is not us but God in His strength who will face the struggle through us from within. So don't give up, instead encourage yourself that you are making a difference positively for a better tomorrow every time you face struggles." — Abraham Israel

"God has a solution planned ever before we have entered a struggle, He is never taken by surprise because God is the one who has custom designed all of our lives struggles from the womb to the tomb. Struggles makes us who we will be in our future, but faith to face our struggles now positively will guide us continually in the will of God. So never be discouraged, trust God's wisdom to guide you continually in your day to day struggles. I promise you that you will never regret for your courage to face struggles willingly, because by the time you pass through and have won over the struggles of your life, you will have become a blessed person and a person who will be sought after by many to know the secret of your positive joyful life and victorious overcoming life. We cannot become successful people with out first facing struggles which makes us successful! People who struggle through life and yet do not give up their pursuit to grow spiritually in God will become truly successful people. Success is struggle turned inside out over a period of time. God plan for your tomorrow is being developed in parts through your struggles you face today. Keep going forward by faith because God has a solution for every problem you face on the way. Just trust the Lord and face the race of faith through struggles that comes your way. God has the best of His plan unfolding right before you if you do not give up!" — Abraham Israel

"The easiest way to let God take control of ourselves is by letting ourselves go in to the safe hands of God by committing ourselves by faith. It is like handing over the steering control of the car and just sit back to see God steer our life in to the right direction He has planned beforehand for us to go. Some times by watching the situations around us, we may be tempted to put our hands back in control, but we must resist it because God is in perfect control of every part of our lives once we have committed our lives sincerely to Him. Stop driving and let God take control of your life, then you will see what kind of perfect driver you God is. Sit and enjoy how God will guide your life in to the perfect destiny He has for you ahead!" — Abraham Israel

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