Saturday, August 27, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jealousy is feeding oneself with insecurity and lack of self-worth, while trying to feed others with lack of love and hate for what they are and what they have which you don't. As iron gets rusted when it is not properly taken care of, so does envy and jealousy start to depress and deteriorate the soul of those entertainers who entertain it, and finally it will melt one's bones with ill heath. Never drink the poison of jealousy and expect others to die. The best way to overcome jealously is to find your identity in Christ Jesus and know for sure that God has not given the same and equal gifts to all but rather has given gifts according to their ability with which He has designed them individually. But one thing is for sure, that is, He has given Himself and His love equally to all His children among whom we are one and only so precious to Him!" — Abraham Israel

"Looking at the infinite vastness of this universe and again looking in to the details with which God has created us individually, gives to us all a testimony of God's goodness and His interest towards us who are nothing but a speckle of dust in the enormous gigantic proportion of the galaxies and milky way. That teaches us one thing concretely in this life, if we want meaning and significance in this life, all we need to do is to get acquainted with God closely and know the value that God has placed on each of us individually." — Abraham Israel

"The Bible doesn't speak about a choice of humans to make between God or Satan, but rather it is God or Money which is the real choice every one has to make as we live and spend our days on earth day by day. There is no in-between choice to make and stay comfortable, so you can be a radical to choose God or you can become a redundant for the purposes of God and His kingdom by choosing money to rule over you. Money is the fish hook that Satan uses to keep all humans under his control, but those who choose God are set free from the slavery of the love of money and are invited to serve God with all their heart, soul and mind being filled with a supernatural love for Him and a sincere desire to fulfill His purpose." — Abraham Israel

"God cannot show any more greater Love towards mankind than giving up His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ to become a man and die for the sins of all of us humans which were forgiven through Him for all those who have accepted and believed Him. Believing Jesus and receiving Him to be our Lord and Savior decides whether we are willing to receive God or reject God's invitation to be a part of His eternal family. Hell was originally made for Satan and his rebellious angels, but because people want to reject God, they end up having a part for eternity in the tormented godless place of hell fire of the rebellious angels. When you choose Jesus you automatically choose God and avoid hell fire ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Repentance is a quality choice that makes us change our mind to think towards sin as evil and towards God as good and righteous. The moment a unbeliever repents, he enters the Kingdom of God as its citizen and a newly born child of God. The moment a believer repents, he enters in to the banquet of the benefits and blessings of the Father's Kingdom as His very own son." — Abraham Israel

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