Monday, November 5, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Repentance is a perpetual attitude of mind, to willingly choose to turn away from what displeases God and embrace what pleases God all the time, and in turn look to God's face and seek it till we burn ourselves with the radiance of His Glory and shine with His light to be a blessing to many around us. We repent in a moment of time to get saved from sin [i.e. nature] to become God's child forever, but after we become God's child by receiving eternal life from God, then for a lifetime on earth we repent of sins that comes out of our sin nature in order to walk pleasing to God all the time and become mature as the sons and daughters of God, till we die and go on to be with the Lord one day very soon or be raptured in our glorious new body as we are living in a terminal generation of the end as Jesus foretold. Watch and pray, may repentance be your daily attitude to make heaven be filled with rejoicing and bring heaven's echo back to your soul with its fresh Life!" — Abraham Israel

"All we will take out when we leave this earth are the memories of how we have lived and loved God and each other, make sure that you live life to the full, love to death, shine bright by looking to the Lord for anything and everything, so that all the memories we take out of this life might be a sanctified one that will have no part of it to cause regret forever but only to rejoice over it. Only love has the power to cause eternal treasures to be collected and be taken out of this world which we live!" — Abraham Israel

"In sharing we dare to show others we care, in caring we convey our love for others, in loving others we fulfill the law and prophets and remember that it is God who has first showed us His unconditional love towards us in Christ Jesus, so that we could share and care and love God with all our heart by loving others." — Abraham Israel

"The unchanging love of the Lord should be our proper motivation to prosper and grow spiritually more like Him day by day, and nothing else because all else will taint us with wrong motivation and will make us lose our eternal reward to cause much regret at the time of the exclusive believer's Judgment time before Christ for reward. This judgment has no condemnation because Jesus was condemned on the Cross for all our sins and transgressions and iniquity already, but rather it is for commendation of our work of service we have done on earth for the Lord and not for salvation because it is a free gift of grace provided by our Heavenly Father to adopt us in to His family because of His love, everlasting kindness and compassion towards us who were lost in sin, self and ruled brutally under the tyranny of Satan from which we were redeemed and paid for to fulfill His perfect justice and at the same time justify us through our belief in Christ Jesus. Love God till death, keep your self in the state of death if you want to love God!" — Abraham Israel

"God loves us not because we are good, but rather because He is good and His mercies endures forever. God loves us unceasingly, infinitely beyond we can think or imagine with our finite mind, constantly as fresh as the day He started to plan us in His love He still does love us every new day without change. So it is not for us to evaluate this infinite love in finite terms according to the changing circumstances around us, but rather we have got the responsibility to trust and respond to this love in repentance from sin and every thing that ensnares our soul, so that we may be more and more pleasing to God day after day, and be established to grow in the love of God which surpasses all our finite understanding and thus be a blessing and a reflection of His love to all people who come to meet us or live around us in His sovereign will for His Glory in our generation!" — Abraham Israel

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