Sunday, January 13, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we know who we are as a child of God, we can easily choose to think of ourself less, because by thinking lowly of ourself can keep a check to maintain our right attitude of love towards God and others, so that we can be ever conscious of the truth that all that we have received in our lives has been received from God as a gift. And the only reason for us to rejoice is to thank and praise God all the time for whatever gets achieved through our gifts. In other words, as we choose to think of ourself less and not in any way think less of ourself to demean ourselves, we rightfully start to exercise the authority of God and His graces more and more as a child of God. As we know that the Lord God our Father resists the proud but give more graces to the humble in heart. If what we know becomes a hindrance to block the view of what we ought to know, then we have lost focus on what is important to our spiritual growth and have started to concentrate of what is not necessarily bad or unjust, which when let to rule us without removal of such attitudes as soon as possible, becomes potent enough to make us lose our right perspective which is to focus on what is required by God to grow spiritually and prosper for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Unbelief is the natural state of every fallen humans who are born on earth as the sons and daughters of Adam. Because of unbelief which is sin, we start to breathe in sin and live as sinners in need of the Savior constantly, just like a fish needs to be in oxygenated water to be saved from death. It is God's kindness and love that He has initiated first that brought us salvation from sin through His vicarious death and glorious resurrection thereafter for the Glory of God. Now that we are brought in to the living water where oxygen of God's life abounds, let us stay away from the toxic and gutter water of sin that chokes us often with its tentacles to make us gasp for the breath of life. If we do not realize the horror of sin, we cannot ever realize the value of the gift of righteousness of salvation that God has provided freely to us in Christ Jesus. Faith puts the righteousness of God in to action in our lives and acts as the rescue apparatus to keep us from entering the gutter water of unbelief. Holiness is God's wall of protection in our spiritual lives that comes through His righteousness, that keeps us from straying in to gutter and toxic water of sin that thrills temporarily but kills the abundant life of God that we enjoy naturally as the children of God. As unbelief is natural for an unbeliever, so is faith to a believer in Christ Jesus. Do not try to work out your faith, but rather work out your salvation over sin by having power over it without giving in to its lure internally by faith that already works within you! Let the power of faith overcome the power of sin in your life for the Glory of God. Every time a child of God overcomes his temptation to sin and repents of his sinful deeds, a joyful party of angels and saints are let loose in heaven on their behalf which keenly watches over every area of their lives to proclaim the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"Every new dream is not the end of the old, but rather a redirection with a renewed strength given to us by God to fulfill His ultimate purpose for our life. God works all things together for good, because only He has the ability to work all impossibilities to become possible for us in our lives. He is the one and only Master puzzler who never gets puzzled because of lack of solution! Our responsibility towards Him is to love Him and know within us that we are called according to His purpose at all times. God is never caught off guard to get surprised what to do next because He knows the end from the beginning, and it is all part of His plan that we should understand and accept to keep the mystery of His surprises that He sends towards us in peace within us to avert ourselves from getting stumbled in our faith. The puzzler is on course until you experience the solution. So keep dreaming the new and still believing the old to set the next goal, because you are on your way to see the fulfillment not in part but as a whole without the puzzle holes!" — Abraham Israel

"The Love of God is the one eternal constant that never ever changes in the entire universe. The Lord does not love you today more than He has loved you yesterday, and the Lord cannot love you tomorrow more than you He is loving you today, now! But our understanding about His love is like a wave of water that keeps changing based on what we believe in the present time as we have a fallen sinful soul that tries to dictate our emotion. So a man and woman of faith gets rooted in the love of God through the belief they have in the Word of God and not based on what they think He is at present based on their circumstances. Wearing a dark glass makes the world around us look dark when we see through it. So it is our duty to obey what God says about Himself by removing the veil over our eyes by believing what the Word of God says, and not what we think it says. So meditate yourself constantly on the Word of God and keep yourself in the love of God by praying in the Spirit to ignite His Word always in your heart in every situation which will make you give thanks and praise to Him. God loves us not because of what we do for Him, but because of what He has done for us already in Christ Jesus which makes us worthy of His constant love. Do your part by believing the Word of God and meditating on it constantly, then pray looking for the mercies of God to keep you in the Love of God. Thus you will be rooted and grounded in the Love of God for the Glory of God. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"In the Old Testament times, leprosy was a disease God wanted people to treat as something due to sin done by them or by their forefathers, so the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent and his head uncovered, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip and shall cry, unclean, unclean. In fact, in many cases this disease was demonstrated to be a direct result of indulging in sin knowingly. So even in our times the disease of sin is at loose in the lives of all human being, but those who know that they have become unclean because of this deadly disease of sin which God hates and that which destroys man, shall cry aloud to God knowing how serious it is, before it eats away our life. The God of mercy and grace is infinitely compassionate as He has showed himself in Jesus and through Him, to those who seek relief from it by seeking him. Sin shall not have dominion over us, if we let loose God's dominion in and through us by obeying Him by choosing to switch on the new nature of Him as His child and switch off the old Adamic nature which is sinful and corrupt. Don't cry to God saying help me overcome sin and keep on falling in to it because God has already answered your prayer by imparting his very own nature in you to overcome when you believed Jesus and became his child for His own glory, instead choose to overcome sin by putting off the old nature which automatically switches on the new nature of God within. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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