Friday, July 27, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"While sin depletes our spiritual power, the righteousness of Christ that comes through faith recharges us to our full capacity to remain and act as an overcomer." — Abraham Israel

"When sin makes us turn our backs to God, the best way to make a mighty comeback is to turn back to God, and confess to Him our sins and ask Him to help us hate that which He hates, because it destroys our sweet relationship with Him as it is against His very nature. When you fall before God knees down and head to the ground, you cannot go any further down, you have only one chance to move, that is, you gain God's favor to be lifted up greatly before Him and fellow humans by His heavenly awesome grace. God justifies the ungodly who comes contritely to Him, how much more will he honor you every time when you as His dearly beloved child run to Him in faith instead of running away from Him by your feelings. God is never moved by our need, but by our faith which makes Him pleased to provide us with all our needs!" — Abraham Israel

"Just because a cobra is white, fluffy and thrills us with its dance doesn't mean that it is not potentially dangerous, or it can become like a toy for us to use it and throw away when we want. Satan is the spiritual serpent who is more crafty than all wild humans that the Lord has made, who think that sin is not a serious thing, they can use it for their own enjoyment and thrown it away when they want it. But the fact of the matter is, sin thrills us and entices us for a period of time until we become enslaved to it, then all the thrill will be over and it will start to sting us with its deadly venom to kill us and make us lose the consciousness of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit which is the heavenly abundant life of God's kingdom that Jesus provides for all His children. The sin that so easily entangles will be the sin we have learned to enjoy, so let us throw off everything that hinders our fellowship with God and thus grow in faith and spiritual maturity. The only anti-venom that can keep us alive and well even after the Serpent's bite is to look to the cross of Jesus Christ and be injected by faith the blood of Jesus to again get cleansed from sin and its deadly effect that leads to death like a slow poison that kills a person completely after a period of time. Choose not to be entertained by sin when temptation to sin comes to you, instead resist the devil who dances with the deadly venom of sin, it will flee away. Sin desires to have you in its sway, but you have a choice to rule over it and enjoy the abundant life of intimacy and fellowship with God that Jesus provides if you are a child of God through believing Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior of your life. In your struggle against sin, if you think that you have already resisted sin and have not been able to overcome it, think again, you still might enjoy and have just started to suffer its consequence a little bit. Like Jesus Christ our example, when we as sons of God resist sin to the point of shedding our blood in seriousness and hate against it, sin will cease in its power over us. Until then run to Jesus instead of running away from Him to live abundantly. Kill sin whenever and wherever you see in your life, because if you leave it, it might kill you someday very soon. You who love the Lord, hate sin!" — Abraham Israel

"Every one no matter how much they are anointed, become just a entertainer when the message does not come with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Anointing is gifted by God to do His work, conviction comes by walking in the truth without compromise. So when both the edges are sharp enough, the cutting becomes sharp enough to become a blessing to many who are ministered through it to make a eternal impact in their lives." — Abraham Israel

"While faith will surely meet a friend named patience to shake hands with it while walking in the will of God and forge a partnership to walk together towards the destiny of God, the flesh will meet a rebel whose name is impatience, and both of them sadistically will ploy the idea of pulling the destiny faith walkers to be pulled away from the will of God, because they feel satisfied when someone else fails to reach their destiny just like them. High valued currency of heaven is patience, while the cheap counterfeit currency of the enemy to distract us from moving forward towards our prize is impatience and indulgence. Patience meets the heart to establish faith by deeply growing roots to face the ongoing storm of life and overcome it, impatience and instant gratification brings hollowness of life, fear and will leave us empty without reward now and for eternity. Choose faith and walk with patience, reject fear to stop running away from the will of God in impatience. Because at the end while faith pays you with a reward, impatience will leave you with your own foolishness to regret for it once you start to age in life and feel bad for it even up to some point in eternity and remember it educationally even for eternity." — Abraham Israel

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