Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"To understand the Scripture we do not need a big fat brain and and a doctorate in theology to back us up, all we need is a humble heart with the inner eyes of our understanding enlightened and filled with supernatural spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God in Christ. To the humble God will give much grace to understand the Scripture which will be quickened and made alive as spiritual bread by the Holy Spirit to sustain and strengthen our spiritual life more and more. Remember Jesus chose humble fisher men and unlearned people to expound His word and not the proud rabbi's with the whole Bible at their finger tip. If you are hungry for God and want to know more about Him through learning the truth of His Word and want to tightly hold to its truth for His glory, expect to understand the deep nuances of the Word of God." — Abraham Israel

"Be kind to people because you never knows what kind of fight and turmoil they are going through in their private lives. Learn to love the unloving, because they are craving for love behind the different masked face they show to you. Many who act rude are those who are so affected by it when they unknowingly exposed themselves to someone who have betrayed their trust and have taken them for a ride in the wrong way. Such people by hidden fear act rude so that no one will take them for a ride again. Show mercy to these weak people who act re-actively rather than being actively spiritual, as they waver not knowing how to deal with those who act with the unconditional love of God, be kind enough to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through your life and then if necessary by words. Because actions will always speak better than your words and still better it will be if both action and words are present at the same time. God's love will amuse people who are insecure and weak because the only motive behind the instrument who shows them God's love will be love itself. Love should be unconditional in it outlook to make sure that it is the God kind of Love in its in-look. Love never fails as we act kind to those who have weak faith and waver, because God is love who never fails anytime, someone someday will remember your Love of God that you have shown towards them and will be blessed for eternity by drawing near to the Lord." — Abraham Israel

You can inherit the anointing of the fear of God which brings the favor of God over your life only through storing up the word of God in your heart. Storing the Word of God needs effort, passion and devotion to God completely. But every time you spend in this worthy eternal endeavor, you are keeping yourself away from sinful ways which will please God and bring more and more of His favor perpetually over your life. Spend your time in the Bible and be spent for God, it is never a wasted time as God will pay you back with thousand different ways because the faith that has been come in to your heart by the stored word of God within you will immensely please God and make Him work for you to be blessed more than all of His other children. Love the Word of God and live the best life now within His rest!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God's character is in itself is full of compassion, He is always ready to forgive because of being full of unfailing unconditional Love all the time. God is always good to those who understand His wonderful character of compassion and then ask Him to help through their ups and downs in their lives. God never helps those who help themselves but those who are helpless enough to humbly ask Him for help in each and everything they do and say in their lives. The most powerful prayer towards God are not learned in reading volumes and volumes of so called spiritual books about how to pray towards God to get an answer every time we pray, but in a simple phrased prayer that says, 'O help me Lord God!'" — Abraham Israel

"There is no such a thing as safe sex as the world portrays, God says that all things related to illegal sex is a sin against one's own body and therefore will destroy the soul of the one who commits it. When the good emotions that God has given in our soul for a lifetime of joyous marriage is destroyed by sexual sin, what else will be left in our real life except a momentary happiness at the time of illegal indulgence and a lifetime of guilt. Never exchange God's blessed and continual joy for Satan's momentary and temporal happiness. Giving in to sexual sin is like a fish that runs after fishing bait kept in a hook that is well hidden and therefore will hook it in such a way that it will never be able to come out of it until the fisher man consumes it or commercializes it. The only safe sex that God blesses is within the marriage covenant that is done before God as marriage is in itself is the institution of God that He has set up at the beginning to make it a great blessing to all humankind. Adultery is a sin which defiles the marriage bed, so it is God Himself who has promised to judge such sinners in His time. There is no greater joy in life than to get married to one wife for life and stay faithful for a lifetime. When you are faithful in marriage, God will bless you and make you a blessing to all the families of the earth in your lifetime!" — Abraham Israel

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