Friday, August 2, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we work with God, though our beginnings may be small and insignificant, our endings will always be better than the best because God is in the business of giving specialized endings for all His partners and friends. Are you one? If not, get in touch with God and make a deal of partnership with Him." — Abraham Israel

"If we could only realize that every broken flesh, spilled blood, intense pain of suffering and a broken soul in the body of Jesus Christ was not for Himself but for our sins, we cannot but give our entire body as a living sacrifice for Jesus to use us, and also we will not play with sin as though it is a toy because it gives us temporary enjoyment like as a little child plays with deathly danger not knowing its seriousness. Sin costs much to repay when a person plays with it and that price is a life without God and His goodness which is death, Jesus paid your and mine sin debt towards God through His death so that we could live for the righteousness of God to be fulfilled according to God's purpose for us. Sin is much worse than cancer, aids and all the physical diseases combined, because it kills the soul which is a eternally priceless being within us which will live for eternity. Either we will live eternally with God if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior or if we have rejected Jesus by loving to live in sin than deny it by accepting oneself as a sinner in need of salvation, we will live without God now and forever more." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus not only walked the way you walked to understand what you are going through, remember He is with you walking through it all over again." — Abraham Israel

"Quitters never win, winners never quit. The one difference between a loser and a winner is, winners persist until they see what they believe, quitters give up when what they see becomes a reality to them than what they believe. Believing is more powerful than what we see, that is why winners believe even when they do not see what they believe! Winners believe just because God said it. God is pleased with those who believe even when they do not see, He puts them in a blessed category to make them see what they believe to be true." — Abraham Israel

"Trust in God is faith proved over and over again positively, until that faith begets a reputation of standing up to all challenges, and thus making us safely believe that the outcome will be as victorious as before. So get your faith proved, until you start to trust your unknown future to a know God." — Abraham Israel

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