Wednesday, May 1, 2019

#63 — Art of Living

The Gift Of Silence!

#63 Åґ☂ ◎ḟ ʟ☤√ḯη❡ :

"He answered nothing." (Mark 15:3b).

There are many times when God will put us in a place where we are cornered to speak the truth which offends others, at the cost of our own life we have to speak it out as a testimony for the Glory of God. But when the people around hear the truth we speak and want to accuse us back of many others things falsely, the best way to answer them back fittingly is to stay silent. It will make the the world around us marvel how when we are accused falsely, we choose not to speak out and stay silent instead. Because it is impossible for any human to stop defending himself first and foremost even when we are wrong, because it is in our fallen Adamic nature within us to defend ourselves first whether we are right or wrong matters only next.

After the fall of our first parents Adam and Eve, when God came and asked Adam why? He then pointed to Eve. When God asked Eve why? She then pointed to the serpent? Then God has to pronounce his judgement upon the serpent first, woman next and Adam the last of all. Nobody wanted to take responsibility for taking a wrong choice to sin against God. In my life I have seen people who were very close and whom I trusted accuse me saying, 'You Satan!' against my face. This was a happening that God has revealed to me through my blood Brother a day before these things happened. Working the whole night he used to come and sleep until mid day and he would never get up. But on this day, God showed him in a vision what was going to happen a day before. He woke up and clearly told me what he has seen in the vision.

Usually I would not take any vision or dream so seriously until God himself makes me understand the intensity of what is to come. So on that day too, I just took the message a little lightly and spiritualized to dilute a little bit of its meaning to mean that something bad Satan has planned against me. But lo and behold the very next day morning exactly as it has been told me, without showing the intentions of their heart, those very people who were shown in the dream stepped in to my house and then as usual took all the food and everything we gave until the afternoon and suddenly started to accuse me out of nowhere. I was very disturbed and wanted to defend myself. But God told me, 'Do you think that you know more than Me to defend yourself than I can do, because I have already shown to you what is happening to you now?' Immediately I told the Holy Spirit of God to take over my mouth and my actions, to my own surprise I was not able to speak or defend myself and I answered nothing back. Then God intervened in to the situation to solve the problems through my Brother who came and solved the issues just as shown in the dream. I supplied KFC to all those who accused me that day at the end of it all, and Satan's plan was defeated and God's plan got fulfilled. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Perhaps, if I tried to defend myself that day, I might have brought shame to the name of the Lord. But then God the Holy Spirit who is the standby advocate and counselor sent by the Father God from heaven two thousand years ago stands with us at the time of our need and rightly leads us to victory procession in Christ Jesus every time we choose to obey Him. Hallelujah! What a privilege to have the Holy Spirit as out standby!

PRAY WITH ME SAINTS: Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you and thank you for who you are to me, my defender and rock of refuge and anti-missile shield against all lies and accusation of the enemy of my soul who throws it all at me in his evil time. Help me to speak the truth even when it costs much, and help me stay silent whenever I am tempted to defend myself. There is a time to speak and time to stay silent, give me the wisdom to know the difference and obey your voice and do your will. When I am accused falsely, you are there to defend my cause and you are the one who takes vengeance against people who hate me for no reason. May your will be done in my life as it is in heaven. Amen in Jesus wonderful name!

Much Blessings....

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"There is a time to speak, a time to stay silent. We need to answer a fool according to his foolishness or else he will think great about himself at certain times, and at certain other times we need not answer a fool according to his foolishness or else we ourselves may just become like him. To know the difference between the two is the wisdom that only the voice of God can teach us through our obedience." — Abraham Israel

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