Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If you have been thinking that you are an ordinary man or woman and what big thing can be done for God by such a small me, you are in for a surprise because God has already chosen you to do big things for His Glory in His Kingdom. It is not based on how big or small you are that God uses you, but He chooses to use you to show everyone how big He is when all others around you see how small and insignificant person you are before their eyes as you see yourself in the natural. You now need a paradigm shift in your thinking to know who you really are, you are God's chosen child who has a very big God who is pleased to do extraordinary things through ordinary person just like you, so that He get all the glory for choosing you to use you. By believing His infinite ability allow yourself to lose your inability and experience the ultimate works of God in His enablement as He works out His will through you by His supernatural ability. You cannot lose yourself too much when what you have lost is for God who returns all things more than you can ever gain for what you have lost!" — Abraham Israel

"Looking to the Word of God will enlighten you about the unending and blessed world to come in which there is no death, sorrow, crying but rather only joy, peace, righteousness in the Holy Spirit, looking to the present world will only depress you because there are more chaos than ever, more questions than ever, more sufferings than ever, more evils done than ever, more deceptions than ever, more perversions than ever, more discouragements than make our life a living hell. Focus on the eternal and receive the benefit of the eternal in this present temporal time of our short stay on earth as a bonus from God to live a victorious life for the Glory of God!!!! You can never lose excitement to live in this present life when you are looking forward, but there is everything to lose when you look backward or all around. Keep your eyes on Jesus and Jesus alone who is the author and finisher of your faith in the future world which supplies present benefits for all those who look to it by believing for inspiration to live godly and prosperously by the power of the far away world in this present one!" — Abraham Israel

"The Lord will greatly bless us and our family when we expect Him to bless us because of His promises that are all yes and amen in Christ Jesus, God always loves to honor and prove Himself to all those who trust in His eternal unchanging promises. God is excited every time He sees us believing His promises which proves our love and devotion to Him, and then starts to celebrate over us on earth and in heaven to show to everyone including angels of how we as His child are holding on to Him through His promises as He is holding us in His everlasting arms of Love." — Abraham Israel

"Joy is the fragrance of heaven with which you can now become scented all over you and your life if you choose not to concentrate on your circumstances which will depress you, but rather on the goodness of the God who holds you in all circumstances of life without allowing you to be broke because of never allowing anything in your life beyond your ability to handle it with His heavenly strength." — Abraham Israel

"It is one thing to receive salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ by calling on His name, but it is totally another thing to walk with Him hand in hand daily. To be saved we do not need to work on anything but just believe what Jesus has promised us by faith and we will be saved for eternity, but to walk in Him we need need to work together with Him to help us deny ourselves, take up our Cross of doing God's will daily and then valiantly face the race of faith knowing that we are yoked with Jesus. And all that we need to learn during our journey with Jesus is to understand that we need to take rest in His promises which never fails, then we need to remind ourselves that our burdens Jesus is carrying and His burden He gives to us in the will of God to make us understand His heart and grow closer in relationship with Him. We cannot bear a heavy load when we are walking with Jesus because He takes our burdens away and also give us the strength to carry His burdens which will make us enjoy each moment we walk yoked with Him as God's dear children who have sold our self voluntarily as a bond-servant of God to do God's will. Are you enjoying the rest that Jesus gives? If not, you are trying to carry your own burdens, just unburden yourself to Jesus by giving all your heaviness of your heart to Him in prayer of your heart and the talk to Him in your thoughts, then believe His promises to start enjoying His heavenly rest. You cannot be God's best until you start to live constantly in His rest!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God has already planned to answer you even before you start to pray, but He wants you to pray so that you will not be discouraged or lose faith because of worrying and staying in unbelief to lose your reward half way on the race of faith, but instead will have His supernatural peace that will guard your mind and help you be still without worrying until you reach the time of His miraculous answer come to you in His appointed time. God wants to desperately answer you more than you yourself want because of His love that will be proved through answered prayers which will make you joyful and help you grow in faith more and more for His Glory! Ask God in prayer for everything, do not worry about anything, then thank God that your joy will be full soon even if it is in the process of being filled to full. Then for the glory of God, you will have what you have asked God in prayer! " — Abraham Israel

"Faith is counting your chickens before it hatches, and then patiently wait in thanksgiving and sacrifice of praise to maintain your right temperature to incubate, and finally not waver at the promise of God by continuing to give glory to God and be strengthened in further faith until the chickens of God's blessings comes out alive and well out of it." — Abraham Israel

"As God has challenged us to believe what we do not see in the natural which is what faith is, when we do not see any change in our natural circumstances, we must understand spiritually to praise God that He is actually working the most in our internal lives which brings prosperous external lives for now and eternity ahead. Many miss God and stay unsatisfactorily in discontent spiritually because they by looking for the spectacular from God have missed the greatest and this most simple basic rule of faith that God operates in. While we see a temporal change in our circumstances, God wants to see a eternal blessing upon us through His strategic internal changes that will make a mark in this world for His Glory in our life time on earth as we will be in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"God is the greatest gentleman in the entire universe because he guides only when people provide space for Him to be that guide they want Him to be. He will never override anybody's free will unless they have completely submitted and committed to Him to take over in that particular area of their lives. If you are still confused why God has not taken over your life which you have previously submitted, just check who is in the driver seat now or see if you have taken over the steering wheel again in your own hand. God wants us to die to our self daily by denying our self, and therefore in allowing God to work through us receive the resurrection power of the higher world to drive us each day of our lives. Each morning at the start of our day, God wants us to hand Him over our steering wheel and rest within us to experience what a good driver He is when He is in the driving guide of our lives. Simply commit your ways to the Lord each moment, and your ways will be established!" — Abraham Israel

"To be still is to learn to wait for God to act and not work but choose to believe the promises of God to stay at rest in His Presence until God rises up like a morning sun out of the darkness and dawn which we have previously experienced by Divine appointment to lead us in His perfect light of life. For every one who chooses to stay at rest in His Presence that brings stillness in this workaholic world that never rests, we will be positioned by God under His mighty hand of favor for the rest of our lives that will make us be awed by what God will do for us by His power and wisdom that will overwhelms us every time God does something for us and will make others realize the awesome God who is working for us on our behalf. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Many of us have not yet fully come to realize that it is no small thing to have become a child of God, because as we know that there are more than seven billion people on earth at present, yet out of all these we have not chosen God but it is God who has come to handpick us out of all the people of the earth, and have separated us as Kingly-Priest to be intimate with Him to intercede for all situations on earth and receive His answers to meet it with His power and rule the earth spiritually for His Glory! We are already in training on earth for a glorious future of prominence of leadership with Jesus for a thousand years, and then in the New Earth and Heaven for ever and ever. If we could stay faithful to God in Christ Jesus through this short period of training on earth, we are in for a eternally great and exceeding reward which will be the inheritance of God as sons of God which will be very soon given to us in honor and glory according to our performance through the grace of God done on earth for the Glory of God. O dear saints, try your best as much as you can by depending on God, God will do the rest as much as He will by depending on your availability for Him to work through you. God is always willing to do something glorious through you, but remember to realize that you are uniquely chosen to serve Him as God's cherished personal treasure and therefore allow God to work through you as much as you can by opening your life and heart always before Him. People who see your life will then come to glorify God the Father for the unique work that He always does through you. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"God is never ready to give up on you but He is ever ready to fight on behalf of you, if you keep holding on to faith in His unchanging Promises. God has said and promised us His children that sin shall not have dominion over us because we are under His grace, we shall never be out of strength at any time and place to face any trial because His strength is revealed when we are weak, we shall never die because of sickness as we were healed by His stripes already, we shall never lack in our life because God supplies all our needs in Christ Jesus, we shall always be overcomers and not undergoers because God has already defeated our enemy on the Cross and have dismantled his power forever, we shall never be in want because Jesus is our Shepherd, all trials in our lives no matter how big or small it is can never be allowed by God beyond our ability to handle it by His power, etc...We can keep recollecting all His promises in our mind, but if we do not hold it tight in our heart in the midst of our trials to see the deliverance of the Lord at the right time, we will never be able to experience the awesomeness of our God. We give up too easily on God's promises and settle for the next best that is to live in unbelief mostly when something doesn't happen as we have expected in our life. But little do we realize that all it takes to achieve with God is believe His Promises rather than to believe the unbelief which is of no use to us now and forever. What promises are you holding in your heart today no matter what trials you have been through or may even be going through now, never give up your faith because God is not ready to give up on you and doesn't want you to become disappointed without you receiving His reward in every area of your life to experience the abundant life that which He has already promised to give you on earth." — Abraham Israel

"We must never forget that we are a pilgrim in progress towards our heavenly country, where there will be no more pain, death, sorrow, crying, streets paved with gold, a wall of protection around the city, pearly gates, rivers, tree and water of life, light everywhere by the glory of God, etc...which are God's benefits for us but the greatest joy of heaven will be God wiping our every tears with His joy and being near to us forever and ever." — Abraham Israel

"Our God is called as the God of all hope because not only He gives us hope about our sure future, but also He hopes only the best for us to happen in His perfect will as we co-operate with Him to let Him work through us to fight our battles and come out victorious in every situations of our lives. Our lives get more and more joyful and peaceful according to the level of trust that we develop in our lives with our Lord based on believing in His unchanging promises that never fails, the moment we begin to work on this aspect of trust and more trust in Him by our personal past experience with Him, we start to overflow with a surge of sure hope of the future that is ahead of us by the power of the Holy Spirit who will start to reign through us. Hope will never disappoint us, because God will have poured out his love to fill our hearts as we surge ahead with more and more hope of the life to come. When we experience God's love, at that moment of time all our disappointments in this earthly life will vaporize and fresh perspective of heaven will lighten up our heart to enlighten it with the fresh revelation of the actuality of the fragrance of heaven on earth, where time stops for a moment and makes us experience eternity in our hearts. Always learn to lift you hands and praise God for His goodness that comes to us by His faith, hope and love triangle, but Love stays the best because that is the base upon which the two other sides of the entrance to the house of God within us stands upon!" — Abraham Israel

"True freedom of life comes to all humans freely from God, but the reality of the freedom starts from on the inside only when we allow our lives to be controlled by God's Spirit who gives us liberty from sin, sickness and death through imparting eternal life." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Impossible is nothing as long as you can see a possibility in every seeming impossibility by faith, to see not what your future holds but rather to see the God who holds your future, and believe that He will hold you faithfully to achieve what people see as an impossibility because of their fear to sustain themselves. Never try to prove yourself to any people around you no matter whether they are far or near to you, what matters most now is that when you try to please God, He will prove Himself through you to all your critics in the right time so that they too might desire to learn this lesson for themselves to be blessed." — Abraham Israel

"Satan's greatest deceit comes through lying signs and wonders which are nothing but genuine one packed with lies which will direct you towards a man or an idol and everything else except God. Satan has servants who have sold themselves and their opportunity to get saved for money and earthly pleasures, they will always show a false pretense on the outside speaking the right words about God but in a wrong way to appease their own conscience and the conscience of their devotees whose motive will be nothing but more money and get rich quick on earth. Any angel that doesn't preach the gospel of grace of Jesus Christ is not a good one, but a evil one who wants you to be deceived and side up with Satan's purpose of destroying God's children and their peace on earth. Those who are not with Jesus confessing Him as their Lord and Savior are actually against Him, because God has already clearly revealed in His Word that those who have the Son also have the Father and life eternal with them. Beware of going after signs, wonders and miracles and not after the God who created you for His own purpose, because God is in the process of filtering the genuine believers in Him from the false one through the filter of excitement, fun and fanfare spirituality of lies that are at loose at the end time before the Rapture takes place to take us all once and for all to the place prepared for us in heaven. For genuine believers, they will not follow signs, wonders and miracles but rather will follow the God of all signs, wonders and miracles who will make all those things follow them without fail to bring Him glory now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"When you come to realize that you are unfit to receive God's blessing if not for Jesus, you will be made fit by God to come under His gracious hand of favor because of your realization of your inability to earn God's favor and His ability to provide freely of His infinite wealth that never ceases for eternity. When you least expect to receive anything from God because of your unworthiness, that is when God's favor will surprise you because of His worthiness to bless you. God's favor will work positively for us as long as we will work for Him with whatever we do in our lives, but with a humble heart attitude that will deny any place for negativity which usually comes and dispositions us away from God's favor because of our lack of thankfulness for what we have received from God even though we do not deserve the least of all those things that God had freely given to us." — Abraham Israel

"For those of us who have walked through hell and high waters for the past one and half decade within the will of God, WHAT THE ENEMY HAS DONE IN OUR PAST LIFE TO DESTROY OUR DESTINY, GOD HAS PROMISED DOUBLE FOR ALL THE TROUBLE which denied us from living in the promised blessing of God that He had originally planned and promised for us. If you believe that this word from God's Throne is for you from this year 2015 onwards, say AMEN. AMEN!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not in God's will for you to be defeated, depressed, delayed or even destroyed before time from reaching His preordained destiny for you, but it is the will of Satan that he wants to fulfill it in your life through making you active in the will of your own by letting you to rejoice in the flesh rather in the Lord to make these things happen in your life. Remember God gives victory after every defeat, joy after every depression, beautiful bonus and surprises along with the reward after every delay and finally He turns the curse of destruction from the enemy in to a eternal blessing for us and our family when each time after such ordeals if only we will choose not to stay with in the pit and net of the enemy but will choose to rise up and come in to the stronghold of faith where the Blood of Jesus will cover us again to makes the enemy of our soul flee away from us. Even though we fall and fail God is the one who makes us rise up, who can stand against Him when each time He does that to us because we are His loving children of His glorious care. O What a Glorious God we serve!!!! Praise the Lord! We are created to be victorious and our victory is faith, faith is the victory!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God wants our heart to be firmly established in faith about our future and doesn't want us to stay in the shallow waters of a double heart which goes up and down, to and fro in oscillation like a pendulum of a clock by being in faith and going in to unbelief by seeing the circumstances and get troubled by it. God has already prepared a future that cannot be even conceived without finite mind, so great and wondrous is our future, God wants us to lose our worthless past by throwing it in to God's hand for Him to use it for our future diary to stay thankful of how He has used it for our good, and now He wants us to focus on the future to stay joyful in these present end time of stressful life that tries to drown all of God's children's in its mire. Nearly everything is ready for the Bride of Christ which is the Church to be united in power, honor and glory with the Bride-Groom who is standing at the door in heaven with excitement to take us all away to the Father's House, but make yourself stay excited as much to not miss the excitement of the most precious extravaganza of all eternity that has been planned for us by our God to those of us who believe in Him through the glorious Rapture!!! O Come Lord Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"The Words we speak through our mouth are like an accelerator to our entire life. We cannot speak bad and negative things, and expect good things to always happens to us. In the same way, we cannot stay without being blessed as we speak good and positive things, and train our soul to stay focused on the good things of God's ways in our lives. Before we were saved, our soul controlled our lives and the devil played the sadist by creating lust in our souls to take control of our soul, and thus make us speak negative for himself and his own purpose to be fulfilled through our lives. But first of all we were born again when we obeyed God to confess through our mouth that Jesus is Lord, the moment we did that God took ownership of our lives and then reignited the spirit-man within us with His very own Spirit to speak good things of heaven in to our soul, so now we train our soul by receiving God's thoughts and then re-train our soul to stay in God's goodness by speaking the good and positive things of heaven through our mouth. Now with God and His word by our side, we speak God's promises and all the good and positive things out of our mouth to train our soul always by our will to stay like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and to always receive the fresh dew of heaven over us to make our lives very prosperous and abundant on earth as God wants us to be according to His will in heaven. By speaking good things and training our souls to stay in God's goodness, actually we fulfill God's purpose for our lives and families. Praise the Lord! Now speak out more and more the blessings of God through your mouth and receive God's blessing unhindered in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"No person on earth or in heaven who are outside of the unity within the Trinity are ever let by the Lord God Almighty to handle His Glory individually, except the children of God who are with in Him. What a awesome privilege we have as God's sons and daughters to embody God's glory and also handle the very Glory of God through our lives on earth to bring Glory to our Heavenly Father who loves to receive it from all of us who are His Children. Through Jesus God shared His Glory with us, in Jesus we show God's Glory to others and by His Spirit we demonstrate the Glory of God to others around us to draw them towards the Lord! No idols can ever stand in our lives because we are God's children, and He jealously watches over the desires of our heart and want it to be only towards Him who deserves all our worship, adoration and praise!!! It is better for us to throw away all our idols before God does it with us to make us do it through His chastisement. It is never late to turn away from all our idols in our lives which makes us idle spiritually, and make our work for God to become totally worthless before Him. God wants us to turn to Him because of our love towards Him, or else He will make us turn towards Him because of His Love towards us. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Every storm that God intentionally allows in our life have been allowed by Him to make us strong internally more and more, then externally receive a promotion in our lives to bring Glory to God! God calms us when the work for which He sent the storm has got fulfilled for us and in us. When the storm rages and all seems to be lost in your life, just remember one thing, the God who has allowed such storm in your life is in control of your life. You cannot go to a point where you cannot handle the storm because God has promised that He will only allow the intensity of storm as much as you can handle it with God's grace. So if you are facing a storm in your life or will face it in your future, all you need to do is to stay in faith that God is going to work something good for you through the storm, and that He is in control of your life when everything might seem to say otherwise. Storms will make you a man of God when you already know that God is in the process of making you a complete man of greatness in His sight. You are under God's favor if you face the storm believing God's goodness that is going to come through it, who knows, without you realizing it you might start to walk on the water supernaturally for the Glory of God soon! Face the storm for promotion from God or else you will waste the storm without realizing the intention of the purpose for which it was sent in to your life." — Abraham Israel

"We as Christians to have the best posture to let God have His own way is to ask Him to give us only what ever it is in His will, and then learn to rejoice for both achieving some and missing some because of the joy that all those things together have worked out for our own good to keep us in the perfect will of God. Those who live in the consciousness of living in the perfect will of God will have no regrets at all in life no matter what, because they know both the good and the bad have been worked together by God to keep them in that place of spiritual highness where God feels so happy about every part of their lives. God waits for those who wait for Him to act on behalf of them, once they have waited till God starts to work, there is no end to the favor of God where He will continually make streams in the desert to sustain you and will make a way where there seems to be none to make you reach His destiny which He will continually work through your life to make you reach on time with His timetable." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Christian education is not just finding our place in the Church and then come there to learn more about Jesus just intellectually. It is actually in finding unity in diversity through the One who died, rose up and lives for us all equally because of our Father God in heaven who placed us all as one family in Christ Jesus, we get educated spiritually in our day to day walk with our Lord and Savior, and are then empowered to make a difference in this life that God has graciously given us. Empowerment comes more and more only as we keep educating ourselves to come to a state of unity without letting ourselves adhere to uniformity, this is what makes each one of us unique in the sight of God and also will make us become unique in each others sight to have mutual love and respect for each other within the Church of God." — Abraham Israel

"It is more important to live what we believe than to just talk about it, because what we talk might be impressive but how we live of what we talk will make an eternal impact for Jesus. Once we live our talk it is a confirmation that it is in Jesus that we have really made the miracle of transformation to happen within us for that mighty power to contagiously spread around us, as Jesus Himself has said that without partnership with Himself in the intimacy of our spirit-man inside us, we can do nothing eternally worthwhile for the Glory of God. Lives are changed eternally when we actually walk the talk and then talk the walk!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are what we consider as the lowest point in our lives, God is always at the highest point in it, working possibly to the best of His strength as He could possibly work through us. God's works the best when we are at rest, having no more in us to move even an inch. When we are broken hearted, God is closer than ever to us mending it together for it to be used for Himself. No matter what state you are in today, trust in God's grace fully to carry you, and see how God works to the best of His strength today!" — Abraham Israel

"How we see ourselves in Christ Jesus will always decide how much of Jesus we will be able to exhibit to others around us. Never forget saints, In Him we live and move and have our being!!!! So see yourself as God sees you in Christ Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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