Sunday, April 24, 2016

Manna For The Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"Our children too shall serve him, for they shall hear from us about the wonders of the Lord." (Ps.22:30, Living Bible).

For many of us, the one thing that breaks our heart is when we think whether our children will follow the Lord just like us, or even more than us if possible? But the promise of the Lord shall stand for ever, we need to stand in faith to see our children serve the Lord even more than us. God is concerned for even the "generations yet unborn" [i.e. our grandchildren] and looks forward to work miracles in our lives so that they who will come in the future through our children "shall hear of all the miracles he did for us," and will rejoice to follow the Lord willingly in their lives in a more committed way even more than us. The old adage says, 'if the tiger jumps eight feet, the cubs will jump sixteen feet.' So we can rest assured that when we look to the Lord and walk in the fear of Him in the highway of His Holiness, our children will follow us. Though now we might not have seen them walk in the same route, the Lord by His promise has revealed to us that He will transform their heart supernaturally like He did for so many of the Patriarch's in the Bible to make them walk in His way and in His time. O what a good God we have!!! Praise the Lord! One thing we cannot do for our children is to force them our belief and make them walk in faith, this can only be done by the hand of our supernatural God our Father in heaven of whose children we are. Even though we have our children before us and even our grandchildren to have concern for their spiritual lives, one thing we must understand and stay amazed about God's relationship with our children and grand children. I mean God has no grandchildren and only he has children whether someone is hundred years old or a toddler or a teenager, he sees them as his children. That means we can rest assured in God, that the God who cared for us as our Father in heaven, with the same concern he has towards us, the same He is going to show towards our children and grandchildren. O praise the Lord! Let us thank and praise God that our children and grandchildren will be taught of the Lord and they will serve Him as His children forever and ever in the same path we travel before them. So our concern should always be, whether we are staying in the highway of God's holiness? If we stay in it, God remembers to bless our children and grandchildren even to a thousand generations after us whether we have one child or a dozen of them in our family. Praise the Lord! May the miracles of the holy life you lived speak to your children and grandchildren more than the words you speak about the Lord. Pray with me Saints: "Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for your promises for our children and grand children. Even though some of us might not have enough opportunity to see them and teach them your ways, but you have graciously promised to see through our lives and accordingly bless our children and grandchildren with your personal teaching and guidance to make them serve you which is the highest privilege a human can get in this life and in the life to come. I praise you and thank you for these precious promises and look forward to see my progeny be your servants and sons forever. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!"

"Rejoice always." (1 Thess.5:16, NKJV).

God wants us to enjoy in Him always. To enjoy always, we have to move out of the feelings that comes to us as a finite human based on the circumstances we have gone through, or going through or will go through. To grow out of the feelings that bind us in its limitation to enjoy life, we have to grow in faith which is the antidote for it. That is the reason God wants us to hear and hear the Word of God, until the hearing of faith lifts us out of the zone of finite life in to the infinite life of God. Once we keep mastering the Word of God, then there comes a time the Word of God starts to master and mentor over us. This is the zone of lift that catapults us in to the river of joy and stay always in it. After we are air borne spiritually, then we are in to a zone of the unknown, yet well know by God where we come to trust the voice of God in our life more than the feelings that we go through in our lives. Feeling comes and feeling goes, but those who are immersed in the Word of God will find their lives purpose and joy within the sphere of God's Presence which will lift them higher and higher up in to the heights of God's secured and fore-planned shelter of the Most High God. The more our faith, the more secure we are in God. The more we live in faith, the more our feeling will come to affect us which we should deny in order to continue in the spiritual aerodynamic lift of faith. Faith and feelings do not go together, you must deny the one to ride on the wave of the other. Choose faith and you will please God now and in the life to come in which what you have done now by faith will reverberate in the hall of fame in heaven for eternity ahead and will keep bringing the reward cumulatively and recursively for the Glory of God forever and ever. Learn to live by faith and rejoice in the trials that God brings your way, then you will not be waiting for an out of the world experience someday in the future, but rather the out of the world heavenly experience of joy, peace and righteousness will be a day to day, moment by moment experience of a lifetime will be lived by us within the time of our life experiences on earth. God enjoys us the most, when we enjoy Him the most. May your life be a continual feast of rejoicing! Pray with me Saints: "Dear Father Lord God in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come and they will be done in my life as it is in heaven. May my faith arise and shine forth for your glory. Help me to deny my feelings and be lifted up by the spiritual aerodynamic force of heaven which will bring joy, peace and righteousness all the time in to my life. Thank you for your Word, may I live in it and learn to swim through it and learn the art of hearing you more and more. May I always experience the out of this world mindset for your glory in Jesus wonderful name! Amen!"

"Lead me, O LORD, in Your righteousness." (Ps.5:8, NKJV).

Man times in our lives, we become easily religious. We leave the righteousness of God that has been imputed in Christ Jesus and imparted in an ongoing way through Him, and start to lean on our piety, fervor and zeal for God. These things that we do for God cannot become a substitute for the righteousness of Jesus even in a million years because God considers our righteousness that get produced by our own doings as incomplete righteousness, because it has already fallen short of the Glory of God and His perfection and expectation. When our righteousness is so incomplete and inadequate to please god, why do we often get a sense of pride that we have done a lot for God and that He is indebted to us? It is because of a religious spirit that influences us in to self-righteousness that we get on to this mode of thinking that disqualifies us from receiving God's reward for the promises that we believe. God is not really interested in our doings, but rather in our beings that trust in Christ Jesus through whom all the blessings of God He is dispensing. When we trust in the Lord, we have no regards for our own righteousness, but will always ask God to lead us in His righteousness which only He can provide us and also reward us for receiving and walking in it. O what a privilege! We can only be the best with what God wants us to be when we choose to walk in God's righteousness, and there is a great reward now and also in the after life for walking in it. Don't try to please God, simply please God by asking God to lead you in His righteousness! Pray with me Saints: "O Dear Father, We come to you today to tell you that we love your perfect righteousness that you have freely given us in Christ Jesus who has become our righteousness. Sorry for the days we wasted our time religiously trying to please you with our self-righteousness which you actually hate because it is imperfect as like a filthy rags. O dear Lord, lead us in your perfect righteousness in which only we trust. Thank you for being pleased with our trust in your righteousness and making your face to shine on our ways to thus cause your favor to abound towards us who do not deserve the least of it if not for your righteousness which works in us. We bless you and praise you for it all in Jesus name! Amen!"

God has given us eternal life (1John 5:11, NKJV).

What is our greatest joy in our lives? If God is not the greatest joy to experience, then our focus in life is in the wrong place. We need to change our focus and see a change happen in our lives. If our rejoicing in life is not for us having eternal life, then whatever we rejoice for is not worth it at the end. Many believers have a wrong idea that eternal life is a continuing life after our physical death where we will safely go to heaven and experience the bliss of it eternally. This idea is totally wrong and worthless because it doesn't give us the right contextual understanding about eternal life. The right truth is, God has given us already eternal life, and now we have the eternal life with us to enjoy and relate to it. Then you might be thinking, what does eternal life really mean? It means now we have the privilege to have intimate relationship with God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It means we now have the privilege to think in the way God thinks in heaven. If we can change our thinking, we can change the world around us we live in people say, and that is true. When we start to think the thoughts of God for each of our situation, we start to enjoy life abundantly rising above the cares of this life, worries about our future, sinful down pulling's that separates us from God's favor, deceitfulness of the riches, unbelief of this age, etc...., and start to have a quality of life above and beyond much farther up than the world can ever give. The world and its lust are passing away day by day. If we get grounded in God's eternal life through dwelling constantly in His Word and being filled with the Spirit, then the river of abundant eternal life of God starts to rise up beyond the hedges of our lives to overflow in to the world around us. God finds our desire for joy not more, but rather less than what He wants us to experience always at all times. So the more we experience eternal life, the more God will be pleased to have pleasure along with us in experiencing life abundantly as He wants us to experience just like He experiences it in heaven. Pray with me Saints: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the eternal life you have given to be intimate with you through Jesus Christ your Son. I praise you for helping me understand and reach for the experience of eternal life in my day to day living. May your joy fill me to the full abundantly today and may it flow in to this world around me for your Glory in Jesus name. Amen!"

"That you may walk worthy of the Lord." (Col.1:10, NKJV).

What is our life conveying about what we believe to others around us? Usually we see so many people calling themselves Christians, but who act in the most unchristian way possible, so that when people see their lives that does not line up to what they profess, that brings a shame to the name of Jesus Christ. Having a visible cross on the neck can be a style statement to others, but having a cross within our heart and living a crucified life in Christ Jesus towards sin, self, Satan and the world is what can really make an eternal impact in the lives of people who will come to see us in the light of what we believe. People start to think about Christians as someone who speak a lot with their mouth, but really their lives are totally different from what they speak about. Christ Jesus has not made us to strive for our salvation, instead as we came to Him as a spiritual beggar with all our baggage's of sins, worries, unbelief and condemnation, He pitied us with compassion to take all our negatives, and replaced it with positive righteousness, faith, serenity and justification from all of it. We received it all from Jesus and have enjoyed it freely since the time He has given us salvation personally as a gift. Then we thirsted for more of God, feeling an emptiness, and came to Jesus Christ our Lord in a weary state of turmoil and cares of the world, Jesus took us to the merry making party within the fellowship of the Trinity and filled us with the spiritual wine of the Holy Spirit who ever since has filled us freely to satisfy our lives immensely in all areas of our lives. Ever since you became a child of God, think about all the times you desperately prayed for God's help, and God in His time made a turn around to lead your life in the path of His righteousness where all the needs of your life has been constantly supplied by Him. Benefits, benefits, benefits and more benefits from the Lord you have received, but what have you given to the Lord for all His benefits done for you? You cannot give God anything except what He has already given you, so the life of yours has been given to you by God and is before you. If you choose to spend your life by becoming like God whose image has been revealed to us in Christ Jesus, then that is the greatest gift that you can give God. In other words, what we have is God's gift to us, but what we become with what we have is our gift to God. So walk worthy of the calling with which God has called you, walk the talk in your Christian life, and God will be glorified through your life. God is most glorified in you, when you walk in His Character the most by being glorified in Him. Let your life speak more than your words and only that will immensely please God and bring Him Glory. Pray with me Saints : "Dear Father God, I am immensely thankful to you for all the gifts and benefits that you have lavished upon my life freely as a Father to his child. Help me live a life worthy of You and Your calling which you have given me to be like You. I praise you for who you are to me, a loving Father, and also help me be a blessing and a testimony to others around me. Amen!"

Much Blessings...

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Apostolic Quotes

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"If we think that we need more revelation than the Gospel we have heard, then we have not yet realized the awesome atomic power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the good news of the birth, death, resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and His ascension to the highest heaven where He is residing with all authority over all the universe in existence. We need no new Gospel in content but the real need for us all is the revelation of the existing Gospel in reality to work it out practically to reveal its atomic heavenly power in every area of our daily life, which God reveals only to those who fear Him and humbly follow Him in purity and holiness. Gospel is God's promise to us personally that He will use all His mighty power to favor us to make us understand how good He is to us who are His children, in spite of our weaknesses within us to please Him by ourselves but yet how He has made a way for us with the supernatural ability in us to please Him by faith in Jesus Christ! Only believe the Gospel, all things are possible." — Abraham Israel

"Praying and persevering till God's time for answer comes is important, and more important is to understand the way He answers us in order to praise Him and thank Him for the rest of our lives, so that we can enjoy God for what He has been to us and what He is to us and what He will be to us, that is, the One who answer us more than we ever say, ask or imagine." — Abraham Israel

"We see our present and expect God to answer us in a little better way than what we have been through in the past, God sees our big future and has predesignated us with His fore-designed set answers according to it in the present. When ever you want to believe something great, believe God's way and time to patiently wait for it by denying your own way, because God can see your good end even from the beginning of your time while you cannot. So learn, God's timing is always the best and always wait for it no matter how delayed your answer comes from God! While you wait on God, rejoice always at all times and have faith, because God's best is on the way to you and no one can forfeit it except your unbelief." — Abraham Israel

"The world says start saving money for your future and you will be safe, God says start sowing your money for God's work and you will not only be safe but also reap in your future a mighty harvest in all realms of life for the Glory of God. Which is true? You got to do it to see it. Investing in the kingdom of God truly pays you not only for this life but also for the life to come. God only one time told to his people to test Him in one thing, and that one thing is in the area of money, as His Word is eternal, that means God still says, test Me in this and tithe and invest your money in my Kingdom and see how greatly you will be blessed with dividends that will start now and continue for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"When we judge ourselves first by dwelling in the Presence of God and the Word of God, then we are ready to judge others next, because God will judge us with the same scale we judge others. In other words, the scale we judge ourselves will be the same scale we will judge others when God helps us judge righteously without hypocrisy. So do not judge if you judge not rightly, because you will be caught up in your own web of judgment with which you have judged others before God!" — Abraham Israel

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