Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"In every area of your life, the journey with God's strength starts the moment the journey which is done by your own strength ends. Your journey of a lifetime starts when God's life starts to work from the inside out as you desire and ask God to help you end the journey of your self life through His power. God only helps those who are helpless in themselves." — Abraham Israel

"We can be a salt to the world only when we have the salt of Christ in ourselves. What is the salt of Christ? It is the merciful character and mind of Christ shown through us to others when we have a strong relationship with God through Jesus. We should not allow our soulish nature to rule over our spirit-man and as a result of it lose the savour of salt in our day to day lives journey. We can get more and more salted in our lives when we continue to meditate the Holy Scriptures all the time and also pray to the Lord for His power to control our thoughts, words and actions. First we ought to season our spiritual life with the salt of Christ in ourselves by growing in our spiritual man which is inside us, then train our children, family and those who are closely associated with us, so that we can together become a salt of Christ to give taste to the tasteless world." — Abraham Israel

"God hears all the prayers of the heart which doesn't have any words to express, but that which are sincere heart-cry of longing for God and His Righteousness. God is an expert in hearing all silent heart prayers of every ones thought which doesn't have any words to express itself to Him." — Abraham Israel

"When you feel that you are about to fall and cannot go on anymore, just hang in there by faith patiently, your help is on the way to rescue you if only you can trust God and hang in there for a little while more. By patience you will inherit the promises of God and also mainly you will be growing in character and hope which is the reason why God is allowing all trials!" — Abraham Israel

"The cure to all your fears lies not in seeking a session with a psychologist, but in reading, trusting, meditating and talking the word of God to yourself which realigns you physche with the soundness of heaven's serenity and healing. Trust in the Lord and your fears will vanish. Never forget that the Acronym for FEAR is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. The reality of God's voice will soothe your heart with comfort and courage of heaven when you choose to continually hear His voice through His Word. God and His Word are one, God will always speak inline with His Word by breathing again upon it. When you are filled with the word of God, you are actually filled with God who will start to surround you with His guidance all the time. You know that when God guides, no one can snide you." — Abraham Israel

"All things whether good or bad will work together for your good when God is putting the puzzles of your life back in to its place where it will start to work together for your good future because you are called according to His kingdom purpose and love Him with all your heart. God is always working behind the scenes, so nobody notices it until they see suddenly all things falling in to place at the end of the ordeal, thus giving meaning and purpose for what ever good or bad that might have happened in their lives. When we trust God, we can be happy even while we are going through tough trials because we will come to understand that though our bad day, trial and weakness might pass away, the good that it brings at the end will stay with us for eternity ahead. " — Abraham Israel

"Eternal life is the very essence of the life of God and His divine nature given and implanted by Jesus to us as a seed gift within us when we were born again in our spirit-man. This eternal life is like a banyan tree seed which is very small when it is planted in to the soil of our heart, but when it dies to itself and sprouts out, it becomes the biggest tree of all and keeps producing many more out of it. Under its shade the school of wisdom and love will start, as the branches get rooted downward in to the earth the school will be established and it will be dispersed to all who come under it. The more the time goes, the bigger and better it becomes and a blessing to all who come in to contact with it. In the same way, as we die to our self life by carrying our cross daily, the divine nature within us will start to come out of us, out of which the wisdom of the ages and the fragrant love of heaven will shootout downward in to our soul and get rooted in to it. The more it occurs recurrently, the stronger and the bigger the blessing of God will be established in us to make us a continual blessing to many." — Abraham Israel

"For every genuine vision of God, there is a provision that God has already appointed for it to prosper. Pro means 'supply', vision means 'to see'. So a man of vision is the one who will be able to see the future supply of God for the development of God's blue print for himself, family, city, nation and nations around the world in his spirit-man supernaturally. Even though he will not have anything material at that point of his present circumstance in the natural, if that person starts to work patiently by faith what he sees with his spiritual vision inside him, exactly what he requires to build the vision in to existence will be faithfully supplied by the Lord. God will never support presumption, but He will always supply with provision if the vision is from Him. Where God guides, he will provide!" — Abraham Israel

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