Saturday, November 11, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Life needs to be turned down side up when we want to enjoy God's life, because everything in the world is upside down to the reality of what God intended it to be. If you want to enjoy the heaven's life of God, lose your self life by suffering in the will of God, so that you will find yourself living that God-like life of all abundance within your soul. Any thing external that you need to sustain your happiness cannot prolong as the real, because from within your spirit is the true Spirit of happiness and joy from heaven that never ceases for all times and seasons of life. To those who suffer the most, God's joy balm of heaven becomes the alleviating pain balm applied by God to relieve them of their temporary hardship of life. God always comforts the comfortless with the eternal comfort of His very own Presence with them!" — Abraham Israel

"Sometimes I am a Teacher of the Bible, but always a student of our Master Jesus to follow His way and do His will, because that gives me the ultimate joy of living life the way God wants me to live in satisfaction!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith pleases God, fear pleases Satan. Fear comes in only when God and His Presence are not acknowledged. So reaffirm yourself by faith that God is with you to help your always, then fear will have no place to either invade you or occupy your life." — Abraham Israel

"On whom you focus, your faith will rest. Focus on God always and see how big God can be over the giants you are facing every day of your life." — Abraham Israel

"Just because a day is cloudy doesn't make us give up hope of seeing a sunny day ahead. In the same way when we face a bad day, we should not give up the hope of seeing a good day by the grace of God. Sorrow may last for the night of trials, but it will be there only for a purpose and a time, and at the end of that purposeful trial, God wants you to experience His joy of the morning in your life. Every morning may have night of mourning after it, but be assured that every sorrow has a joy of the morning waiting to dawn in to your life. Hold on to God in your bad times, and good times will hatch out of it! The purpose of life is not just be happy, but purposeful and that is why we have trails!" — Abraham Israel

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