Monday, September 28, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"All new things of God have started in our lives only after we have become a child of God, so remember that His new covenant, His new life, His new way, His new commandment, His new commission, etc... which all perfectly leads to the New Jerusalem city of God through which we will enter a new heaven and new earth which is where we are looking to go and inherit it all for eternity ahead for the glory of God! We are not reaching out for something perishable but imperishable and new which will always stay new by the eternal power of the Kingdom of God. When God shakes the old that perishes, let go of it presently to embrace the new of eternal value! Old earthly habits which enslaves, let go and learn to live in the new habits of the Kingdom of God! The new grace of Jesus will overcome sin and will not allow it to have continual dominion over you even though you might struggle through it to ensure your dependence on the power of God and not on the wisdom of men." — Abraham Israel

"Our success in this life does not depend on how well we plan and strategize all things, but rather how well we commit it all to the Lord for Him to work through and make it succeed for us." — Abraham Israel

"Acknowledging the sovereign control of the Lord God over our lives in the midst of all trials to expect with faith that He will turn all the wrongs we have faced in to a right path way, will make God move in His sovereignty to provide for us a free way which is separate and unique in Holiness and drives straight in to His will of all Eternal Blessings by His Divine Providence! The temporal sullies, the eternal satisfies immensely, so wait for God's time and experience the son-rise morning that is coming for all the dark-night mourning that had come because of severe trials." — Abraham Israel

"When we walk pleasing to God in all things by enduring unfair treatment of others by His Love, He will turn the tables that our enemy Satan and his demons have set against us through earthly people to trap us through his cunning ways, and instead He will make them fall in to their own trap that they have set up for us to get caught in it. God's gets glorified in all things when we walk pleasing to Him in all things. When God is the one audience, you need no other than this greater One to cheer you to victorious living and thus fulfill your destiny!" — Abraham Israel

"We should get two things right in this life, one is how awesome, amazing, loving and faithful God is to us, the other thing is how much we are are infinitely valuable in His sight because He is the one who has created us for Himself no matter what people say and do against us. These two thing when we keep it in our mind, will enlighten our mind constantly with the Divine light of our Heavenly Father that shines on us from heaven and will keep getting reflected through our Character of a smile, a hearty laugh, joy inexpressible, peace beyond our understanding and a righteousness without our least efforts or striving to others around us to make them long for a experience of the same kind of loving relationship with this Creator God which has the potential to alter their destiny and make them realize how much He longs to take care of them too in Christ Jesus as His child." — Abraham Israel

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