Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When you come to nothing, remember that is a good place and the best point in life God has brought you up by His sovereign hand because that is the place from which God will become everything to you in all situations of life. God of all hope always promises to become the hope of every one who loses it and has no hope but only God to trust on. Once all your hope is in God, God will help you remember that His Love is greater than all your disappointments, and through it He will help you see from His viewpoint and have the attitude that all disappointments in life are actually God's appointments to fulfill His destiny for your life, and in that you actually gain everything and lose nothing through it. He will also make you realize later than all your best dreams for yourself is just a needle in the haystack of plans that He has for you to fulfill and glorify Him in your life. Remember, when God becomes everything, you need nothing more than Him." — Abraham Israel

"Leaders are made when like-minded, passionate and venturous people get together in pack to pursue one thing through many ways and ideas to share their happiness. Passionate followers are made leaders overtime in their own ways and rights, when they learn the art of pursuing the same goal as their leader and be satisfied in what they have achieved together as one. Surround yourself with like-minded people and when you fail and reach boredom, they will push you to reach your destiny, and by the way pushing you they too will go forward on your way to reach their destiny too. When a vision is strong enough to be from God, go forward even if you are alone, soon as you will see, that those who see your passion will line up and add themselves to your mission to become one pack to achieve the mission that has been your vision." — Abraham Israel

"God has space enough to give in to only those who constantly give out, either it is material, financial or spiritual things in this life or the next the same applies. To get in something, you need to give out something and make room for God to fill the place which only He can fill in your life. When you refresh others with the gifts and talents that God has given you, you yourself will be refreshed by what God has given in to your life to refresh others. Be a river of life that refreshes every one who comes its way and by doing it refreshes itself with life giving flow of freshness and surrounds itself with prosperous and beautiful trees through pollination, and be not a stinking pond that stays stagnated because of storing water and thus drying off in the next season because of intense heat and goes no further to either stay blessed or be a blessing." — Abraham Israel

"God always wants to bless because His heart is a heart of blessing, but many times people are not blessed really because they wait for sometime and then give up their faith before God's time comes for them to be rewarded. So holding on to our precious faith is absolutely necessary because that is the spiritual receipt that has to be produced for us to show at the end line of faith and claim our reward from God. God till today has never failed even one time, and based on His impeccable reputation will always arrive on time without fail at the end line to give His reward of blessing to us because of his benevolent heart, but have you carried your faith without falling in to unbelief and doubt, and failing to finish the race of faith set to receive your reward? Rise up and hold on to your faith in patience which carries a great reward with it at the end! There may be hard, tiring and even a painful beginning, and a further tough and arduous journey when you are holding on to your faith, but there is always a joyful and a happy ending waiting for you because God always expectantly arrives at the end line even before you start, and from the moment you start your race of faith He will be always expecting you to finish it, and thus joyously receive your reward of all His blessings from Him personally. God waits for you in faith at the end-line, even as you wait for Him to act from the beginning of your journey of faith!" — Abraham Israel

"What you keep thinking and keeping on thinking on your mind constantly you will become. This is the reason God as His child wants you to meditate on His word because He wants you to become like Him in your character and thus show His glory to all others who wants to know Him in a personal and experiential encounter through your living witness as His son and daughter. We are representing our Father in heaven as His true ambassadors on earth if we start to become what He is like in heaven more and more. Remember, the Word of God is seed, your mind is the field. If you constantly sow His seed and remove the weeds of negativity and unbelief, your harvest will be as prosperous as heaven's harvest which is abundant life without end. Make sure what you sow in to your mind constantly is nothing but the Word of God and Word of God alone!" — Abraham Israel

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