Monday, April 6, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God knows that the best way to keep His people from evil is to make them face it face to face so that through it they will come to understand its perversity, so that when they start to hate evil as like He hates it, God then will make them overcome it by the goodness of His grace that leads them to repentance. Because Jesus has already prayed for us, there is a sure victory waiting for each one of us over all the elements of evil nature that acts within us and tries to bring us in to its bondage. We are in the world system of governance ruled by the influence of Satan and his evil cohorts accomplice, but thank God we are not of the world but of the Kingdom of God that rules over us and sovereignly rules over the entire world. God only allows His Kingdom citizen to experience temptation as much as we can handle and bear, so we can be sure that the prayer of Jesus before His crucifixion for us has been answered by the Father God who is training us to reign on earth by His Power as it is in heaven. God wants us to become mature Sons of His who are completely led by His Spirit and so face evil by the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus until it is completely defeated and overcome by His Grace for the Glory of God. God's grace will not be given anymore or less than what is actually required for us to overcome sin and the evil effects of it. God's grace comes to us at the actual time when we face impossibilities that overwhelms us, just for God to prove that all impossibilities of life are possible with God. As long as we are on earth, God doesn't want us to get scared of evil and run away, but resist it by the power of God and overcome the evil of the world for the Glory of God, that is why God has still not taken the Church out of the world but has kept it for His purposes to be fulfilled on earth! You and I are here to overcome evil and not be bowled-over by it, so never be disheartened by the power of evil from the world because Jesus has already defeated it on our behalf and all we need is to stand by faith and see God's victory over all evil that come against us from within and without. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"If we are not living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit who has been made fully available in Christ Jesus to us who hunger for Him more and more, then we are living life like a orphan on the street who has begged and kept on begging till he died one day, and the people who loved him stumbled on a pot of gold and diamonds that was underneath where he was with a rope tied and buried within that place which he used. O what a loss of enjoyment which he could have lived to the fullness till he had died on earth! If we are not living the life of fullness in the Holy Spirit, then we are living eternal life but we are not living it more abundantly as we are supposed to live on earth as God's sons and daughters receiving the supernatural provisions of heaven to enjoy life, to thank and praise God all the days of our earthly life, which will actually position us with great authority and glory for our future life with God. May God give us the hunger to be filled with all the fullness of Christ which is already made available to us who ask, seek and knock for it desperately, then by His gracious hand may we be anointed with His mighty Spirit to fulfill all His purpose for our lives and enjoy on earth as we will enjoy in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Our righteousness on our best day is like filthy rags before God, but once we learn to come before God based on the one act of righteousness which was fulfilled by Christ as our substitute in His baptism and was executed to perfect finish by the full payment to God's demand which was a sinless man dying on the Cross for our sins, from that moment on God smiles over all of us who come before Him in the righteousness of Christ and come to experience the right relationship with God through Christ's sacrifice which demands God to freely give the abundant eternal brand new life of God to be supplied to every one of us who come to Him in Christ Jesus. You cannot but stay in the blessing of God on earth as God lives in heaven, when you understand the righteousness of Christ and appropriate the power of it to work for you on your behalf in every situations of your life. Every one who lives by faith in the righteousness of Christ as though it is their only righteousness will reap the reward of heaven on earth itself and will continue to reap the benefits of it for the whole of their eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"Standing alone for God may not be famous but it is very rewarding as time passes on for the world to see and take notice of the blessed life of the obedient Children of God with whom God stands to prove on behalf of them." — Abraham Israel

"The open door in life that can never be closed by circumstances are those door which God opens and keeps it open for you, if you fail to recognize that those who stand against it to try to close such doors are in fact fighting directly against God who is standing between those doors to keep it open, you will never be able to have faith to enter in to such door, and keep coming in and going out of such open door for the Glory of God in spite of the natural risks that seems involved at such times. Ask God to light up the revelation of His Presence though those open door to have the inner assurance that it is God's open door, when God confirms it, always be bold enough to keep using the door to bring Glory to God who waits for you to pass through Him in and out. Be bold and courageous in faith, and you will not only realize the open door but use it to maximum to bring great honor and glory to God who will work miraculously to keep you going in and out of those open door!" — Abraham Israel

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