Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Hope is the voice of Jesus speaking within our heart, encouraging us not to give up our faith when it is questioned by the world that does not have it nor knows the value of the reward that it gives to those who carry it within them." — Abraham Israel

"God is the greatest gentleman in the entire universe because He never forces anybody against their own will to do His will, but rather He whispers and gently nudges when He wants them to understand and accept His will willingly. Never expect the spectacular from God, when already He is the one who is initiating everything in your life and expecting you to willingly co-operate with Him in hearing His voice and obeying it by denying yourself to do His will on earth as it is in heaven. You can never miss God when you seek Him with your spirit and truth in simplicity! " — Abraham Israel

"In our Christian life of faith, actually most of the times we sail through forward through our failures rather than our victories, because we learn God's lesson of humility through our failures and move on in to spiritual maturity. Never be disheartened in your spiritual lives because of failures, because that is the way God makes you fail forward!" — Abraham Israel

"It must have been an awesome experience two thousand years ago for the earth to hold on it the special baby who was born as a little helpless baby in a manger on it. While the earth was holding Him, yet it must have been overwhelming for it to realize that even at that time it was He who was born on it as a feeble baby was the One still actually holding it intact by the power of His Word. The only person who had the power to decide where He would like to be born on the earth was Jesus only and no other, yet He chose the lowly stable where even the poorest of the poor would not chose it for its unsanitary condition. In this the great God of all of us has showed us a marvelous example that if we become small in our own sight, we can choose to become great in the sight of God and all men." — Abraham Israel

"Every word that we speak out can become God's word to people through us if we have trained ourselves to think God's thought which always comes to us from our spirit-man within, and then test it in our soul through the Holy Spirit who compares spiritual thoughts from God with spiritual Word of God in the Bible to give us a filtered output of pure blessing through us which is a powerful quickened Word from heaven which will do wonders wherever it is received with faith by anybody. If we store the Word of God inside us, the Holy Spirit will use it to make us a blessing to many! Apart from the Word, we cannot be used effectively by God as He wants us to be used. Be not just a man of your Word, but also a man of the Word to be effective dispensing agent of pure blessings of heaven!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God cannot strengthen us with His power until we become weak. The moment we come to realize that we are so weak that we cannot carry on in our lives with our lack of resources, at that moment of time God shows up with His power to make us realize that truly we cannot carry on in life without Him. God shows up when we are weak so that we can give all the glory back to Him for whom we are made. Humility is wrought within us when we come to realize the greatness of God's help that continues to us even in our moment of our failings and weaknesses." — Abraham Israel

"God stays the closest when we are tried the hardest by God. Though we may never feel that loving Presence tangibly but only an emptiness all around when at the highest point of our need in such times, yet it is like God telling us to hold on to Him in faith because actually He is holding us from falling apart. Every dark cloud that comes to surround us threateningly always without fail will pour out the blessing of God before it leaves us. We may feel empty when God tries us, but we do not stay the same way at the end of it as we will be filled by the reward of God every time we pass the test of faith." — Abraham Israel

"Once we say to God to fulfill His will on earth as it is in heaven through our lives, we become the conduit that connect heaven to earth to supply its abundance to earth through our lives. God is looking for channels through which He can flow and again fill the earth with His abundance. We can never live in abundance unless we daily give the God of the abundance of heaven to prove Himself through us day after day what He is able to do on earth as He always does things His way in heaven. May this be our prayer always, 'O Lord, do through my life on earth what you are doing in heaven through all your obedient servants to fulfill your will!' Only abundance will follow those who will do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven!" — Abraham Israel

"Many times God dealing with us through the trials He sends us is like us being thrown in to washing machines, we are thrown in to it without us expecting it, before we realize ourselves, we are twisted, rolled and pounded, but when it is all over we come out cleaned, dried and scented ready to be used for our Master's use. The next time you realize that you have been thrown by God in to a washing machine experience, rejoice because though you might be a ordinary person you are actually prepared for a extra-ordinary destiny in God!" — Abraham Israel

"The zenith of this season of Christmas is not here to just be happy for what we can enjoy with what we get, but to think of the God of heaven who had given us constant happiness through out the year, by sending His Son to this earth two thousand years ago to become a Human, and then die and resurrect on the third day for us, to raise our insignificant earthly status of life equal to that of His Son's heavenly status by making us become sons of God through Him. Now this love of God towards our life should make us thank, jump for joy and praise Him specially for His unconditional love shown towards us. Christ-mas means it is to have mass or a meeting of households to praise the love of God towards us insignificant humans who have been made significant in Christ for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every freedom does exist because of boundaries set by God to maintain the freedom that God provides within it. The great thing about our Christian life is that God has set a godly virtual boundary within the Holy Spirit and provided Him as our guide and teacher to teach us to enjoy that abundant life of heaven on earth within that boundary in our lives with out keeping the law legally to keep ourselves in freedom. In other words, the law of Moses and the Prophets teaches us that if we fail to keep the boundary of the Law, we will experience death in our spiritual lives progressively more and more. But the law of the Holy Spirit has made us free from the law of sin and death now and says loudly that no matter what, turn back to Calvary all your life whenever a need arises in your life, as a result you will never see death but only more and more abundant life. Hallelujah!!!!! Know your boundary within the Holy Spirit and then go beyond it, and thus you will enjoy life more abundantly in freedom because you can always safely return within the boundary because of Jesus who will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what as He has given His very life just to save you and keep your freedom intact which sin, self and the devil that always tries to hijack from you! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"We do not war against flesh in our journey of our spiritual life, but against forces of the evil one which acts from the heavenly places just above our atmosphere to dampen, slow down and even derail us from our greatness of the Anointing that the Lord has given us uniquely from His Heavenly Kingdom to establish and use us on earth in this world for His Glory. If we do not encourage ourselves and trust the supernatural power of God to carry us as a leader, king and priest of God in the Kingdom of God, we will become discouraged and drop on the way in unbelief when the attacks from the evil one cause unjust and extreme damage in our lives. Know that the enemy of our soul is very much experienced to hit just only those who sincerely want to fulfill the will of our Heavenly King Jesus and leave others who are with them go scott free because he knows that if the shepherd is hit, the sheep will get scattered and run away in fear. Even when all other person with you runs away in fear, remember that the one who has called you and have used you for His Glorious Kingdom extension will stand with you and strengthen you to keep you standing even when only gloom and doom are present all around you to cause no room for anymore faith to rise up within you. When you feel like giving up in your journey of faith, just remember that God is standing with you because He has called you to work with Him and for Him. Because Jesus stands with you, He will make you stand with Him through imparting His strength within you for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"God calls us because He has intended to equip us with His power to finish that which He has started, so to have the confidence of faith that God has called us to do great things is the fuel that will fire our lives more and more towards reaching our destiny. God is always faithful whether we feel it or not to finish that which He has called us to do, by working through us if we just hold on to our confidence of faith through out the time of all the trials, temptations and testings that will actually promote us to new levels of supernatural blessings each time we face it with faith. You can never fail when God is your confidence!" — Abraham Israel

"If you think God will revolve around your schedule, you will be in for a surprise because He never waits for anyone or anything in His schedule as He is like a sun around whom all things must revolve to have a purposeful existence. Never be deceived that just because it seems that God comes and goes like a sun, He is revolving around your schedule, in fact the very opposite is what is needed if you want to continue to enjoy His light over your life for good health in your spirit, soul and body." — Abraham Israel

"Basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. But its weakness is in the odor of the weasel, the weasel destroys the basilisk by its odour, but dies itself in this struggle of nature against its own self. Though the Basilisk of Satan who had the venom of sin to cause death to humans by his very glance towards them, Christ just as a small insignificant human-weasel came to this earth and lived a sinless life to then enter in to the very domain of the Satan in the inner most part of the fleshly nature (Rom 8:3), and by His very Presence and the smell of His Holy Blood have made Satan to be crushed forever under His foot. Having spilled his blood in to the burrow of Satan to dismantle him, He himself lost His life in the holy cause of fulfilling God's purpose for us. Now having dismantled Satan's power of sin forever on behalf of us through His spilled blood and vicarious death, He has risen in victory through sharing His power with us believers to rule over the entire earth including the evil Basilisk Satan and his demonic minions. And so the venomous Basilisk Satan now has no legal authority over our lives through sin. Praise the Lord! Every time Christ's blood is confessed by the believer by faith, Satan will be fleeing out of the vicinity fearing his own humiliation in the hands of the believers who are in faith (Rev 12:11). Isaiah 14:29 and Psalm 91:13 refers to this Basilisk in King James Version which Christ symbolically defeated forever on the Cross two thousand years ago on behalf of us who are believers. Now it is not sin that kills a believer's soul life (John 10:10), but rather it is lack of impenitence which is nothing but feeling no shame or regret for our actions or attitudes of sin towards God by continuing to walk in arrogance of the flesh rather than in the humility of the Spirit through confession of our sin to God and being covered again with the blood of Jesus which cleanses us (1 John 1:7, 9). According to some legends, basilisks can be killed by gazing at itself through a mirror. The latter method of killing the beast is featured in the legend of the basilisk of Warsaw, killed by a man carrying a set of mirrors. In other words, God's Law is the mirror (James 1:23), if we see our own sinful attitude and actions before sin sees us confidently, and then kill it by judging ourselves by seeing through the law of God and confessing our failings to God in humility, immediately the evil creature of the presence of sin which is Satan and his demonic Basilisk glance in to our soul dies immediately (1 Cor 11:31). Humbly confess your sin to God every time you sin and as soon as possible, then your very presence will cause Satan and his demonic minions to flee because they can't withstand the smell of the Holy Blood of Jesus covering you. Hallelujah!!!!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we try to love the unlovable with our love in full strength towards them, we get more frustrated than before because we ought not to try to supply people with something that we do not have. Instead if only we could confess our inability to love the unlovable to God and expect Him to give us His Unconditional Love to love them, we will never become disappointed in life anytime and anyplace because the more we supply the love of God, the more we will be satisfied with God's presence which comes with His Love in to our heart." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to make us a skillful spiritual sailor through the time of our life on earth that He has given. So understand there can be no other spiritual position apart from the following three because of the love of God towards you, either you are out of a storm, or you are heading in to it or else you are in the midst of it. Cheer yourself up because whatever position you are in, you can never sink in to the despair of life because God knows how much you can bear it, and with the storm He always provides a way out of it. Also God has promised that the storms of life can never exceed beyond your capacity to handle it in Christ Jesus who is your co-sailor who trains you and give you the strength to handle all kinds of storms of life. Rejoice because you are becoming better and skillful by God's grace everyday through your God ordained storms of life." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to come just as we are to salvation, but because of His infinite unconditional love for us, He doesn't want us to stay messy just as we are after that, but want us to co-operate with Him after salvation to transform us just like He is." — Abraham Israel

"To hide our light of truth that Christ has put within us when we were born again is to be unchristian of our true nature, because we who believe the Word of God cannot but do work out that which God works in. If only we could boldly start to declare our faith for God's glory, before we could even realize ourselves, God will do in reality though us what we have declared by faith so that all will see our glorious glow of good deeds and will praise our Heavenly Father." — Abraham Israel

"The inner nature of God within us who have been created again by God in Christ Jesus is just like the very nature of God in pure and perfect righteousness and holiness. Therefore we cannot sin freely as a born again Christian without feeling bad about it. If we feed on the Word of God, Pray, Confess to God our sins and be close to Him, then our desire to sin will diminish and our desire to please God by faith will increase. If we feed on the flesh, world and demonic counterfeit within us, then our desire to sin will overcome us sadly. God wants us to be over-comers by faith and not under-goers by fear and unbelief. What we feed on will either strengthen us or will weaken our spiritual life. So keep feeding God-wards and you will reap a heavenly harvest on earth and will start to add value and riches to the heavenly future that you will enjoy through your treasures collected in heaven." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"While the world in darkness is starting to sleep in a lull of safety and peace, God is mightily going to send the spirit-capacity of Elijah once again upon the Church to stir and remove the divided heart, and thus unite it in faith through the demonstration of His power in signs, wonders and miracles of unprecedented proportion which will bring deep repentance to turn His People towards Himself and prepare them for Jesus the Messiah who is standing at the door of heaven to open it and invite His Bride in to His chamber. After the rapture of the Church the startling thing that also awaits the nation of Israel is the good news that God has His literal and original Elijah of the Old Testament standing behind Jesus to come to this present earth and do His Work of turning the heart of the people of faith in Israel to turn towards their Messiah Jesus who is going to come and rule in this earth for a thousand years along with us the Church and the Martyrs His saints of all time." — Abraham Israel

"There is a religion of 21st century in our generation that boasts that it knows about everything of God, yet it does not know Him personally. To know about God is not enough to save us from sin, we have to know Him personally as our Savior and Lord. We can never be able to win souls for Christ, until we come to know personally Christ in our soul. The love of God should draw our souls closer to Christ so much that we must come to a point where we will draw a line and see clearly the limited boundary of religion to experience a limitless relationship with Jesus. Religion without Holy Spirit Life within is like a lifeless body in a casket that doesn't move but is ready to be buried to avoid bad stinky stench. Christianity without Christ as its center is like a bus without wheels, though people sit in it for a while it never takes them to their destination. Forgiveness without repentance is like a thief who is caught in the act says sorry and goes on to loot more and more houses until one day he is caught up to stand before the judge to be throw in to prison forever. Salvation without regeneration is like a man who is about to board the flight without a valid ticket being denied an entry at the last moment in to it. Heaven without hell is like a joker who plays in circus with the wild lion to come to a point where he begins to say that lions cannot hurt me anymore because they are tame until one day it eats him up to be no more. May God open our spiritual eyes to keep us on track in a closer relationship to Himself through our Lord Jesus Christ and keep us from all the 21st century deception of the end time. Stay close to Jesus and you will never have to worry about anything." — Abraham Israel

"I have been in drought hit times of great distress where the owner of the house in which we rented and stayed literally said that we can get gold but cannot get a pot of water this day. That day I realized that if God has not placed earth on water but rather vice-verse, all of our existence in this earth would not have been possible to prolong. To this day when ever I use a bucket of water, now I have understood the value of it so much and therefore do not take it for granted, but rather thank God for providing water enough for me to take bath and use toilets to relieve myself and bring refreshment for my body each day, wash vessels, clean the floor, drink enough to quench my thirst and use it for cooking, etc....without which I possibly cannot think of a life to live joyfully. In our spiritual life God drenches us in the Holy Spirit after we come to receive Baptism in the Holy Spirit from Jesus after which rivers of Heavenly Life giving water start to flow through our lives, to not only feed us and keep us in satisfaction but all others around us so that God can be glorified through our lives. We get both physical water and spiritual water without limit because God's love towards our life on earth and our continual existence for eternity matters much more than His comfort in heaven, so He sent His only begotten Son from heaven to experience this life on earth and through him cause His spiritual water from heaven to reach our hearts to make us never thirst again as it starts to flow out of us as a spring that never ceases to quench our spiritual thirst and also increase in us like a river that never runs dry as we seek God more and more. Let us thank our God now and forever for His love through which He placed earth [i.e. dust man] among waters [i.e the Holy Spirit] and established it for our continual existence both physically and spiritually! When you thank God for the earthly blessings, then you will be positioned by God to receive the heavenly blessings." — Abraham Israel

"Trinity in unity of the Godhead is the only perfect tri-unity that connects heaven to earth and makes man to be in the likeness of God which is actually becoming one in God, with and for God! The next time you want to ponder the mystery of God, thank God for His triune nature of the expression of His being that makes Him express His love for you from far afar as though He is nearer than the nearest person present with you." — Abraham Israel

"No matter how strong and reputed a man or woman of God is or will be, they are still fallible humans with a sin nature that could trip them anytime if they do not keep themselves humble and hide themselves in God all the time. So in our lives we who follow the ministers of God through their teachings, preachings and inspirations should always evaluate it based on the Word of God, and then should take in to our heart only that which conforms itself to the Word of God and thus receive only the pure blessings of heaven without any curse of spiritual blindness within it. If we are not careful in this regard, we will only stay as illumined or as blind in regard to God, to the level of the revelation of the man or woman of God whom we follow rather than the level of the mature man and woman of God that the Lord expects us to be in our lives. Even God Himself first has honored His Word even above His Great and Glorious name because He Himself abides by His Word, how much more we as His children need to abide by His Word through the illumination of His Spirit. Beware of those Christians whose faith is based on their own ideas and feelings that they think is right, because though they speak and try to boast up a image that they are so near to God and are blessed, they are far from the God who abides by HIS WORD in that particular area of their lives where scriptural blindness have taken root in their lives. To become a man or woman of the Word will keep us closer to the God of the Word." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Those who have caste, locality, nationality, race etched in their mind to think as racists have not properly understood or tasted fully the love of God, nor were they thankful for what God has freely provided through His Son Jesus Christ to actually transform them and cleanse them from such things. Though these people think that they are something in the flesh because of pride, they are actually nothing but abomination to God within the Body of Christ which is the Church of the living God. They are stench in His nostrils because they have neither repented of their wrong thinking nor do they find a need to do so because their foolish mind have become darkened to think in a earthly divisive way, while God wants them to think in a heavenly way beyond the skin color, race, nationality, language, color, social and economical status, to have a mind that sees every-body-part within His Body as equally important and precious to Him without which it will not work as complete as it ought to be. If God has a near to paralyzed body on earth, when it ought to have been a glorious heavenly body that glitters the glory of heaven on earth, it is not because God has failed but we as members of His body have failed God in this regard. According to God, He has no boundary for the people of God except that which they make out of their own evil soulish heart. Think heavenly and Live earthly as a heaven's pilgrim under the constant Holy Spirit's empowered guidance which comes through the inner born again spirit-man to live radically as long as God gives you breath to live and behave as God's child, then God will always be pleased with your life and will joyfully wait for you to reward you in heaven for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"God's spiritual education for any man or a woman is to progressively make them understand that apart from Him how nothing but only bad things of the flesh remain in all of us humans. No matter how good we try to become, it is just a good desire but apart from it there is no substance in us to do it or become one. When we identify with God who is the only one who is good in Himself through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, all the good that God is becomes one in us as we become one in Him. This is why the great psalmist David who was called by God as the man after His own heart understood this secret in his life greatly and told to his own soul to stay humble because in the past the same soul confessed about its inability to be good apart from God. David said, "O my soul , thou hast said unto Jehovah [God], Thou art my Lord: I have no good beyond thee." (Psa 16:2, ASV). In other words, because David understood God by faith and lived within God's heart to know who he was in himself and also knew how great he has become in his character and gentleness to show a wonderful David outside to the world that sees him and praises him, he humbled himself before God to tell Him that all the goodness that people see on the outside of me is because I live within your heart and that going beyond the boundary and thoughts of you O God in heaven I have no goodness to boast within me. May God help us realize our inability to be good without Him and also help us live within God's heart by faith and glorify God to make the world see a amazing life of God displayed through us. If you are humble before God, you will never stumble before people." — Abraham Israel

"To know the truth you have to read the Bible, but to speak the truth you have to live it. The power behind the proclamation of the truth is based on how we are able to embody the truth in ourselves and in our day to day lives successfully. Every believer who preaches and teaches the word of God must have power to witness, and to convict people of their sins to see change that God wants to see in them, so that those who hear them could not just hear the truth but become the truth to testify about it all over the place where ever they are.Truth and Life always go together, so don't miss one wheel over the other to get derailed in your life's journey. Truth matters most in life because life matters most with truth!" — Abraham Israel

"We can acquire as much knowledge as we can by our hard work, but to convert that in to wisdom only God can do it through us. Work hard to acquire knowledge for the work God has called you to do in this life, seek God for understanding to apply what you have learned and use what you can do to make a difference in the lives of people. Then ask God to give you the wisdom to say a word in season to the need of the situation which will cause you to stand before kings and not mean men. For the LORD gives wisdom: out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding (Prov 2:6). You can choose to be fools to everyone around you and still be the wisest towards yourself if you have chosen to be wise towards God. So choose wisely and reap greatness in life!" — Abraham Israel

"Sinners are but a mist in the morning, once the Son shines through, they are no more. So never envy sinners but rather learn to wait upon the Lord who always gives the best things to those who have waited the most upon Him. Waiting time is never a wasted time, when you are waiting for God to act on your behalf even if it is for a lifetime. God can do in matter of time in and through your life what you cannot do and achieve even if you have worked hard for a million years. God has great purpose and future for you, do not throw away your faith which has a great reward!" — Abraham Israel

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