Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Taking our troubles to our sleep is a bad choice because we have a God who is concerned about solving all our problems in His way and time. God gives special revelation to His beloved about His possible solution even in his or her sleep, these special revelations will always come to those who have submitted all their troubles in prayer and expect a solution from God by faith (Psa 127:2). Do you carry any weight of problems in your head? Why not make a good choice to unload yourself of your troubles to the God who never sleeps and tirelessly keeps working to solve the problems of those who have given it to Him. He gives His updates and direction for those who go to sleep with faith and expectation. All those who live by faith in God's working are considered by God as just and righteous (Rom 1:17; Heb 10:38), I believe you are one. God promises that "The hope of the righteous is gladness....[and] the desire of the righteous will be granted." (Prov 10:28, 24). I promise you that if you have unloaded your burdens today, your desire will be granted by God soon in His time and place. Until then empty yourself in to God every night and keep up with His heavenly updates and solutions. SWEET REVELATIONS!" — Abraham Israel

"When we pray we are actually connecting to heaven's treasure bounty and are appropriating and bringing it in to our natural day to day existence on earth. God always wants us to be rich with all His heavenly blessing of joy, peace, prosperity, laughter, love and all kinds of blessing, that is why He has told us to pray always." — Abraham Israel

"A true friend will stay with you at all times, when you are happy he will share your happiness, when you are sad he will stay to comfort you and when you are joyful he will rejoice with you. This true friendship you can find only in Jesus, He is a faithful friend who will stay with you for life. I would rather choose to walk with a friend like Jesus at any time in the dark, than alone in the light. How about you?" — Abraham Israel

"Why should the Bible say that a "righteous man may fall seven times" and not six, five or any other times? The answer is, seven is a number of completeness or perfection in the Bible, that is why it says that a righteous man who lives by faith in God may fall completely and perfectly down, but he will rise up because God is the one who who has promised to uphold him with His hand (Prov 24:16; Psa 37:24; 145:14). GLORY TO GOD!!" — Abraham Israel

"A winner is the one who perseveres when others have chosen to give up, a failure is the one who gives up when without realizing how much he is close to his destination. A winners stays while a failure walks away. God always supports with His strength to someone who courageously stays in his path by faith without giving up, and he is never pleased with those who just give up easily in life. It doesn't matter with God whether you have the strength to achieve or strength less to carry forward, it does matter to Him whether you have the heart to carry on or give up. That choice is important to God. God makes winners out of failures who have a heart to carry on! Always choose to be believe in your heart that you can do all things with the help of God by your side which He has promised to give you (Isa 41:10; 43:2), and become a winner in Christ Jesus by your faith!" — Abraham Israel

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