Monday, January 7, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jesus is the Master doctor of all human soul, sent by God to seek the lost souls like us who deserve hell fire for our sins, and rescue us out of it by helping us to repent of our sins towards God through making us become the children of God by helping us believe Him. Now that we have become the children of God, we approach Him crying out by the help of the Holy Spirit saying, 'Abba Father' not because of the fear of avoiding hell fire for our sins, but rather because of our love which we show towards Him in gratitude for having saved us from hell and giving us heaven which we do not deserve the least. God was the one who first reached out to save us from our sins when we were sinners with no one to help us in our pitiable state of condemnation. But God in His mercy, grace and love have saved us in Christ Jesus without any of our effort but just our belief! God is good all the time, but he becomes to us good when our mind opens up to understand how much He is good through experiencing His love and letting it be show to others who do not deserve the least of it likewise through us. Repentance is not a one time cry of our heart towards God to save us from sin and take us to heaven, but rather it is a realization that we who were sinners who have become saved saints need Jesus to overcome sin in our life for the good health of our sin sick soul daily, so that we may learn to experience what the Love of God is, not when we enter heaven, but rather on earth to make it to become heaven in this life itself which is a foretaste of what it will be like for us in our afterlife! Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"If overcoming sin is not one of the main reason for rejoicing, then all other rejoicing pales in significance in the sight of God because it is the One after which even the zeroes you put gets added in value to the whole. Sin is the reason that took the Son of God to the Cross, that is why overcoming sin is the only gratitude we can show to the Father God and our dear Lord Jesus who did it all for us together and thus bringing salvation from sin to our spiritual life. Never forget saints, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of this present life are the Satanic hold that Satan and his demons operate with legally in our soul, the love of the Father God is not present in us when we operate in this soulish realm. But once we break free by taking a good choice moment by moment to break the jinx of the lure of sin, we truly then draw our power on earth from heaven through our spirit within to not only overcome sin but also live entirely for the Glory of God! God gets glorified the most when we live a overcoming holy life over sin in the secret life of our heart, we get glorified publicly from God when He finds us faithful in keeping the hidden life of our heart cleansed and purified by His blood day after day in His sight. Live your best life now, not in earthly extravagance but in the much neglected area of the spiritually valuable life of overcoming sin which brings us all a eternal significance and comfort directly from God! Run away from sin with all your might each day of your life, then you might not have to run after God because the more you run away from sin the nearer you will find yourself with God." — Abraham Israel

"God's generals are not great people chosen for great work by God, but in fact they are weak people trained in the wilderness isolation by God to become the strongest for the greatest work of spreading the gospel of His Kingdom in all the earth. God chooses the nobody to make them become somebody in His sight for the Glory of His name! None of the godly can bypass the school of isolation if they want to be used greatly of God. It is when walking alone we learn that none can continue with us without leaving us nor forsaking us forever except God and God alone. God isolates us to train us for eternal greatness, none of us can ever come to the never ending conscious Presence of God within us unless we are trained in God's school of wilderness. The sooner we die to our flesh, the easier it will be for God to help us pass through the course of hard knocks wilderness training in flying colors and bring us in to the place of abundance through the ever abiding Presence of God to bring heaven to earth. Strong leaders in the Kingdom of God are not born, but they are made by God before we see them show themselves up on behalf of God! If you have been through God's school of hard knocks, be encouraged, you are destined for greatness and leadership of great honor in the Kingdom of God. You go...go... man and woman of God, you are destined not just for greatness but for eternal greatness!" — Abraham Israel

"God does not really hide himself in trouble, but rather He stays invisibly near us and watches over us through the ordeal of our lives to make us strong in faith without fear. God understands our pain when we go through the endeavors to fulfill His eternal destiny for our lives, but still he gets pleased as a loving Father because in spite of seeing the hardships we go through, he is able to see very clearly what we are going to become as a channel of His mighty blessing to the world around us. Because God looks upon the greater good, he overlooks the lighter bearable temporal suffering we go through by supplying His grace to overcome. God sees the end from the beginning and He sees with surety the expected end we are going to reach, so take heart, work with God having faith that He is beside you even when you do not see Him or feel Him even a shade of Him. Because great works are achieved by great faith which believes and sees the end to work towards it to achieve it for the Glory of God. When we work with faith believing what we cannot see or feel with our natural senses, the reward of faith is to see with our natural senses what we have until then believed with our heart. The rewards are great and eternal if we choose to move in faith with God trusting His promises and faithfulness, and the vacation we get never ceases to end because the joy that we receive for it takes us out of this world even when we continue to live in this world!" — Abraham Israel

"God hides from all humans flesh, because only the sincere seekers in faith please Him enough to make Him reveal Himself to them because of their persistence and perseverance. God is not interested in those who have no interest to know Him but just want to consume whatever He gives. It is a mystery how humans start to seek God, in fact, all the unsolvable human need is an opportunity for God to show Himself to them and make them seek not just His hand but His face and image in which we are all created so that through worship we can become transformed in to His very image. God's greatest and loudest shout is not with decibels, but absolute silence. The next time you feel all alone in life with silence everywhere you turn, stop turning and stand still to understand that God is standing underneath your skin and is knocking on the door of your heart saying, 'Do you have space for me in your heart?' Have you ever thought that in God we breathe and move and have our being? In other words, God is closer to us than the air we breathe. But are we really interested in knowing Him? Have we sought God enough to consistently seek daily for Him to manifest in our lives and living? If God is not the reason for us to live, there is no reason for us to live at all. A God who hides, is the God who is looking all over the earth looking down from heaven to know who on earth is seeking Him. If you are a God-seeker, you are destined to become a heaven-dweller to spend eternity with Him. Seek God until you die, love God till you are lost in Him and live for God until eternity starts and you can measure time no more!" — Abraham Israel

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