Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you aspire to please God with all your heart, you will never fail to inspire people till you expire!" — Abraham Israel

"God allows you to be tested not to make you miserable, but to know whether you will react positively by faith to please Him or negatively with unbelief to glorify Satan who is doing a tirade with all his might to fill the mind of all people with lies about God. You cannot change your circumstances, but you can change yourself to face your circumstances the way it should be faced with grace!" — Abraham Israel

"Many people of the previous generations never had the privilege to have Bibles, messages and all articles at their fingertip to use it and grow spiritually for the Glory of God, but we have it with us so that we should not fail to remember that to us who have been given much, much will be expected of us by God. Using technology is never sinful as some so called hyper spiritual guys consider, but how we use it will decide whether we are sinning or glorifying God through it. Use by all means all technology that is the latest to grow the greatest in your spiritual life and make an impact in our generation. Arise and shine for the glory of God has risen upon you!" — Abraham Israel

"We become what we constantly think in our mind, one of the greatest ability that God has given man is the power to choose the rights thoughts and reject the wrong ones, embrace a positive thought and deny a place for the negative thoughts and willfully replace a bad thought with a good one. You can choose to think only one thought at a time, so no matter where you are today, practice to think positively all the time and you will never have a negative thought to dominate your life and make you ineffective in your lives journey. Thoughts are what you make of it, you can use it to build your life or break it. Thoughts that are thought intentionally produces your belief, your belief produces feelings and which again directs you automatically to actions that fulfills your destiny. So this cycle continues until you overcome all things by believing the word of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Learn to partner with God in every area of your life, and you will never fail to be excited enough to find that all things are possible with Him." — Abraham Israel

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