Monday, January 23, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Our imperfections seen through Christ's perfections will make all our imperfections to get faded in the beauty of His perfection that actually keeps us perfect in Him. In Him we strive for perfection because we see something in Christ that can make us more than what we have been in to what we can become." — Abraham Israel

"The purpose of God for our life on earth is not just to live and survive, but to live more abundantly with all of heaven's blessings that exceeds expectation and is better than we could even dream of on our own through our Lord Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

"God's greatest blessings are stored for those who have blazed through the greatest trials." — Abraham Israel

"Every trial can become a triumph, if faith bridges the beginning and the end." — Abraham Israel

"No matter where you are today, God's hand is longer and stronger than the place of the trial where you are in, to reach you and carry you as He has promised. Remember, God will never allow the trial to be more powerful than His Grace given to carry on and be victorious over that trial. Hold on to God's hand by faith and carry on, before you realize, this too will pass and you will be victorious for eternity ahead! God can only be glorified the greatest through your trial, that is why you are facing a trial, so that at the end of it all you might overcome fear and please God by your faith." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"To be joyful all the times, always praying and being thankful for all things is the greatest art to master in our spiritual lives." — Abraham Israel

"When fears invade, faith within us empowered by the Word of God fights it out by inviting God to move according to His promises, and defeats fears of all kind and size again and again. When trust again comes within us, fears flee to death. God honors those who hold their faith, because faith in His Word is having faith in the very integrity of His impeccable character of purity, justice and righteousness. If we wait for God to act, in fact God waits for us to fight all evil that comes against us and establish victory, and then keep us always successful and full of joy. Stand Still in Faith and See the Salvation of the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"When thousand voices of reason cry out to you from within and without saying 'Doubt, it not logical for you?', there is one reason to say, 'Faith, the only way to please my God,' and therefore thus cast the doubt out and believe that all things are possible to those who are patient enough to trust God through it all. Faith is not enough, but patience need to be mixed with faith to realize God's destiny for you. Patience is added only to the life of those who trust and wait for God to fulfill His promises that He has given to all those who trust Him through His Word and dreams and visions." — Abraham Israel

"God threw his love upon us by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, so that we who receive Him should never perish but have life eternal to live in friendship With Himself forever. Today my question to you is, have you received the Love of God by receiving Jesus in to your heart? If yes I praise the Lord, or else I pray you receive Him today!" — Abraham Israel

"The snake always comes to deceive us by injecting thoughts of poisonous and sinful venom of sin, self-pity and sex to deviate us away from the will of God for our lives. Some times deceit even seems to overcome the love of God that we exercise meekly and joyfully in our lives, but the truth is love overcomes all evil not by fighting against those who take advantage of its tenderness, but by overcoming with the pure goodness of unconditional love that brings the hand of God and His power to defend those meek people. God defends those who are defenseless by the power of His unconditional love. We should repent of all the areas of sin that steals, kills and destroys the various degrees of abundant life that He provides us time after time, so that Satanic snakes will be killed by the power of God and will not be able to deceive us. If we are able to see with the eyes of God, we can easily use the De-venom of the Word of God to neutralize the power of sin and kill the snakes of sin. The prophet not only sees spiritually the snakes that comes against the people of God, but also has the power to kill the snakes through their intercession, faith and power of God that comes through the Word of God in their lives. So rise up prophetic people of God to do the same likewise in Jesus name!" — Abraham Israel

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