Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God breaks you first not to know your ability but your availability, and then He chooses to use you not because of your ability but because of your availability. When you are available to God, no one can really describe how much of God's great plan can be fulfilled through your life, because all things are possible when you are in the will of God. First ask God to break you, then allow Him to mold you, then ask Him to fill you and finally be available to Him all the time and you will be used by God automatically. To be used by God is the greatest privilege any human can have on this planet earth! So don't miss even a second of it and regret about it later in your life and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The secular society puts science in opposition to religion because it never understood God and did not want to retain Him in their mind as sovereign over them, but actually true science works inline to religion, because it explains the intricacies of what the Bible which is the word of God says as the facts of life. In short, God has claimed that He has created it and science does not dispute it but discovers what He claims to be true authentically and workably on the paper! Sacred text proves God by faith, science proves God by sight!!! Science exults the works of His hands and challenges people to believe Him through His handiworks." — Abraham Israel

"The best is yet to come because the God who inspired the past generation is still inspiring minds to bring new things in a new way each day. The best is yet to come because God has something best for the last finish line. The best is yet to come because the day of our death will open a new avenue in to the very chambers where God lives. The best is yet to come because our God is not a God of the past, but a God of the present who is in control of our future. The best is yet to come because as we look forward to achieve the best, the God who brings the best out of us is working through us each second with a purpose which will fulfill His eternal purpose for us all in the best possible way and time." — Abraham Israel

"Sometimes people think that because they were limited by their resources unlike others, they were not able to achieve thing in life. Still others wrongly think that because of their bad and evil environment, they have become evil. God has given a life individually to choose life or death by our godly choice, so it is absolutely foolish to blame others and things for our failures. We are where we are because of all the choices we took in our life, if we have taken risk in life by faith to choose God's way by seeking Him sincerely rather than choose what seems to be good to us at that time temporarily, we can know for sure that our path of life will become more brighter and brighter with the blessings of our Divine Master who is waiting to unfold all His treasures of joy and happiness in our path way to make all people understand what it means to do the will of God and the reward that follows for eternity. Our best wise choices can become the most foolish ones later, only time will prove us whether we have taken godly choices or just good choices that are as good as the bad because God is not in it, so it is better to trust in the Lord now than to be bitter for our costly mistakes later. Life is lived only once, I challenge you to live your best by taking risks of faith and godly choices in your everyday life!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest treasures that you will enjoy as your grow old will not be how much things you have acquired in life, but how much of your life you have spent for God, the memories of it will give you so much joy unspeakable that you will want to speak about it as much as you can to all those who will ever come your way at that time. Time spent for God is never a waste of time but a wise use of time. When you leave the earth after you die, you cannot even take a small penny out of the earth, but the memories of what you done for God with even the small penny that you had while you were on earth will stay with you for eternity in the life to come, giving joy to you each time you will think about it in eternity. Make use of everything of your talent, treasure and time that you have for God and you will never be in want of any good thing forever in your future!" — Abraham Israel

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